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An ATV is an abbreviation for All Terrain Vehicles. So what does in mean in the dream state?

When you see an ATV in your dream, it is an indication that, things have happened in your life which has made it possible for you to “face anything” you have been through so much in your childhood that you can take on any challenge. Your life experiences have made you strong. These are strong vehicles which can be used in all types of weather. When you see an ATV in your dream take note! You are ready to face all types of situations in your life; you are strong enough to succeed in your own right is the key message.

The dream of an ATV could also suggest that you need some time away from the ups and downs of life. Maybe a holiday to make peace with your inner self. To learn to drive an ATV indicates that you might be in denial of a problem. For the ATV to be black in color suggests that you are surrounded by friends and relatives who always lend a hand. But when you are alone, this is the best time to face the reality of life and come to terms with anything that has caused you pain. An ATV dream in ancient dream dictionaries represents your decision-making ability, whereby you are able to sort out any problems in life. To drive an ATV in your dream denotes that, there is an aspect of your personality which people like. You are able to help others reach decisions.

Detailed dream interpretation:

To see an ATV being driven in trail riding or if you ride an ATV across terrain suggests you have made a correct decision in life and your ability to handle tough questions from others has led you to success. More opportunities are on their way and you need to use your wisdom to utilize them for your own good. Others seen driving an ATV in your dream is an indication that you are not a go-getter. You tend to fear taking risks and you handle things carefully. If you are not sure of the outcome, you tend to avoid the situation.

A dream where you wore safety clothing: helmet, goggles, and gloves while driving the ATV suggests that you need to take precautions in life because, if you don’t, you might just find yourself in a trouble due to a decision that you make in haste. To crash the ATV in your dream, it is an indication that, your ego has been bruised. Riding through the woods on an ATV foretells tough situations which you are about to face and it will require the support of your family or friends. To clean or wash an ATV in your dream suggests a person will act like a “flying monkey” in life. They will gossip and you should avoid them.

When you dream that you are following a trail on an ATV, it implies that a decision you made in the past is haunting you because it seems to have not resolved what it was meant to. Make sure that you take charge and look for a solution; otherwise, someone will work against you and make you suffer the consequences. To crash or see an ATV crash in your dream state is a warning to sometimes let your guard down.

In this dream:

An ATV is used in trail riding. It is a quad bike. Ride an ATV. See an ATV. See others on an ATV. You wore safety gear: helmet, goggles, and gloves. You crashed the ATV. You rode through the wood on an ATV. You followed a trail on an ATV.

Feelings Associated with the Dream:

Confused. Supportive. Determined. Bruised.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2017