Washing Machine

Washing Machine

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Dreaming of washing clothes in a washing machine is indicative of need to change the way that you are perceived by the world. These dreams are a sign that your image has somehow become old, soiled or in need of renewal. Washing machines in dreams can range from the old fashioned tub with rollers to a modern machine with a drum and agitators. The act of washing garments in a machine signifies needing to lay you bare in order to bring about a change.

In this dream you may have

  • Had a broken washing machine.
  • Had a washing machine spill out water or soap.
  • Had a washing machine explode.
  • Used an old fashioned hand turned washing machine (or a board and bucket).
  • Wished you had a washing machine.
  • Bought a washing machine.
  • Given away an old washing machine.
  • Sold your washing machine.
  • Taught someone how to use a washing machine.
  • Been taught how to do laundry.
  • Washed someone else’s clothes (especially telling if this is someone of the opposite gender).
  • Washed materials that do not typically belong in washing machines like food, computers, animals, etc.
  • Lost power and are unable to run your machine.
  • Destroyed your clothes in a washing machine.
  • Had a washing machine fill with blood, champagne or other non-water liquid.
  • Had a washer become unbalanced.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You taught or were taught how to use a washing machine
  • You purchased a new washing machine
  • You sold or replaced an old washing machine

Detailed dream meaning

To see or use a washing machine in your dream suggests that you need to change how others perceive you in order to be able to make a clean, new start for yourself. If the washing machine in your dreams is old or in need of repair then this may reflect that you are in a rut in the way that you interact with others, and you have entrenched habits which need to change. Alternately, giving away or selling an old washing machine or purchasing or being given a new one is a sign that you are experiencing social growth or have been having positive interactions with your co-workers or peers.

Washing someone else's clothes, particularly if the person is a romantic interest, indicates that you are cleaning up areas of difficulty in relation to that person. If the person in your dream is in a position of authority, then it indicates that you have to work on how you present yourself in that area of your life in order to be successful.

Having a catastrophe happen while you are using a washing machine indicates that you have encountered set-backs in your attempts to move on. Teaching someone to use a washing machine or being taught to use one reflects gaining or displaying control and expertise in how you express and package yourself to others.

Putting items in a washing machine which do not belong there symbolizes misplaced energy in your attempt to clean up the problems in your life. Special attention should be paid to the kind of item which is being placed in the washing machine in order for you to gain an understanding of how your attentions need to be redirected. Having the washing machine fill with any substance that will make your clothes more dirty than when you placed them in the machine, or lacking soap so that the laundry does not become clean are both indications that positive change in your life is being sabotaged by yourself or the people around you who pour into your daily life.

Losing power to your washing machine or having your load of laundry become unbalanced indicates that you feel helpless, ineffective or unbalanced in your dealings with other people.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • A pending promotion or new job.
  • Moving to a new place to live.
  • Considering marriage or divorce.
  • Feeling insignificant or taken advantage of.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a Washing Machine

Self-assured. Hopeful. Unstable. Mobilized. Weak. Confident. Optimistic. Frazzled. Optimistic. Determined. Incapable. Resilient. Flexible. Helpless.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012