Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Texting is now a very common task that we all do in our daily lives.

The act has become so common these days that seeing people sending text for even saying a normal “hi” is not a new thing. Now since most of us are in a habit of texting or sending and receiving texts that to dream the same happenings is not rare. It all happens because it is all located in our subconscious mind, sometimes we forget to text someone something very important and we see us doing the same thing in dreams.

Sometimes we expect some big news to arrive via texts, if it doesn’t shows up we dream about it, taking all the possible alternative outcomes attached to it. So when you dream of texting it is nothing but symbols for those unspoken thoughts and miscommunication that we had.

In dream you may have

  • Texted a person you secretly admired.
  • Anticipated a text from someone close, or a text about something important in life.
  • Had a texted chat a sort of communication with someone you haven’t talked for a while.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You are able to understand what it really meant. This could be related to a person within your social circumference or a task due.
  • When you are going to carry on that communication which was left unattended.

Detailed dream interpretation

Texting is actually associated with the fact that it is a very good means to express our thoughts and feelings without an actual confrontation. Though many would deny the fact that it is an adequate form of communication. People who dream about texting are in way or other, detached from reality. They may seem but do not appear interested in many happenings around themselves, so they text to someone to express their feelings. There is a feeling of instant gratification attached to texting. People, who are usually stressed out, often dream of texting. It is a way for them to influence those people, for whom they are not available at all times. They may find solace in dreaming about texting, even find it a natural event, but it unnaturally affects their social relationships. Sometimes we dream of an unfinished text chat, which could be due to the feeling of anger, confusion or rejection.

Women often have dreams of texting their exes or a new found crush; this could be the level of attraction or the lust for the other person. The image and memory of our past relationships are always there in our subconscious mind, when we feel we haven’t conveyed our message to them, we dream of texting them. Sometimes it happens without any hidden feelings, like if you are half asleep and you hear a phone ring or beep, you could later dream of texting or calling someone. It is because the subconscious mind registered that act.

Texting is dreams are all connected to your desires to communicate. You have been trying to send your message across to someone, but that someone has not taken any interest in listening you. Texting also implies that you are hoping for or fear some news. There couldn’t be any actual event, but the occurrence of the dream makes it feel as if something actual is going to happen.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of texting

Fear, anxiety, doubtfulness, frustration, anger, apathy, love, lust, urgency of want.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013