Cockerel or Rooster

Cockerel dream meanings

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Birds are often considered to be good omens in dreams. A cockerel or a rooster is unique because it is a farm animal that is always a male.

Since roosters are males (hens are females) a rooster in a dream can represent masculine qualities such as power and dominance. A rooster can also represent wealth and prosperity.

Cockerels are males so they usually represent masculine ideologies. Some of the things people associate with masculinity are dominance, success, control, power, money, and work. If there is a cockerel in your dream you may be close to gaining control over a situation you feel has spiraled out of control. If you have been feeling lately that you have lost control of certain areas of your life or that nothing has been going your way, a dream about a cockerel shows that you will soon get these elements back to the way they should be and back under your own control.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a cockerel (rooster).
  • Heard a cockerel.
  • Been a cockerel.
  • Fed or interacted with a cockerel.
  • Been attacked by cockerels.
  • Taken on cockerel-like characteristics (such as the ability to call cock-a-doodle-doo).

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The cockerel was free roaming in the wild or in nature.
  • The cockerel did not seem to be in any physical danger.
  • The cockerel was accompanied by a mate.

Detailed dream interpretation

Especially if the cockerel is free-roaming in the wild, it is a positive sign. The free-range cockerel shows that you allow yourself complete freedom over your life and your decisions and that you will do anything it takes to be successful at any task. Financial gain should be taken into account here, as a cockerel can be foretelling financial gain or control over financial matters. Someone might soon leave you in charge of their money or a very lucrative area of work.

A wild cockerel is in control of his own life, so in your dream your subconscious is reassuring you of the control you have over your own. However, a cockerel that is on a farm, even if it is happy there, is a little different.

If you see a cockerel on a farm in your dream, this can show several things that are wrong. The cockerel is supposed to represent masculinity and control. A cockerel who lives on a farm, though, gets fed by his owner and must follow the guidelines and the rules of that farm. Somebody else is in control other than the rooster. If your subconscious shows you a farm cockerel, or an otherwise subdued or caged rooster, you might be losing some of your power.

A cockerel on a farm works to serve the farmhand by mating and being sold. Because of this, a cockerel in a dream working under a farmhand reveals the subconscious longing to break free and let you control your own life. You need to find ways to better control your own life. Talk to your boss about a promotion or talk to a loved one about taking the next important step in a relationship.

If you interact with or feed a cockerel in your dream, you are nurturing your inner masculinity. Whether you are male or female, you feel the desire to keep this part of you alive. Perhaps you have had to neglect or give up control to someone else lately; your subconscious is simply reminding you that masculinity is still present.

If you have been attacked by cockerels in your dream, the male presence in your life may be overwhelming or else you feel you are being controlled or abused by someone else. If you hear a cockerel from afar, your mind is longing to nurture your inner masculinity.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Getting a raise or a promotion.
  • Prosperity, wealth, and health.
  • Dominance or feeling in control.
  • Relationships with romantic partners or with friends and family.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of cockerels or roosters

Tough. Dominant. Protective. Strong. Attacked. Voiced. Opinionated

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012