Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Different view's have very different meanings, depending a lot of what exactly is the landscape featured in the dream.

Generally, this dream is an overview of your life and its stages of development. Think about the view in the dream, and what this could possibly mean in terms of your future development. If the view in your dream is plain terrain for example, this symbolizes your present situation, and it relates to your psychological state of health. This dream is a wake up call to tell you it is time to consider yourself against others, and that maybe someone needs your help in some way. This is important.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen a stream or sea view.
  • Looked out a window at a view.
  • Seen a house with a view.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Think about the things that are important for you.
  • Consider yourself against others.
  • Face things with optimism and delight.

Detailed dream interpretation

According to Freud, a dream which contains any type of view shows that you are thinking about sexual desires. However, he relates many dreams to sexual desires, so you need to look outside the landscape in order to get a clear meaning of this dream. An unfamiliar garden basically shows you need to make sure that your unconscious mind is happy with the life you lead at the moment, and that you are happy for the life that you have chosen.

If the landscape is mountains, then this means it is time to think again about the things that are important in your lifetime. You have set yourself some unrealistic goals, and it is time to stop and actually think. If the landscape is cold and there is ice and snow, this represents a period of tranquility and prosperity. It is important that you can face your new life with optimism, as something is soon to change quite dramatically. If your dream includes wide open spaces, then this demonstrates the need for freedom in some way. If your current situation is a source of sanctuary, it is likely that things are going to improve. Have you thought about the things that are important to you?

If the landscape is tranquil and it contains strange animals that you have not seen before, then this is a sure sign that you have experienced some kind of time switch, and that you need to think very carefully about this dream. To look out of a window and see a view of the sea then this means that things are going to be favorable in the future.

Many dream analysts believe that if you dream of the countryside, it clearly shows that you like to think everything in your life is tranquil and happy, when in fact it may not be, and if it is not the advice is that you need to think about the elements that make your life important. It is important to recall more details around the landscape, if you experienced the countryside which will provide you with more insight into the meaning of this dream.

If you experienced seeing rolling hills in your dream, then this refers to your approach to the unknown, and it also includes your possible fears to this.

If your dream contained walking through, or seeing woods that looked scare and dark, then this indicates a fear of the unknown, and the message is to face things with optimism and delight, if you can.

Fields are generally starting points on any journey in your lifetime, and if your dream contains fields, it is important to know that you are on the right path. If the field was cultivated in any way, then it can mean you have things in your life in an ordered fashion. If your dream includes a stream or canal, then things in the future are going to be clear.

These represent possible problems in the future. If the fields are yellow, it signifies that in time you can overcome your problems, and have a happy and content life. If the dream represented any burnt fields, it means that things in your life will be difficult for a short period, and it is important that you can stretch the pennies for a while. This will not last, but it is important to recognize that things may not turn out that well. Make sure that you have insurance.

A straight wall in a dream suggests you have successfully contained your emotions generated by a family member. If the wall is curved, your emotions are beginning to move forward into different directions, and that you must take heed and think about what is important to you in your life.

Calm water shows that you do not have much emotion at the moment, and it is important that you consider this, as people around you may need some type of emotional support. Water in the landscape can appear in the form of a stream and it omens emotions. A flowing stream signifies that emotions are taking shape.

The water itself is a clear indication of the emotions you are feeling inside. Are you happy? If you are truly happy, then your dream would have contained water that is clear. A stream shows that your emotions are strong, and that at the moment you can face anything thrown at you. If you emotions are clouded, then the water in your dream will be deep, and this shows that you need to look within to find the answers to the problems that you are facing.

If you dream of going or being on a safari and see a desert landscape it means that it is time to stop hiding away from all sorts of situations. If you are attacked by an animal in this dream, it is a sure sign that things are in the process of change, and that it is important that things are renewed quickly.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of landscape.

Happy. Relaxed. In control. Feeling good. Admiring. Pleased. Enjoying. Content. Joyful. Impressed.

By Florance Saul
May 20, 2013