Sleep paralysis hearing voices

Sleep paralysis hearing voices

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Sleep paralysis and hearing voices are interconnected. Have you woken up worried, at the vivid nature of the dream?

Sleep paralysis is a normal “out of body” occurrence that can significantly affect the state of mind. To put it plainly, you realize that you may experience seeing, hearing or touching something which isn't there. In order to summarize what sleep paralysis is (which I am sure that you are aware of after putting this into the search engine) it is basically being awake in a terrifying nightmare. The visual experience can be somewhat profound and unnerving. Many people report a number of strange occurrences during sleep paralysis. The key patterns found in sleep paralysis is that it generally happens when one is trying to fall asleep or more commonly, upon awakening.

What are the causes of sleep paralysis?

If you do deprive yourself of sleep then sleep paralysis is somewhat common, most people need at least seven hours sleep a night. This will give them the energy required in order to get through the day.

What happens in sleep paralysis?

The outcome of the sleep paralysis can be worrying, depending on the experiences. Many people who experience sleep paralysis report seeing a group of individuals in the bedroom. There has been additional reports of seeing the existence of a dead human body or person dressed in all black. This has frequently been described as seeing dark shadows that look like people. This figure might be standing over you while you sleep. Normally, this has been on the periphery of the dreamer's vision. It sounds so creepy!

Hearing voices in the bedroom

If we look back at hearing voices in history, it was common for the ancient Egyptians to communicate with the deceased. Vivid hallucinations might be a part of this history too. It was common during this time that communicating with the dead could help in daily life, this was generally achieved through dreams and also sleeping in various temples. It was known as dream incubation. Interestingly, there was little written on any association with hearing voices. There’s also been another theory the voices are misrepresentations of how we perceive experiences in a waking world. If the dream is obscure and you wake up to clear voices of people that are not there this can suggest that the auditory hallucinations in sleep paralysis may have been profound. I am a true believer in spirit connecting to you through this time. If the language appeared foreign then it is better to meditate in order to find the answer.

Woke up from someone whispering

Have you ever woken up from someone whispering to you in your sleep? This is extremely rare and this has happened to me once or twice. Suffice to say, full research was carried out in regards to this strange encounter. Firstly, one must discuss the mental state of mind, such experiences in the waking world have been associated with schizophrenia.

What does the research say about hearing voices?

Often, people can’t actually hear the voices as we have previously mentioned these are described as auditory verbal hallucinations. This description is from the psychiatric definition. There has been much research carried out into hearing voices and communications with spirit. This phenomena has been viewed as a mystery, psychiatrists are often quick to assess that hearing voices is connected to schizophrenia or mental disorders. There has been much written about verbal hallucinations, and the causes of hearing various voices.

There was a study in Norway in October 2015 that analyzed 2,533 individuals, a questionnaire was used to study the prevalence of auditory verbal hallucinations and the results showed interestingly that seven percent of people reported hearing voices but only one percent had schizophrenia. A further report showed that people who heard voices did not necessarily have schizophrenia a the University of Queensland in Australia. Just over thirty thousand people were analyzed for “hearing voices” and almost 3% of people heard voices. Therefore, from this research one would conclude that hearing voices does not necessarily mean one has a mental illness. If you suffer with hearing voices all the time then it is probable that the voices are in your head and not external. Here, we will discuss hearing voices externally, as if you're in a room and you can hear people talking or whispering. Often, one can awake from sleep hearing voices after dreaming alternatively voices can be heard while falling asleep, perhaps in the corn the room can hear voices or you wake up in the morning and hear voices.

Why can I hear voices?

One could say that it was a lucid dream, or perhaps hypnagogic but basically you can associate this with an unexplained voice. So what is an unexplained voice? There are many reasons why one would hear these whispering voices, either you wake up to the voice or alternatively you can hear voices in your bedroom. Many people are somewhat afraid when this has happened to them and in order to understand what occurred we need to break this down into specific sections.

The history behind hearing voices

If we look at ancient definitions of hearing voices, specifically those from the 1930s it was confirmed in many dusty old occult books that hearing voices is specifically related to spirits of the dead or to demons. They were generally associated with human spirits. It was often connected to a negative situation if you heard a ghost. In many superstition books of this time hearing voices was taken as a negative sign, there was a number of different attempts to translate hearing voices into the medical profession. Hearing voices was also connected to witchcraft and that witches were able to hear voices and also communicate with people in the astral plane - which we will come onto it in a short while. First I would like to explain that there's a gap between hearing voices and your own mental state versus hearing voices when you aren't emotionally stable. Only you will know the difference. If you have suffered anxiety then hearing voices can be common. I am only addressing the very situation of hearing voices when you are mentally sound.

What does hearing voices mean when you fall asleep?

To hear voices when falling asleep normally occurs because This is a time of peace and quiet, there is no noise in order to distract you and it is also associated with the fact that you have your defences down and this is a time where spirit often connects with you. You may be somewhat startled depending upon the voice that you hear. Generally, the most common voices heard is a muffle or whispering sound. If you have a natural ability of clairvoyance this occurs when you are in an extremely relaxed state and your thoughts are not cluttered. Sometimes this can occur between being awake and asleep.

Throughout the day, your brain is active, taking in all the information and “noise” and this is what spirit has to work though in order to communicate. It is possible at this point, when you are between sleeping and falling asleep that the voices you hear from another dimensional plane. This can often occur when we begin to travel into the astral world. Spirit might have a message for you and attempt to communicate with you. If we look back at hearing voices in history, it was common for the ancient Egyptians to communicate with the deceased. it was common during this time that communicating with the dead could help in daily life, this was generally achieved through dreams and also sleeping in various temples. It was known as dream incubation. Interestingly, there was little written on any association with hearing voices. There’s also been another theory the voices are misrepresentations of how we perceive experiences in a waking world.

What is clairaudience?

For many years people have heard voices which is known as clairaudience, this is connected to having prophecies given by spirit guides. This is the art of hearing psychic messages.

Clairaudience fits under the following interpretations according to various spirit books on the subjects

A small whispering voice before bed-time. You awake to voices. The voice is your angels. The voices are your spirit guides. You can hear a voice saying something specific to you. The voice of god. The voice of entities. Spirit guides are therefore not only guidance but also comfort and information. One could picture a mobile phone connection from our own world here on earth to the spirit world, ’s voices are heard are connecting and transferring this information. It is to say at this point we know the difference between hearing spirit voices and mental health when the voices are providing positive information that we can trust and identify.

If however the information that is given is not helpful or adverse in any way then this could be a psychiatric disorder, mental or emotional problem, alternatively it could just be something that needs to be ignored. When you hear voices may be amazed also scared or ironically relaxed. Sometimes voices come into your head alternatively can actually hear them out in the open. I’m a true believer of spirit giving messages in times of danger - in order to offer guidance, the comfort of everyday life. Experienced in a number of situations, the voices turn out not to be hallucinations. Generally, going back to hearing specific voices if you experience this amazing connection with our guides, which will enable you to become connected in life. So the question is can you actually tap into this skill when you want guidance? Is it possible to ask the voice that speaks to you for advice?

What is the difference between hearing voices, clairaudience and mental health issues?

The answer to this is that Clairaudience indicates hearing a sound which is like a muffle, that is not distinctive and possibly a ringing sound. If the message is important. You may just hear a word or two. If the voices could be consistent, they are there all the time and feel as if they are in your head and internal they are not likely to be Clairaudience, but these types of voices have occurred in healthy individuals. The key to this answer is it is unknown. Auditory hallucinations are not defined and

What does it mean to hear whispering and no-one there?

The whispering or muffled talking is known as the spirit trying to communicate. When spirit wishes to communicate soul needs to work to get through. It is much easier for them to speak with you in your sleep if you're blocked in some manner, either by fear or a lot of ideas. They might opt to attempt and speak to you once you're more receptive as it is better for both them and you till you learn how to become more responsive once you're awake. Additionally, it is possible that you're tapping into a different dimensional plane. This occurs when we astral journey. Your soul leaves your body and adventures additional planes of existence that might contain measurements that you can not normally perceive. When you settle back into your own body, you're integrating to the bodily while still partly connected into the astral. This is where you will hear voices together with your bodily ears or together with your psychic hearing. Whenever you're in this condition, a psychic hearing may appear to be somewhat loud or real. If you are not fully alert, it may startle you alert.

Other people report that they view flashes, bright colors, or white lights. At times the visual hallucination can be somewhat elaborate. Sleep paralysis can often been associated with the following occurrences:

  • That they feel that somebody is within the room.
  • Seen or felt a possible demon in the room.
  • Something evil in the room on awakening.
  • A ghost, a spirit, or seeing somebody who has died.
  • Underwent a medical procedures
  • Saw an angel.
  • Had sex while experiencing sleep paralysis.
  • There have also been reports of whispered voices, shouting voices, spoken voices, grabbing, an entity or for sitting on top of the dreamer.
  • Being strangled or suffocated.

What do I do?

Ask. Consult your spirit guides not to let anything disturb you on your sleep unless it is to your best good. Request the soul to stop bothering you and when there's a message to you which you get it in another manner that will not frighten you (unless you do not need to have the message whatsoever).

How can you speak with a soul?

When it isn't a soul but you tapping into people or things while astral traveling, then you might choose to request that your higher self or spirit guides only to contact you outside. It is also possible to try imagining yourself as a white light within a glass bubble and requesting protection.

By Flo Saul
Sep 18, 2017