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Accomplice in dreams

Dream meaning of an accomplice to a crime

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Accomplice dream meaning


A dream that involves illegal activities that represents yourself as an accomplice can cause stress and anxiety.

Ok, so you were an accomplice in the dream? Maybe you had a dream of someone else being the accomplice. Well, look no further. I love dreams and for years I had a vivid dream of being an accomplice to a robbery. I was the getaway driver. For years this puzzled me, and I spent a long time in ancient dream dictionaries to uncover the meaning. Dreaming of criminal activities usually denotes that you are feeling guilty about something you’ve done or for something someone else's action. It could also mean that karma will come and charge your past actions. Yes, don't we love Karma. Oh, before I go on further. I am Flo, a psychic who lives in England and yes, I have been studying dreams for twenty-five years and I am so thankful you are here reading this dream meaning. Right, let's move into specifics.

If you dream that you raped someone in a group, it could mean that you need to gain new friends because they have been a bad influence on your life. It could also indicate that you need to stop with your prejudices and mind your own business in matters at work. The fact the "group" was seen in a dream indicates that you will work hard in life but you need to concentrate on yourself. Right now we have cleared this up let's look further into what an accomplice means deeper in the dream.

What is the detailed meaning of an accomplice in a dream?

The good news is that an accomplice in the dream is associated with an accomplishment in waking life. To be part of a criminal act in the dream state can suggest that you are going to be vulnerable in the future but be successful. If you encountered that somebody you know raped another in the dream and you watched this in the dream then in ancient dream dictionaries this indicates that you will encounter somebody who is temporarily unwell.

Right, this is a bit of an old-fashioned meaning - but in dream books, it states your enemies need to be defeated if you were involved in a murder during your dream and you were not the murderer. To see others commit crimes in the dream can suggest that you need to discover something important in life. To be arrested due to being an accomplice in the dream it’s connected to spiritual matters, you need to meditate and work on your inner spiritual guides. To commit an offense in a dream it a situation where you may try to cheat yourself out of something important. You may be caught out in waking life. To dream of being inside or outside a court in your dream suggests that justice will be yours. The money will be gained from some type of endeavor.

Did you drive the getaway car in a dream?

If you dream that you were an accomplice to a robbery or murder then you are losing your temper and self-control and you have a hidden anger in your heart. This hidden anger is related to a person who somehow hurt you in the past. What your dream is trying to tell you is: relax and use your anger to create something beautiful. Remember that holding to your past can only ruin your future.

If you dream of others who were the accomplice or arrested as an accomplice, it could suggest that you need to put an end to a dramatic situation in your life. Why make everything complicated when life is meant to be simple? This is what your dream is telling you!

If you dream that you robbed a bank, it could suggest that you are going through a financial problem and you are under pressure on finding a way to improve your life. Relax and let life go. Go with the flow. You will be surprised how sometimes things work out, right here are some specific dream meanings related to being an accomplice in the dream.

  • You pointed a gun at someone in armed robbery: It could imply that you need to stop blaming others for your mistakes and start blaming yourself in order to improve your life.
  • You committed an offense:It could suggest that you will finally realize your mistakes and forgive yourself. It could also mean that you need to forgive people for their mistakes.
  • You were in court and an accessory to a crime: It could imply that you will finally free yourself from s situation that makes you feel trapped.

In your dream any of the following could have occurred

  • You were an accomplice in your dream.
  • You were part of a criminal act.
  • You raped someone in a group in the dream.
  • You were an accomplice in a robbery.
  • You were an accomplice to a murder.
  • You saw others who were the accomplice in the dream.
  • You were arrested as an accomplice in the dream.
  • You robbed a bank in the dream.
  • You pointed a gun at the dream in an armed robbery.
  • You were the getaway driver in a robbery.
  • You committed an offense.
  • You were in court and an accessory to a crime.
  • To be an accomplice to murder.

Well, folks, I hoped you liked this dream meaning and yes, it is a common dream to wake up and wonder what on earth being an accomplice in a dream means! Don't forget to check out our free tarot readings to uncover spiritually more information on your dream meaning.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of an accomplice

Fear. Petrified. Coldness. Trapped. Guilt. Anger. Rage. Hatred. Sadness. Depression. Doubt.

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