Helping Someone To Carry a Bag

carrying a bag for someone

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreaming that you are helping someone to carry a bag means you will face problems and need someone's help.

Very soon, you might be in need of help from a friend or a family member in order to resolve an issue. The help is due to your inability which you experienced in the past while doing something or because the task ahead of you is too challenging and there is no way you will be able to fulfill a task unless you are assisted. When you help someone in waking life, you do so in the hope that, one day, at one time, they will repay you by helping you. Or someone else will help you due to the fact that, you were kind enough to help others in the past. For a dream where you are helping someone to carry a bag, it denotes that, you are in need of help and you will get it because of your nature; you are a kind person at heart.

Your dream

  • Have helped another person carry bag.
  • Seen someone struggling to carry a bag.
  • Offered to carry bag for an elderly gentleman.
  • You have been carrying a bag for a child.
  • Carrying a bag full of letters or paperwork.
  • Helping the postman carry his bag.
  • Offered to help an old lady with her heavy bags

Detailed dream interpretation

When you help another person to carry a bag in your dream, it denotes that you are facing challenges in your life. It is important that you place your pride aside, and ask for help from someone who is close to you. The challenge cannot be resolved by you alone. You need help financially, emotionally or physically and may need to accept help from those around you. Seeing someone struggling to carry a bag in your dream denotes that, you are trying to solve challenging problems in your life which are draining you physically. The best you can do is to approach those around you, who might be having the know how to deal with the situation in the simplest way possible.

If you happen to see yourself offering to carry bag for an elderly gentleman, it means that some past issues are affecting how you are handling your present issues. You shouldn’t compare your past to the present because they are not compatible. Deal with issues as they come. This is the only way you will tackle life and become successful. The wisdom of your past will assist you, but you don’t have to over-rely on it. Seeing yourself carrying a bag for a child means that you are facing issues which you completely don’t know how to handle. Your friends and relatives are there to help you sort them out. Approach them with humility and you will be sorted. Once you get the help, utilize what you learn to solve your future issues.

When you are dreaming and you see yourself carrying a bag full of letters or paperwork, it means that communication is important. You need to communicate to others in order for them to know about your issues which you are finding difficult to sort. Be clear in your communication so that you can be well understood. Communication is the key to unlocking the mysteries that might be surrounding challenges in your life. It is what will lead you to become successful and powerful.

A dream where you help a postman carry his bag means that you have a problem with communication and that is why it is next to impossible for people to help you sort out your issues. You have to learn the art of communication from those around you because that is the only way you will be liberated from the many issues which are surrounding you. A situation where you see yourself offering to help an old lady with her heavy bags in your dream means that the problems which you encountered in the past are weighing you down and making it impossible for you to handle current issues. To carry a bag for an old man suggests that life is too short.

All you need to do is to make sure that, you come out of the past and handle the present as if nothing ever happened in the past. If there is a way that you can sort out past issues, well and good, go ahead and sort them. If it is impossible, then the best you can do is to forget about it and focus on your present and future.

Feelings associated with your dream of carrying bags

Good, understanding, communicative, mysterious, liberated and happiness.

By Florance Saul
May 14, 2017