Dream About Ex Sleeping With Someone Else

Dream About Ex Sleeping With Someone Else

Dream About Ex Sleeping With Someone Else

This can be a vivid and disturbing dream and I am here to let you know what it means, this could be a sign from spirit that you should not get sucked up in the relationship again. There could be a need to contact him or get closure on the relationship, If you put a bowl of water and a bloodstone inside then this will aid calm peaceful sleep, the root cause of this dream could be that your ex is actually with someone else and when you had the dream the energy of your relationship provided a magnetic pull towards you. The question that I want to ask you is if the dream bothered you in anyway?

  • 1. You may be missing your ex at the moment
  • 2. You could be addicted to the relationship with the ex partner

What does it mean to dream of your ex with someone else?

This dream can hit hard and you wake up bothered by the dream. On the other hand it could indicate that you and them have not moved on and are missing each other. Maybe they are thinking about you which is why you had the dream of them. Sometimes we have what is called soul contracts with people in our life. These are people we have made contracts with before coming into this world.

Sometimes when we have a soul contract with someone they will make an appearance in our dreams. Dreams can often provide us with answers and revelations about situations going on during our waking hours without us realizing it - and this could very well apply to your experience too. I am thinking when we dream of people who have been part of our journey or still are presently not in our life symbolizes emotions such as hurt, pain and even loss that seem to linger even after they leave us physically. To me personally this seems like yet another way for us to recognize how much impact your ex had on you spiritually despite being no longer connected by physical means.

If you were crying in the dream due to your ex sleeping with someone then this could represent inner turmoil around self-worth and confidence as well as addressing unresolved issues related to the past relationship; either positive feelings that remain since parting ways or negative feelings related to hurtful experiences associated with the partnership.

What does it mean to dream of your ex with someone else spiritually?

On a spiritual level, I believe this dream can symbolize a connection between the astral plane and physical reality, where we are visiting another dimension to gain insight into our progress on life's path. The 'ex' is often associated with emotions that have been left unresolved and so dreaming of them might indicate stepping into another realm in hopes of processing difficult memories through this alternate perspective. Maybe the dream is reminding us to acknowledge any pain as part of our journey toward discovering inner peace and personal growth.

If you are dreaming about someone who matches your ex in physicality but not in name then perhaps there is something within yourself that needs attention on an emotional level — specifically relating to self-love and worthiness following the loss you felt from their absence in your life. For instance, if you dreamed about seeing someone who looks like your ex (i.e., blonde haired person versus brown haired) then I feel this could signify unresolved jealousies regarding their new life path post-breakup or even indicate an internal struggle within yourself in feeling unable to compete against them in some way. 

In addition, there is also evidence among certain Native American tribes regarding soul contracts and how they play out in real life situations like reunifying couples split apart by death during previous incarnations or otherwise strained relationships between individuals due to karmic debt from past lifetimes carrying over into their present one—the idea being that if these debts aren't addressed then they will repeatedly return until resolved once and for all.

What do the dream psychologists think about dreaming of an ex? 

According to Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes, we all have dreams that contain symbols which represent our unconscious mind, and when we dream about an old flame it could signify unfinished business in terms of emotions or karma from past lives. In some cases these unresolved issues even translate into physical events in our present-day life—an example being waking up with the feeling that someone is watching you or experiencing déjà vu upon encountering a person from your past life whom you haven’t seen for many years.

It may be helpful then to look at dreaming about an old flame as part of a larger cycle where something needs mending before finally coming full circle so both parties can move forward towards resolution together or separately without looking back any longer having found peace within themselves firstly beforehand first-–this very much resonates with what I feel intuitively as well as spiritually.

What does it mean to talk to your ex or the new partner in the dream?

If you're having a dream about talking to your ex or their new partner, it's an indication that there are unresolved issues in the past relationship and emotions still lingering. It could also mean that you have doubts or fears about how things ended and if you're truly free from the bonds of the previous relationship. Also, think about what you were saying to the new partner or ex. Was you asking if the relationship was good? Was you wondering or missing your ex?

I feel like dreams can be our subconscious trying to communicate something we can't always understand on our own. When you dream about speaking to someone who is no longer part of our conscious lives, they remain present in some form within us and require acknowledgement. Let me explain: Your mind uses symbols and metaphors to process difficult thoughts or feelings; by dreaming of talking to your ex-partner or their new partner, might be indicating that although seemingly resolved on the outside, inside there may still be some conflict related to this person which needs resolution either through reflection or conversation so you can move forward without looking back.

Your dream could also reflect feelings of jealousy and insecurity concerning your ex (who maybe or may not be) in a new relationship - perhaps because deep down a part of you longs for them still but has accepted they don’t belong in your life anymore? By facing these thoughts head-on perhaps we can learn something positive from this experience so we don’t repeat old patterns when meeting someone else.

Conclusion to a dream about ex sleeping with someone

If there is a soul contract at hand meant between two souls who have chosen each other's company across multiple lifetimes then perhaps it stands true that this connection still possesses enough power even after its breakup (in whatever form) so as to manifest itself subconsciously through powerful dreams whose significance should not be overlooked no matter how strange they might sound initially!

By Flo Saul
Jul 26, 2023