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The meaning of a university in a dream is that you need to move forward in your life, to learn new abilities and skills that will help you grow as an adult.

If you see an image of a university or you are involved in the university life, this indicates that you may be learning how to handle the people around you in waking life. Generally, a university often appears when you are contemplating whether to take a course of action.

In your dream you may have

  • Found yourself in your dream back at university.
  • You are in a lecture room during a course.
  • You are in an unfamiliar university.
  • You have to take an exam without any previously study.
  • You are unable to answer questions from a professor.
  • Being asked to say out loud the answer in the classroom when you do not know the answer.
  • Walking into a university to teach others.
  • Being unable to communicate with other students due to a lack of preparation.
  • Failed an assignment or exam.
  • Passed your final exams and you are celebrating.
  • Been part of a group of students.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The dream was enjoyable and did not involve anxiety.
  • You are trying to run away from experiences.
  • The lecture room was a tranquil place to be.
  • Your achievements were celebrated.
  • You are learning new abilities and skills.
  • The experience within your dream was positive in nature.
  • You were obedient.
  • You were comfortable at university.
  • You can follow rules.
  • You passed any exams.

Detailed dream interpretation

Educational establishments are generally imposed upon us by society, and therefore this dream indicates that you may be feeling you want to do something outside the norm. If you are a student within your dream, then this dream shows you have a desire to learn from somebody, such as a parent or peer. If your dream involves a university, then this simply signifies you are looking to increase your emotions in a love affair. This often indicates there is a relationship that needs special care and attention.

Ancient dream theorists believed that any type of dream which is set in an educational environment reflects social fears and security of the future. A dream of being at university suggests that it you are unlikely to understand your progress in life, it is a wake up call to live to your full potential. If you dream of leaving university, then this indicates there is going to be an improvement in your living conditions or home life going forward.

The attitude to work ethic and life is general is formed whilst at university, which, in most cases sets out rules and various moral values which help people move forward in life. These times are normally drawn upon when focusing on consequences or conflict at work. This dream is a clear indication of achievement. If you look around the university, and it is not a university which you previously attended, then it is important to think carefully about what you wish to achieve in your life. To dream of going back to university after you have left is extremely common.

If the dream is focused within a college or university, then you need to look at your past experiences in order to sort out your present situation, and this should be reviewed carefully before you set yourself on a course of action. Dreams about university signify that a person is being dominant in your life, and that you are trying to remove that element, but you are unsure how to do it. Unfortunately seeing a university in your dream is not always entirely positive. This is usually because there was a feeling that "you have been there and done that". The other association of this dream is a picture of your attitude when you were at the university.

If you find it difficult to locate a lecture room, found yourself sitting an exam that you are unprepared for, or unable to get into your locker, and then this type of dream indicates the worries that surround you. You must sort out ways to improve your life. The key meaning here is that you do not want to act like a fool in front of others. If you are asking a professor a question, it indicates that it is important to recognize other people in your life, and these people will be able to give you some sound advice.

A common feature of this dream is feeling negative in the lecture room, and if that is the case, then you need to think of the feelings that have surfaced in your dream. The other connection in this dream is the sense of authority, and with it your feelings of being confident with others in your waking life. Spiritually this dream is often associated with maximizing your best potential in life. Reaching a score through getting an exam grade it generally suggests your waking life is a testing ground to ensure that you can progress in the future.

If you dream that you are revisiting your university days, this is directly connected to your anxiety levels at the moment - which are high. If you are actually learning at university, then you have a keen desire to improve your knowledge in connection with your career. If you dream of your old university, then this represents the total knowledge and power in life.

If you are in a place of learning, and you not actually learn yourself, then this foretells you don't have to hide away from the world. Think about your friends who will help your prospects in relation to work. If you enter any halls of education in your dream, then this is directly connected to your financial position. It is important to review your financial budgets at this time to save for a rainy day. If you are in any way associated with people from an educational background, then this indicates you are likely to be ambitious, and you will excel in your career.

Feelings that you may have had in this dream about being in university

Strange. Not able to live up to expectations. Vulnerability. Anxiety. A sense of panic in order to comply with the university's rules. Imprisonment. Guilt. Shame. Feeling under pressure. Unable to grow up. Inability to communicate with others. Happy. Contentment. Concerned. Inability to live up to achievements. High standards. Anticipation. Discovering a new talent. Being classified as an achiever. Unlimited potential. Blame. Anger. Reaching an edge your consciousness. Excuses. Explanations.

By Florance Saul
Oct 16, 2012