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How sweet. Dreaming of a wagtail denotes that a part of your life is throwing you off balance.

A wagtail is a small bird that moves its tail rapidly as it walks. They are common to mainland Europe and grow up to around 19cm in length. The way to recognize the features of a wagtail is to see their black and white complexion. Generally, they will have a white face and chest, with a black helmet and beard, and mixed black and white striped wings. They also have a very long tail.

Detailed dream meaning

If you were to dream of another bird species, this would usually denote that you are finding ambition and joy in life, and work towards your goals. Unfortunately, dreaming of a wagtail suggests that you are having trouble reaching your goals at the moment, or are being blocked by something. Whatever it is can be blocking you from anything, such as your career, relationships, social reputation, or health, which is why it is so important to exonerate whatever is getting you down.

The erraticism of the bird depicts the erraticism of your life as it currently revolves around this problem. A great way to overcome this is to talk to other people who have gone through a similar thing to you in the past. They are usually the people who can help. It will also help to understand the qualities of the wagtail such as its color, as this can relate to your emotions. Wagtails are usually black and white, but some can have a slightly blue or yellow pigmentation. In your dreams, the wagtail can have a various amount of other colors to it, and if it did, this is when it is important to realize how this color affects you personally. Blue generally resembles sadness, and yellow is fear, although if the color blue relates to your emotions in a delirious way for example because of a previous incident, then this should be taken into consideration when studying your dream.

The size of the wagtail is also a factor when understanding the dream. If the bird was large and flying at you, or close to your face, this can imply your problems are becoming hard to deal with and taking up too much of your time. If the wagtail is smaller and in the distance, this can mean you find it easier to cope with problems for the time being, but be wary because dreaming of a wagtail means you do have a problem, and that it's unhealthy to push that problem to the side.

There is another definition of the wagtail dream

This suggests that if you see one flying then your sibling might be about to go through some turmoil. Dreams often relate to religion and culture. There are many Islamic and Christian approaches to understanding dreams. The wagtail dream narrative descends from a Chinese dream book written by Zhou-Gong. The definition of the wagtail dream is that the dreamer will have noticed their sibling partaking in unusual and/or frantic behavior, and their subconscious has recognized this to be a warning sign that something bad is to come. As aforementioned, the wagtail is a commonly understood frantic but homely creature, and this is why the dream is interpreted in such a way.

In this dream, you might have been

  • Watching a wagtail.
  • Holding a wagtail.
  • Killing a wagtail.
  • Feeding a wagtail.
  • Chasing a wagtail.
  • Catching a wagtail.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The wagtail was asleep or still.
  • You understand why you dreamt of the wagtail.
  • You begin to make healthy and positive decisions.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a wagtail

Surprised. Impressed. Worried. Anxious. Confused. Happy. Stressed. Adoring. Joyful.

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017