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Dreams which revolve around theft are the psyche's way of indicating a fear of loss in your life.

While theft can occur in many different ways in your dream, such as having your purse stolen, preventing a theft, being involved in a bank robbery, or reporting a theft to the authorities, each of these dreams revolves around the loss of something in some way, shape, or form. When you have dreams about theft, consider your own feelings of security in your waking world. These dreams can also be an indication of someone who is trying to take advantage of you. Often, theft dreams should be taken as a warning for the future.

In the dream you may

  • You have come face to face with the thief.
  • See a thief who is running away and you are giving chase.
  • Intercept a thief has snatched an object from someone.
  • Be attacked by a thief.
  • Steal something.
  • Realize that a theft has occurred in your home.
  • Guard your property from theft.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You have prevented the theft from being committed.
  • You have taken all precautions to stop the theft.
  • You have moved the object to a safer place.
  • You have handed over the object to someone for safekeeping.
  • You have shared the object with others thereby decreasing the possibility of it getting stolen by somebody.

Detailed dream interpretations

When you dream of having a good time such as being happy at work or comfortable in your home and then fall victim to a theft then this is a sign that your own life is about to be interrupted. You are likely being too comfortable in your waking world and not protecting yourself or your belongings appropriately. If the theft is on a large scale, such as someone stealing from your company or a string of burglaries in your neighborhood, this is a symbol of needing to be more on guard in general. It can indicate a need to secure your finances or property but not just from thieves. This can also indicate a future failing in finances due to stocks falling, loss of job, or something similar. When related to the home be wary of housing prices dropping or damage to your property which decreases the value.

You may see in your dream that somebody has stolen something from you personally. If this is the case, then this symbolism signifies that you are upset with the aggressive behavior of somebody in real life and you think that he may harm you in some way. It is a fear of losing security and feeling helpless. This situation in real life translates into a dream where you see the person stealing something you hold precious and feeling as though you were unable to protect yourself or it.

There may be an object which you have been craving for long but which is out of your reach. The craving becomes so acute that it causes you immense distress. This distress may cause you to have a dream where you see yourself stealing the object for personal gain. This does not mean you are going to wake up and become a thief, but you may find that in your waking life that you are not working hard enough or going about your own life in the best way to get what you need or want.

Financial problems in your real life can cause you to be depressed about your condition. You can see no way of coming out of this situation in the near future. The desperation to make both ends meet may cause you to see yourself stealing from financial institutions or the company coffers.

You may find yourself being attacked by the thief and grappling with him in your dream. You are trying to stop the thief from stealing from you or somebody else. The symbolism of the dream signifies that you have set your mind to defend your beliefs in your real life so that it cannot be taken shaken by anybody. Consider ways in which you feel that you have had to defend yourself. Has there been a person who has shaken your foundation or questioned your beliefs? This could be the root of your dream.

You may see yourself chasing a thief in your dreams but not able to catch up with however hard you try. The symbolism of this dream tells you that it is almost impossible in your real life to achieve something and it is quite beyond you. It tells you to stop chasing mirages and get down to real work.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a theft dream may be

Fear, suspicious, craving, hatred, temptation and jealousy.

By Flo Saul
Mar 19, 2013