Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A predator trying to kill or victimize represents a bully in waking life.

Being chased by a predator represents deception. It is important to avoid any kind of negative situation that may be perpetrated towards you. If you dream of an alligator or crocodile (which is a predator) that tries to eat you or children, this symbolises the need to clear the decks, to make a fresh start in life. This could even be a suggestion to clean out your clutter in your home.

Seeing a police officer in connection with a predator means that the dreamer needs to find a way to connect to a more natural environment. Maybe a walk in the woods to get closer to nature? this would be helpful to the dreamer.

When one dreams of predator the action movie and sees an alien predator this is symbolic of your fear.

You are worrying about your future as well as the future of others.

When one dreams of playing an acting role from the predator movie, this symbolic and no meaning should be associated with such a dream. To catch a predator suggests the need to be more physically fit. To improve one’s physical body would be helpful.

When one dreams of a predator in the form of an animal, such as a tiger which preys on smaller animals or people, this is representative of a time of fear in the life of the dreamer, a time where they feel consistently attacked and uncertain.

In this dream you may have

  • Dreamed of being an alien from the movie predator.
  • Protected children from a child predator.
  • Witnessed a cat causing trouble with a mouse.
  • Dreamed of an alligator eating small animals.
  • Been chased by a predator.
  • Been the predator.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You saved the children and the day.
  • You were an animal predator fighting with another animal predator and won.
  • You sought comfort in feeling heroic.
  • You went to a good police officer for help and were heard.

Detailed dream meaning

When one dreams of a robot predator this is a sign that the dreamer has been overly influenced by person close to them. Think about the terminator movies! Being hunted is quite a worrying feeling. This is a sign that you need to ensure that your career has been established and the correct choice has been made.

When one dreams of a policeman/policewomen whom is a predator (hunting your down for criminal acts) this is a negative dream. The dreamer feels like they are in a world of enemies and has no one to turn to.

If one dreams of a child molester this is a negative dream and means that one needs time to heal yourself.

When one dreams of a cat as a predator, this is a sign that the dreamer has passions or desires which are unexpressed. A lion indicates new changing will be yours.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Feeling victimized.
  • Uncertain about who to trust.
  • Fighting with enemies.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a Predator

Victimization. Uncertainty. Clarity. Anger. Depression. Contemplation. Forward motion. Protective. Energy. Happiness.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012