Dreams About Parents Abusing You

Dreams About Parents Abusing You

Abusive Parents In Dreams

Let me start this dream meanings with an analogy. Abusive parents in dreams are represented by a lion and a lamb. The lion represents the abusive parent, powerful and intimidating, whereas the lamb represents the victim, helpless against their abuser's overwhelming force. 
When someone is in an abusive relationship, they can develop fear as a result of the power imbalance between the abuser and their victim. An environment where powerful people can easily take advantage of those less powerful paints a bleak picture of what it can be like to live in such an environment.  Moreover, it serves as a reminder that victims of abuse deserve to be heard and supported. Being in an abusive relationship should never lead to fear and suffering. 
The dream of abusive parents could also be used to illustrate the need for people in positions of power to be mindful of those they serve or lead. Parents in dreams can be seen to carry out abuse in many ways, including physical, emotional, verbal, and financial. Physical abuse seen in dreams may include hitting, slapping, pushing or other forms of physically harming a child. Emotional abuse may involve belittling the thoughts and feelings of someone --- or not giving them any attention at all. Verbal abuse includes name-calling, insults and threats. Financial abuse can include withholding money from a child or not providing for their basic needs. If any of these were featured in your dream then this can indicate the fact that it is important to have fun in life.

What is the psychological meaning of abusive parents in a dream?

Theoretical approaches to dream analysis exist in many forms. There are those who believe that the dreamer is the only person in the dream, while others believe that dreams are simply brain activity without meaning. If I turn to psychology, Freud said that every dream is a road to the unconscious mind.A dream may also be an opportunity for you to prepare for stressful situations in real life. Each character in our dream world is viewed through the lens of its symbolic nature by analysts. If you dream of abusive parents, you may be feeling overwhelmed and powerless, this dream could reflect something completely away from your “parents.”
Taking control of your life or attending to your own needs may be difficult for you. The dream may also represent guilt or shame, as well as unresolved childhood traumas. The dream might also reflect anxiety about parenting your own children or worries about becoming a parent in the future. To address these issues, it is important to seek out counseling or therapy if you frequently have nightmares about abusive parents. If you dream of your parents being abusive (and they are not so in real life) then don’t stress out. Like most theories, they can describe some aspects of reality, but not all. Some dreams can be explained by these theories, but not all.

What is the real meaning of abusive parents in a dream?

Picture this: Your mother and father may have provided everything you need in life, including paying for your rent when you went to university, maybe even helped you seek your first job, or supporting you by paying your income through tough end internships, maybe even taken you on luxurious vacations. After giving everything they turn around and say "It appears like you don't care about anything." On the other hand, you could have just been left without any support at all.

The trauma you endured as a child and the fears and hopes you have about it are reflected in your dream. Your wishful thinking and fear about your parents would be reflected in it. Think of a person who takes a dog out for a walk, gives them treats, then wonders why the dog is not hungry when they put the bowl of food out. This is a dream about the fact that parents are strange things, in fact, relationships are wierd things. People can sometimes make you feel guilty when it is not warranted, and you hear the words" hey, can't you see how much we have done for you? The problem is that hovering and hand-holding can influence our own thinking. As children, we often feel we have had a bad rap in life. That our parents could have done more to support us. This is totally natural. Dreams of the parent not providing the love and care we need could signal that we are missing love in our life.

Dreams that involve parents are representative of feeling the need for authority in life, if parents are abusing you in a dream this can indicate that someone in authority is making you feel uneasy. Ask yourself: What is driving me to question authority in my life? I am a true believer that dreams create a hidden path for us, and to see abusive parents in a dream can foretell that we need to focus on our own life and what we really wish and want right now. These nightmares of abuse from parents normally bring with them complex messages that I will try to help you unravel.

What does it mean to dream of your Father abusing you?

When you dream of your father abusing you, you might be experiencing unresolved emotional issues, such as feelings of inadequacy or fear. There is also a possibility that this is a reflection of past, real physical abuse. An unconscious desire to escape from the situation or get revenge on the abuser may be revealed in the dream. A confrontation with the abuser could also be a sign of healing emotional wounds. A dream of your Father abusing you may also indicate that you need to pay more attention to yourself and find ways to move forward. Forgiveness and letting go of the past can help bring peace and healing.

What does it mean to dream of your Mother abusing you?

If you dream of your mother abusing you, you may be experiencing unresolved issues with your mother-child relationship or you may feel emotionally overwhelmed. Alternatively, it could indicate that you need to address and deal with some aspects of your life, such as overcoming fears or healing trauma. Perhaps the dream represents an unconscious desire to escape the abusive situation or revenge against the abuser. The abuser might need to be confronted in order to heal the emotional wounds. If you dream of your mother abusing you, it may also mean that you need to deal with old resentments and worries in your life.

By Flo Saul
Jan 6, 2023