Cow dream meanings

Cow Dream Meaning

Cows in dreams carry one message: it is your season! It's time to focus on becoming a healthier, happier, and wealthier YOU. One of the most important messages that we need to take from our dream of a cow is it is important to continually feed our souls with love (milk) if we want to grow and reach our goals.

Just as a baby needs physical milk to grow we need things to keep ourselves mentally and physically healthy. It's time to discover who you really are. The dream is about wanting more in life, feeling on top of the world, and being motivated. Remember you are the master of your own life story. The cow is a symbol to tell you that it is now your time. Nourish yourself is the message of this dream, there is no person on this planet that will care for you more than yourself. Seeing a cow in a dream from a spiritual perspective indicates that there is a deep unconscious desire to progress in life.

A cow seen in a dream means an important problem in life can be solved, it is letting you know that fertility and change can come to you. Remember the eternal femininity of a cow represents its purpose of providing milk and nourishment. That means that a dream involving a cow shows that you have a choice. The cow is about your feminine side and fertility, childhood, wisdom, creativity, romance, emotions, or beauty. What is unique about this animal is that it is always a female. This dream is about moving from victim to protagonist.  Cows are there as a symbol in your dream to know that you are in control.

What is the spiritual meaning of cows in a dream?

This is a powerful dream!! It is a spiritual animal and only appears in our subconscious mind when there are a fundamental, powerful message needs to be communicated. I like to say that the cow is like a “spiritual messenger” to you about your life. That is why it is so important to understand fully the details of this dream. The subconscious mind during sleep can feel the wisdom of the past as well as all knowledge of the future. Cows are representative of mother nature and in many different cultures such as Hinduism the cow is sacred. There are countless references to the cow in the Bible, and from the biblical perspective, the cow can represent our own belief in what we fight for.

In order to review the spiritual side of a cow specifically this dream meaning, we also need to also turn to what the cow means from a spiritual symbolism. As we have already defined a cow is very much connected to nature, fertility, and also reproduction. The cow is a symbol of female control and power, from the spiritual perspective cows, are connected to new beginnings and are associated with maternal instinct and nourishment. We can never get away from the fact that a cow is always associated with a bull. A bull also seen in a dream can suggest that there will be some sacrifice that is required in life. What do you need to do? How do you become the bull? What can you fight for?

What does seeing a cow mean in your dream?

This is a great dream for you. Cows are a universal sign of health and nourishment since their milk is used around the world for its vitamins and dietary benefits. This is a great sign if seen in your dream. The dream is basically access to your own subconscious mind, it could be a call to lead a real change in your life. The cow positioned on grassland in your dream signifies that riches and happiness will result in success in the future. The cow is essentially a connection to your own divine energy within. To dream of a skinny cow that is not well-fed can signify that you wish to connect with the softer side of your personality. We hold a certain realization in our dreams and aspirations and the cow grazing in a dream can indicate that you wish to unravel problems in your life. If the cow was in your home during the dream it is important to safeguard against anything adverse. A herd of cows is associated with being at one with yourself and belonging.

If you noticed white spots on the cow’s face or body this can suggest that peace and tranquillity will soon be yours. Milking a cow is a sign of material attainment. If you have any issues with your family at the moment is not unlikely a direct influence on the dream. A field full of cows seen in one’s dream often indicates that a positive time at work will suffice. To dream of a cow being slaughtered in a dream indicates that you require strength to overcome obstructions.

The cow gives us milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, ice cream, butter, and above all milk. We often eat cow meat in various ways: stay, rib eye, rump, stew, and also mince. The cows give us so much for so little. The cow’s mannerisms need to be reviewed when looking at this amazing animal. There are certain sayings that we carry throughout our current modern world. Such as “don’t cry over spilled milk” or “why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free.” This is basically saying that in dreams if the cow appears don’t worry. Things will work out fine.

What does a black cow mean in a dream?

A black cow in a dream is associated with our hidden thoughts. A black and white cow is a common symbol in dreams and can have an incredible variety of meanings. As Carl Jung said in his “Man and his Symbols” the dream might symbolize your fertility and caring power. To see only a black cow in dreams represents being connected to others and possible transformation. There is also a focus on being mature when you don’t have to be.

What does a brown cow mean in a dream?

In order to understand what the brown cow means from a spiritual perspective in your dream, it’s important for us to look at the color brown itself. Brown indicates mother nature which connects quite well with a cow. The Brown cow can invoke certain emotions and feelings in the dream state such as comfort, desire, and contentment. It is all about connecting with nature and being at one with the world. A walk in the countryside normally accompanies walking through a field of cows. The brown and white cow in a dream denotes riches and prosperity. The color brown is also quite a serious color indicating a sense of responsibility in life. You may find or encounter somebody quite down to earth.

What does a white cow in a dream mean?

The white cow is a sign of spiritual focus. There is a strong association between white cows and spiritual concepts such as purity, goodness, and new beginnings in many cultures. According to Hinduism, the cow represents motherhood and nourishment and is revered as a goddess. Buddhism considers the cow to be a symbol of compassion and loving-kindness. Throughout both religions, the cow is regarded as a gentle and peaceful creature, and if seen in the dream and white can indicate that something iconic may happen. I also read in older dream dictionaries, white cows are also seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. In some parts of Africa, white cows are given as gifts to newlyweds or to families who have suffered a recent loss. White cows are often given as gifts to friends and business associates in China as a symbol of good luck.

White cows have also been associated with healing powers when appearing in your dream. In welsh folklore, it is believed that the milk of a white cow can cure illnesses and diseases. If you see more than one white cow in a dream can indicate that healing will focus your thoughts in the coming weeks.

What is the biblical meaning of the cow dream?

The Bible mentions the cow several times, most notably in Exodus when God commands Moses to tell the Israelites to sacrifice a lamb or a young cow as a passover offering. Cows are also mentioned in Deuteronomy where they are associated with sacrifices. As far as the New Testament is concerned, the cow is not mentioned as often but it does appear in the book of Revelation where it is one of the animals that will be present in the new heaven and new earth. Therefore, the biblical meaning of a cow in a dream is associated with an offer that will come on the table at some point. This could be an offer of help, focus, new job, new love or something that will bring opportunity,

What does it mean to dream of a baby cow?

The mother cow is often seen in our society as quite a nurturing character. A baby cow is known as a calf which I am sure you are aware. The reason that a calf has occurred in your dream indicates that someone needs emotional support. The baby calf will cry when they are not with its mother, this indicates that there is a strong bond between both mother and child and this can transpire into your dream. The baby cow often appears in dreams when there is a move towards influencing other people. It can indicate the need to be focused on being more compassionate in life.

Was the cow being milked in your dream?

If the cow in your dream is being milked, it represents childbirth, fertility, or health. A milked cow is a fertile cow capable of nursing, which is why it is close to fertility and childbirth. Is someone in your life expecting or trying to conceive? It may be a sign of complete success. Similarly, you may have a child or know a child, who has been on your mind lately because he or she is entering the next major milestone in his or her life.

If the cow in the dream is being machine-fed, machine-milked, or if it is caged or living unnaturally in any way, a natural life milestone, pregnancy, or someone’s femininity is at risk. A machine-fed cow or a caged cow’s natural identity is hindered, meaning its femininity is at risk. A cow that is being milked is not naturally nurturing its young; therefore, there may be an issue with one of the natural processes of childbirth or infancy. If you see a cowhide or cow print around you in your dream, this may be a reminder of some part of your femininity (such as creativity, intuition, sensuality, emotion, or beauty) that feels like it is missing or out of place. Get in touch with your feminine side, and try to rediscover yourself! The dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life: Pregnancy and childbirth. Femininity. New life milestones.

What does it mean to be attacked by a cow in a dream?

To be attacked by a cow can be a rather unpleasant dream it can indicate a feeling that you are not getting the love and nurture that you need in life. There have been accounts of people trampled to death by cows. I have personally been chased through a field when I was walking my dog. If you were hurt, bruised, or even worse killed by a cow in a dream this reflects a problem in waking life. The type of cow is also quite significant, if it was just a general cow attacking you in a dream or showing any signs of behavioral issues then this can relate to a person in waking life. If the cow was a certain breed such as a Limousine or Charolaise these cows are notorious for being quite aggressive. If you find yourself in the countryside, perhaps exercising your dog or taking a relaxing walk in the countryside then you suddenly get attacked, it can suggest that you feel that you are going to be attacked by somebody in real life. Such as a family member. The cow attacking you can also highlight a risk of feeling anxious or stressed in daily life.

What does it mean to dream of being chased by a cow?

You dream of being chased by a cow when you are afraid of being caught or pursued. It may also represent your feelings of vulnerability and helplessness. This dream could also be a warning to watch out for someone who is after you. It's quite a disconcerting feeling, being chased by a cow, I myself have been chased by one in real life. There's something about their large size and lumbering movement that can make even the bravest person feel vulnerable. Cattle-related incidents are more likely to result in injury than most other types of animal attacks in real life. Each year, 22 people die and 1,500 are injured in the United States due to cattle. While most of these incidents involve bulls, cows can also be aggressive when threatened or protecting their young. We can gain a clue as to the spiritual reasons why you may have had this dream. Perhaps you are trying to protect someone. 

Dreaming of being chased by a cow can in my view be connected to your fear of being caught or pursued. This dream may also represent your feelings of vulnerability and helplessness. You could also interpret this dream as a warning to stay alert for someone who is after you. Dreams like this may indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed or threatened in your waking life. 

What does it mean to be a cow in your dream?

I had a really strange dream last night that I was a cow laying down on grass. Personally I feel this dream is positive, cows are sacred, they are associated with intimate cuddles, motherhood, nourishment and grazing freely in the fields. I do feel that dreaming that you are the cow is a bit like the term "cash cow" it can indicate there will née a time of money. Usually, I find that if you are dreaming of "being" anything that is not yourself in the dream the symbol is about making sure that you live your life to the full. There are certain truths that occur after this dream and that is "thinking outside the box" and to open your mind. If you are seeing yourself as the cow in a field it is about changing your mindset and embracing what is real in your life --- and what is not. When you look in your bedroom mirror in the morning what do you see? You are seeing the "physical" you but the dream of being a cow is about our spiritual wisdom. I also want to mention that it is worth visiting the cow in your meditation to ask the animal why it appeared in your dream. This could give you answers to why the cow was so integrated into your soul during the dream. 

What does a dead cow mean in your dream?

A dead cow in the dream indicates a spiritual journey. It signifies sustainability, and structure but also somebody around you are lacking the nurturing nature of the cow. I believe in the research, carried out for this dream relates to the protection and support of your family. You take your obligations and live quite seriously but this dream encourages you to have more of a sense of belonging with others. The cow which is dead on the floor in a dream can suggest that there may be a sacrifice in regard to material security.

What does it mean to dream of a flying cow?

The following cow in old folklore can indicate you are getting off to a flying start. Seeing a flying cow can indicate that whatever you are trying to achieve you are likely to progress successfully. This dream indicates that you are likely to improve your finances alternatively your career. Spiritually, the dream represents the overcoming of obstacles. I can’t help but having the image of twister in my mind while writing this. I can remember seeing the image of a cow swirling around in a tornado. If this is the case in your dream suggests that through a lot of difficulties you are likely to achieve.

What is it meaning to dream of a dead cow?

A dead cow in a dream indicates that your intelligence can be questioned in the future. Since cows are associated with nature, and also a figurine of nourishment it can suggest that there may be problems at work. The good news is that you can overcome anything with the right thought motivation.

What does it mean to dream of a talking cow?

A talking cow can often appear in dreams, this indicates somebody who is special and unique to you. If the cow is peaceful and is no threat you are talking cow can often symbolize possible friendships.

What does dreaming of cow dung mean?

It is no surprise if you’re walking through the countryside you’ll see lots of cowpats. Animal dung in a dream also known as cow pies or cow manure, can indicate you are trying to remove something in your life. If the cow pat splats or you stand in cow dung it can indicate that there is really going to be a sloppy problem that you can have to deal with. Apologies for that last sentence I know it doesn’t sound very appealing!

What is the symbolism of a cow?

In regard to symbolism, the cow is associated with our caring and nurturing nature. If we look at the expression “holy cow” it indicates a representation that we want to preserve the cow rather than eat beef and that one is shocked at something. The reason I mentioned this is that a dream of a cow can create thoughts of “holy cow you had that dream?” Yes, the cow is a great and lucky omen to see in dreams. As I have already touched on there are certain cultures that worship the cow. The cow is often protected and at festivals and Hindus decorate and worship the cow. Consequently, in Hinduism the cow is a representation of all the creatures of mother nature, the ultimate giving provider. The cow is representative of life itself as this animal is rather generous and does not need anything apart from grass, grain and water.

Consequently, the cow brings milk to us which provides protection of the soul. In many ancient texts that I reviewed in writing this dream meaning, the cow is a symbol of abundance and also grace. The gentleness of the cow should not be ignored when I am trying to say is that the cow can signify a new phase of life. Looking into more Egyptian mythology there are many different goddesses connected to the cow such as Venus or her other name is Isis. The cow was essentially a deity, and was confounded as symbolism of nature. The cow itself is often worshiped by those that live in the Gold Coast of Africa where there are many different temples with an image of a cow. The goddess of Venus ’s (the ancient goddess of love) is represented as the cow meaning that love and light will shine in your life. In both African and Egyptian tribes, the cow symbolism indicated the productive power earth itself.

The cow itself is a powerful animal and symbolism of a nurturing and new life. I find that after reviewing many different explanations into the cow dream it can also signify a very nervous person in a position of authority. It can denote an emotional problem that has extended into your own life. The cow can also symbolize protection from our own negative thoughts. If we look at Native American animals the cow was a symbolism of how we could connect to our spirit guide. To Masai people the cow is a symbol of wealth. In Argentina, they believe that the cow is a sign of lost past riches.

In conclusion, cows symbolize mother nature, fertility, and also renewal. The cow can also be a symbolism that you will follow another person’s rules and maybe how you follow others in life. The cows in dreams for females can also represent fertility or the desire to nurture children. I have run across some of the most prevalent symbolism is of cows throughout different cultures which I hope will give you some lasting insight into your dream.

What does a cow dream mean in Islam culture?

Cows are considered sacred in Islam and their slaughter is forbidden. A cow is also a symbol of motherhood, fertility, and abundance. A cow is also a symbol of wisdom and knowledge in some Islamic cultures. There is no specific mention of cows in the Quran, but it does discuss animals in general. Allah says in Surah al-An'am: "Neither birds nor animals fly on their two wings on earth, but they are communities like you." (Quran 6:38) In another verse, Allah says: "And cattle He has created for you. From them you derive warmth and numerous benefits, and of them, you eat." (Quran 16:5) therefore, Allah created animals in order to benefit us, as we can see from these verses the general gist of the dream meaning. Transferring this - the dream of cows can mean protection. I feel that is probably the key reason for the dream.

What does it mean if you keep having the same dream about the cow?

If you keep having the same dream about the cow, it could mean that you are feeling overwhelmed by a female in your waking life. Also, this dream may be a warning sign for you to be on the lookout for someone or something who is after you. The dream could also be a sign that your fears are pursuing you.

Greek mythology and your dream

In Greek mythology, cows are attributed to the goddess Hera. Hera was also the goddess of women, marriage, and fertility, which is another reason these attributes can be represented by cows in dreams. When Hera discovers her husband, Zeus is cheating with Io, she turns Io into a cow who must wander the earth misunderstood and accompanied by an obnoxious painful gadfly. For this reason, a cow can represent both the good and the bad parts of femininity. The cow represents the faithfulness of marriage and the blessings of childbirth but chastises those who give away their love too freely. That is why you may need to decide whether the cow in your dream was experiencing its natural life cycles in a happy way. 

A cow who is happy, well-nourished, and freely grazing is a fantastic symbol of the femininity and fertility of Hera. A cow who is bound by machines or the confines of a cage represents the annoyances and challenges of womanhood.

Summary of a dream of a cow

The most important takeaway from this dream meaning, especially those dreams we have analyzed on cows above, is that it symbolizes fertility and motherhood. It can also indicate pregnancy and childbirth in the future. If we turn to Egyptian astrology the cows were often worshiped and were associated with the god of happiness and contentment. There are many writings where the cow is referred to as the “goddess of joy.” The other key meaning of this dream is that you need to ensure that physically nourish yourself in order to thrive and live a happy life. The cow is a wake-up call in order to ensure that one remains content and nourished. It is true to say that someone close to you might deserve all the rewards and blessings if you dream of a cow. I want to briefly turn to Celtic mythology and the cow here is connected to the goddess Brigit who rules over nature, children, and health.

In your dream, you may have

  • Seen a cow or a picture of a cow.
  • Milked a cow or seen a cow getting milked.
  • Seen a cow feeding its young.
  • Been represented as a cow yourself.
  • Attacked or been attacked by a cow.
  • Been surrounded by cow print or cowhide.
  • Seen a cow in a slaughterhouse or being slaughtered.

Positive changes are afoot if

The cow was milked by hand (rather than by machine). The cow was nurturing its young naturally. The cow was grazing, sleeping, or carrying on any of the natural life processes. The cow was active and happy (rather than, say, in a slaughterhouse). You were represented as a happy cow.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a cow

Familial love. Romantic love. Femininity. Beauty. Wealth. Health. Nourishment.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012