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Action Hero

Action Hero.

So are you the hero in a dream? Or did you dream of a hero? An action hero in a dream is rather interesting.

The word “hero” is associated with someone that defends others. It comes from greek legend and focused on the story of Heracles. So what does it mean in a dream? To see an action hero (which is male) is associated with strength of character in the dream state. To dream of an action heroine (female) indicates that you will be able to impress others. At the end of the day the action hero featured in your dream is connected to making good impressions with others. Let’s go back in history in order to identify this dream meaning.


In your dream you may…

  • Have been the action hero.
  • Seen an action hero in the dream.
  • Seen a group of action heros.
  • Seen batman or superman.
  • Seen modern heroes in your dream.
  • Rescue someone, or be rescued.

The hero is associated with being good. In classic literature there was generally a “good person” and a “bad person” therefore, in the dream state to dream of the good person is a positive omen. If in your dream you dream of modern heroes featured in films such as: superman, batman then this is just a reflection on having a brave outlook on life. To be rescued in a dream denotes good luck you will have great fortune. To rescue others (be the action hero) then other people will turn to you for advice.

The first thing to carry out when looking at the dream interpretation of an action hero is to find out how this dream effected you. Have you done all you can in your career? Either way this is a dream about being brave in life. If you are female and dream of a male action hero it can suggest that you will find what you wish in life. In order to define this dream meaning we should turn to the story of hercules. He was strong in life and focused on defeating the god of death and he risked his own life to protect another. Is there someone in your life that will do this for you?

To see or dream that you're playing with an action hero figure indicates that you're being manipulated or controlled by others. Are you following other people’s rules? Do you just do what other people expect of you? Think about the importance of the action hero in your dream. Did he or she save you? For many people their particular career field we always want the best - from footballer to powerful businessperson. We all try to progress as much as we can. The action hero sets out on his own quest or journey understanding that he or she will encounter trials and tribulations which will help one grow from childhood to a man. In the dream world, facets of this process is often seen -- like the dreams battle with trying to achieve. People always try to knock you down the message here is keep on going. Keep on fighting. Make things better.

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In a woman's dream state an action hero will mostly appear as a guardian in the dream. As she moves towards gaining more in life she may get such a dream.

To be saved by an action hero suggests that bravery will be yours. Think about the will and desire needed by the action hero in the dream. Each day we face many challenges and life can be tough at times. To kill the action hero in a dream suggests you will face enormous challenges. Try to conquer fears and dangers in life. Dreaming of being in an action hero’s outfit means that family members, and friends will provide advice. To see the “bad character” in a dream suggests you will try to move away from conflict. Can you hide and run forever is the question.

Let’s for now turn to Hercules and how this is important to such a dream as an action figure.
Hercules is supremely competent and he fights for everything. The message from the dream is that one does not have to be the biggest or the most powerful in life. We only need to enjoy what we do. Do you enjoy life? Are you happy in life?  If not then run and move your life in a different direction. Try to set goals that are deliberate and with admiration.

Taking control of our diet might be important after having such a dream. The action hero signifies the thriver and survivor. If the dreamer loses the struggle, he or she cannot overpower any obstacle or enemy. However, in the shadow of the proficiency, like any action hero such as Hercules we need to approach life with empathy and take on a challenge.


To see more than one action hero in a dream suggests a person with anger management difficulties. Throughout your own experience you tend to focus on force and strength to accomplish goals and objectives.

As our power and control increases as we get older our duty and awareness of humility must also rise. While we might be distinguished by people who benefit from our many successes, such as your own children always try to reflect on what drives you.

For a female to dream of an action hero suggests strength and skills for your own profit and enjoyment. Consider what happens to the action hero in your dream. Don't allow the fear of previous setbacks / problems and experiences that could prevent achieving your goals.

A hero in the dream state is a sign of inner desire, power and strength. It's necessary to meditate on your own inner child. It can as we have already provided, be associated to some degree the control over your own life. It can be associated with the fact you don't feel in charge of your own life, but in life there are others that can help you be who you want to be and win!

Feelings associated with the dream of an action hero…


Power. Courage. Control. Trying to succeed. Rescuing someone in the dream. Being the hero in the dream. Happiness.


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