Raining Dream Meaning

Rain is part of creation of life. If the rainfall dream was positive (think of the heavens opening up) then this is about creation. The water is connected to spiritual clarity and wisdom. I feel this is a spiritual dream, it is about expressing your own grace and is about growth. On another (more negative) note rain is water so can indicate that you have been feeling depressed or not connected recently.

When you are depressed in life then you question everything. Why am I in my pointless job? Why is my friends acting in a certain way? Why do I not feel deep love? It can seem that everything you do is completely meaningless. Yes, it's tempting to think this way. There is nothing more corrosive than depression. If you have been feeling that your life is going no-where and that you are not enjoying day-to-day activities like you use to then the dream is telling you one thing: you can fix these feelings and you can get past the storm. So I want to tell you right now: things are going to work out and don't let your mind destroy you, as at some point the rain will stop.

What is the spiritual meaning of the dream of rain?

Raindrops are normally seen as the shape of a teardrop shape (when we draw them) but this is not the case, they are actually a spherical shape and they change shape when they hit other raindrops. This means due to the shape it is about resistance. Raindrops fall about 14mph and large drops around 20mph so quick. From this the spiritual meaning can mean that you might not feel you are good enough, it is about making sure you are okay about who or what you are in life. It's your voice and you are the only one that can hear it.

I can remember the other night I had a dream about rain and the delicate pause between calm showers and turbulent downpours -- it clearly shows the overwhelming stress that life sometimes throws at us. I also believe that if you see rain you might be experiencing a profound emotional release, urging the you to confront your bottled-up feelings. Remember the Gene Kelly's song “singing in the rain” in this sense in dreams walking in the rain can also mean a sense of joy and liberation. It may suggest embracing life's moments, in life --- with positivity. I feel that rain encourages us to acknowledge life's adversities.

The symbolic nature of rain in my spiritual books further stretches into its associations, and is connected to getting over depression (which I have touched on above), renewal, fertility, and growth. The earth is nourished by the rain but this also indicates: personal development, prompting transformational outlooks and revitalized relationships. Dreams of rain may foreshadow a period of growth, facilitating the blossoming of one's potential.

I also want to share with you that not all dreams of rain can carry a positive connotation. Dreaming of heavy rain (or even storms) may indicate feelings of unease, anxiety, or impending chaos. Torrential rain can trigger a sense of being overwhelmed, such as facing insurmountable challenges or navigating your own emotions. 

Is the dream of rain good or bad?

I feel this is a good dream. Remember the saying "saving for a rainy day!" That is why an impressive downpour in a dream demonstrates that you are conscious of spiritual development, clearing away the old to make way for the new --- but that you are saving your money and it will pay off. If you dream of being wet then this shows that you have a number of people that are important to you, but they might be draining your emotional energy.

In most dream books I own -- dreams of rain are known to be good luck omens. There are so many ways that rain can be featured in our dream, this is said to indicate that we all have feelings and desires. Water is basically a gift from the divine and dreams of seeing rain (especially heavy) is about making sure emotions don't get out of control, I often feel that when someone has this dream there has been some sort of emotional upheval.

What does it mean to dream of being in a house and it's raining?

A house in a dream represents ourselves. If you see it raining outside the house (such as looking out of a window and it is raining) this can indicate blockages and uncertainty. If you see rain in the garden this can mean a transitional time for you right now. Seeing falling rain can mean that your thoughts are important. It is vital --- to this end that rain is connected to leaking feelings and thoughts. If your dream included other bodies of water such as an ocean, lake, stream or river -- then this dream is about how you deliver your relationships to others --- how you handle yourself.If you encounter a city and it is raining in your dream, then this suggests that it is time to communicate with others.

Just think of this dream like this --- if your dream in a house during your dream you are naturally hidden away from the rain this indicates that you need to be prepared to deal with situations that may be difficult. Let this dream show you how to work with the rain, to ensure that you gain control over the relationships in your life.

What does it mean to dream of running in the rain?

I feel that a dream of running in the rain is a message to follow your heart in matters connected to friendships. The running action in dreams often suggest we are trying to get away from something. Perhaps you turned your back on somebody or a project that you was working on? It is important to understand that one must not be scared to move on in life. Rain is water and I feel (and dream psychologists believe) that water is associated with emotions in the dream state.

What does it mean to rain hard in a dream?

If it is raining hard a dream (downpour) this can mean you have been feeling slightly depressed. It indicates that you need to make your own judgement about your abilities. As I have said before --- rain is water it is related to emotional issues and your family. The harder the rain the more emotions you might have felt in the past. Think about whether things are still important to you or can you let certain things go. 

I always feel that a shower (hard rain that comes down quickly) often in dreams are a symbol of renewal and growth. If you are dreaming of a puddle this can hold a myriad of meanings when seen in our dreams. The presence of a puddle (or puddles) in your dream in my opinion represent personal emotions, cultural symbolism, and even sensory associations.  Dreaming of driving through heavy rain can signify an outpouring of emotions, often reflecting one's inner state. As I have said before --- I am a true believer that rain is a reflection of our emotions. 

What does it mean to dream about a storm or heavy rain?

Dream dictionaries in ancient times (I am talking about pre-1930s) connect storms (heavy rain) to feeling the need to forgive somebody. It is something that we need to understand when we have experienced a strong feeling of grief or anger. The rain can also mean feeling somewhat rejected by another person. In dreams rain is connected to emotions and feelings. To see yourself get out of the storm means it is important to move forward with confidence. Ensure that you have a balanced approach to life.

What does it mean to dream of flood and rain?

The dream dictionaries in the 1930s believed that a flood in dreams is associated with bad luck. To be caught in a storm in the dream (and everything is flooded) indicates the possibility of being shut down spiritually, it is important to feel the force of your feelings. Have you withdrawn from society for a while? Look at the emotions you experience in your dream. If the dream was positive in nature it indicates that a heavy issue in waking life will be resolved, if you panic about the flood, or the rain keeps on rising this can mean that sometimes we need to sacrifice something in waking life.

Real progress can be made by understanding the context of the rain. As I have already highlighted the dream of rain is generally emotive. To have a recurring dream of flooding means that you will embrace a happy ending. However, if the rain (if still pouring down) is negative in your dream then you may find difficulty communicating with somebody else. For a more general interpretation of this dream it is important for us to consider the weather.

Stormy weather is associated with anger or grief in waking life. It is an indication that you have felt a sense of being overburdened. It is important to try to express yourself positively against others. I also feel maybe you have encountered problems at work and feel a lack of inspiration in both your love life and your career if you are trapped in a flood and it is raining.

What does it mean to dream of sunshine or thunder with the rain?

If we look at the weather in general, to be aware fo this in the dream means there is always sunshine after the rain. Things are likely to improve. If the rain was accompanied by thunder this is associated with pushing away or denying the needs of others. Hearing thunder accompanied by rain means, you could be experiencing anger in waking life. In the dream state we all move into our subconscious state -- which includes feelings and emotions coming to the surface.

What does it mean to dream of the rain while in a car?

To see the rain on the window screen of a car or driving through rain is all about how you can bring back memories that are more positive as it highlights you may have felt a bit negative recently. If you are accompanied with somebody else (such as a passenger) in the car --- then the emotions may surround this particular person. If the person is unknown then it indicates that you may struggle to find the balance of emotions with people that are close to you.

The position of the rain in the car is also important. If the rain is in front of you then there are definitely emotional problems in a relationship. If you are looking at the rain from behind you it is behind you then this indicates that you have walked away from a relationship that has been causing you emotional problems.

What does it mean to dream of an umbrella?

If you’re holding an umbrella in the dream this indicates strong beliefs about authority. Perhaps you have been controlled by somebody for some time. If you see an umbrella in your dream then this indicates it is important to protect yourself. Freud noted that the umbrella is a connection associated with protecting emotions.

There may be some past unhealed emotional pain that you have experienced. It is important to consider your own emotions and that of others. Perhaps you have been feeling vulnerable lately? Face or confront the feelings that you hold inside. Maybe there is past relationship that is still wanting you? There is also negativity in the past that you are trying to protect yourself against.

What does it mean to dream of a raincoat?

To dream of wearing waterproofs or a raincoat is connected to your heart which illustrates the feelings of your gut instinct. The raincoat is a protector. Protecting yourself against emotional problems.

Let me end with a quick summary

Dreaming of rain has a profound meaning. However, before you ask yourself what rain in a dream signifies, ask yourself how you felt when it rained in your dream. Apparently, the weather indicates your emotional state in waking life. 

The dream in which you were running in the rain indicates that you are running away from something in the waking world. I also feel it could mean you are suppressing your feelings and don't want to admit what you feel. It is also possible that your dream represents a time when you wish to be left alone to gather your thoughts. As you watch the rain from the inside of your home in your dream, it foretells that you are not allowing yourself to feel something in your life. As a result, you cover up your emotions and feel depressed about it afterwards. Your dream may also indicate that you will experience a difficult period in your life, but you will overcome it in the end.

If you got wet in rain in the dream, it signifies you will be brave enough to express your feelings. Even though you know you may face rejection, you are ready to handle it. However, you hope it doesn’t happen that way. As a result of your expressed emotions, you will finally feel alive again. Walking in the rain signifies inner peace. However, if you mind it but walk anyway, you are giving up your fight.

In dreams, heavy rain represents depression and sadness. It could also indicate that you are ready to let go of the negative energy and thoughts that are poisoning your spirit. If the water was clear, it denotes you will be pleasantly surprised in the near future. However, if the water was dirty, you may face conflicts or difficult times in reality. Symbolizing forgiveness, spiritual development and inner peace, rain symbolizes forgiveness in dreams. Dreamers who feel unpleasant while it rains might be experiencing spiritual blindness and a wake-up call in the near future. Or in other words, a boost in awareness.

  • The rain in your dream made you smile: It's a sign that you'll be happy about making some changes in your life or that you'll be able to release some suppressed feelings. It may also be foreshadowing a pleasant event in the near future.
  • You were crying in the rain in your dream: It can mean you are feeling depressed in reality. However, soon you will realize that depression is only a state of mind and a choice we all make. You will stop making that choice and chose to be happy instead.
  • You were dancing in the rain in your dream: I feel it is a great sign and you will feel energized, motivated and invincible. You will be courageous to do the things you thought you could never do.

In this dream you may have

  • Been stuck in a storm.
  • Unable to open your umbrella.
  • Seen rain fall down.
  • Raindrops on your body.
  • Wore a raincoat.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You felt calm and confident in your dream.
  • The rain was behind you.
  • The sunshine came through the clouds near the end of the dream.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • Vulnerability.
  • Emotional unavailability.
  • Fear of loss.
  • Fear of trusting others.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012