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Of all of the planets in our solar system, ours is the only one with liquid water.

Water is the progenitor of life and, therefore, is associated with fertility, creativity, emotional well-being, renewal, purity, and new endeavors. Water is constantly shifting and changing and is a good symbolic representation of life. As a consequence, the real life circumstances that surround the dream of water have much to do with its interpretation.

We respond to water at the most primitive level of our psyches and are ourselves composed of mostly water. As a consequence, dreams of water are extraordinarily powerful indications of your emotional and psychological state.

In this dream, you may have

  • Drunken water.
  • Dived into water.
  • Swum in water.
  • Skated on ice or skied on water.
  • Danced or played in the rain.
  • Traveled under water.
  • Played in waves.
  • Swum with dolphins.
  • Been deluged by a tsunami.
  • Had your house flood.
  • Been in a storm.
  • Splashed in puddles.
  • Watered a garden.
  • Floated on water.
  • Paddled down a river.
  • Drowned in water.
  • Boiled in water or frozen in ice.
  • Been made of water.
  • Listened to water.
  • Been splashed by water.
  • Stood beneath a waterfall.
  • Hydroplaned while driving.
  • Swum in or drank dirty water.
  • Had a water fight.
  • Being in the womb.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You watered plants.
  • You were swimming with dolphins.
  • You were playing in the ocean.
  • You were sailing on a beautiful day.
  • You were drinking ice cold water on a hot day.
  • You were playing in the rain.

Detailed dream meaning

A dream in which you are drinking pure water to quench your thirst symbolizes finding replenishment and balance in a relationship. A dream of drinking dirty water signifies that you are unhappy as a result of an emotional bond, and the relationship has started to poison who you believe you are. Taking in dirty water (or swimming in it) can also symbolize a spiritual crisis of some kind. Dirt and contamination in water are signs of negativity, angst and clouded thinking. Dreaming of being coerced into drinking water means that you feel as though you are literally having something shoved down your throat. It indicates a conflict between the beliefs and views of those around you and your own. It can also reflect dissatisfaction with your job due to ideological or moral principles. Not all dreams of drinking water have deep symbolical meaning, however. Sometimes you are just thirsty and need a drink of water.

The meanings of dreams in which you are immersed in water vary widely depending on whether or not the experience in the dream is a positive or negative one.

Dreaming of swimming with dolphins or swimming with ease and joy signifies that you are experiencing success in your endeavors which have led to feelings of well-being and optimism in connection to those around you. On the other hand, swimming through rough waters or swimming while exhausted signifies feeling overwhelmed by the tasks you see before you and are indications that you need to take care of yourself in order to be able to persevere through difficulties.

Standing beneath a waterfall, when it is a positive experience, signifies renewal and cleansing. It can also reflect the beginning of a new romantic relationship and an outpouring of sexual desire. Dreaming of being inundated by a waterfall implies that you have more problems crushing down on you than you feel that you can handle. Negative behaviors and connections that you thought you had buried in your past may be engulfing you.

To dream of drowning indicates that you are experiencing a profoundly overwhelming time in your life. Your life feels out of control and you could be literally drowning in debt, depression, conflict or legal difficulties. It is particularly important to pay attention in dreams in which you are drowning to the circumstances of the dreams and the people and objects that surround you in order to discern how to ask for help. Dreaming of a tsunami is very similar in meaning to drowning; however, unlike drowning, which is a slow, gradual process, a dream of a tsunami suggests a powerful, unpredictable and sudden change which has you at your emotional limit. You are in danger of exploding in a torrent of emotion which has the potential to destroy your job, family, friendships or relationships. Dreaming of being in a storm likewise indicates that you are feeling buffeted by the events around you, but to a lesser degree. Because storms clear the air and make way for peaceful skies, dreams where you are caught in a storm suggest that some kind of emotional revelation will lead to healing.

Dreams, where you are diving into water, indicate that you feel in charge of your destiny and are ready to take the plunge into a new opportunity. Dreams of traveling under water in a submarine or snorkeling signify that you are in a contemplative phase in your life, and that your growth as a person will come from delving into your past or into deep emotions to discover how they are impacting the present.

The interpretation of dreams where you are traveling on the surface of water depends on the degree of control you have in the dream in terms of where you are headed.

Floating on water in a pool where you are mostly stationary suggests that you are in a holding position in your life. You may be at a standstill in your work, education or relationship, and this dream is an indication that your contentment is only a surface emotion.

To dream of skiing on water or skating on ice signifies that you are ready to let go and take some risks, but only on a superficial level. You may be too addicted to the thrill of pursuit or too afraid of losing control to delve deeper into your feelings.

Dreams where you are paddling down a river without encountering rapids or sailing on the ocean in good weather suggest that you are making progress in your efforts to accomplish a goal. Contrarily, dreams in which your travel is complicated by adverse conditions signify that you need to be prepared for challenges. Being on open water, in general, signifies an open, honest approach in your evaluation of yourself and others.

To dream of having an accident because of water like hydroplaning in a car or slipping and falling on ice implies that you have been taken by surprise by a betrayal in a romantic relationship. You need to pick yourself up or straighten yourself out in order to heal from the emotional fallout.

Dreaming of playing in the rain, playing in waves, splashing in puddles or having a water fight suggests that you take a generally lighthearted, youthful approach to life. Playing in water signifies new friendships or beneficial new work connections.

To dream of being in the womb or being made of water indicates a transformation in your material circumstances. You may be on the verge of getting a new job, getting a divorce, having a baby or experiencing another major life change that will require you to remake yourself. These kinds of dreams are associated with acquiring wisdom via a new start.

Dreams of being boiled in water or turned to ice suggest that you are experiencing emotional extremes which have the potential to devastate your life unless you find a responsible way to release them. Dreams of boiling suggest anger, fear, hatred, resentment and loathing while dreams of freezing suggest depression, trauma, catatonia and disassociation.

Dreaming of being splashed by water is an indication that you are getting a jolt telling you that you need to refocus or redirect your attention. This can occur by having water thrown in your face or on your body from a cup or bucket or when you are playing in a pool. In either case, it is a sign that you need to take a more in-depth look at your relationships with the people around you. In some cases it may mean that you need to apply yourself and work harder in some area.

Dreaming of watering plants or animals represents the nurturing side of creativity where you are taking steps to have a project or plan come to fruition.

A dream of your house being flooded implies that your family is being torn apart by conflict. Financial worries or material concerns causing dissension and are taking their toll on your relationships.

To dream of listening to water symbolizes that you are gradually becoming aware of your emotional state; however, full awareness of your feelings is suppressed just beneath your consciousness.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • A religious conversion.
  • An affair.
  • Addiction.
  • A vacation.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Water

Freedom. Weightlessness. Urgency. Angst. Gloom. Antagonism. Bliss. Wonder. Ardor. Detachment. Compassion. Zeal. Lightheartedness. Formlessness.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012