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Adoption is a symbol of the spirit and learning a new task. This dream means that we all have a process of learning in life.

If you have adopted a child or children in a dream, then it shows you must take on new responsibilities. If you have a dream that someone else has adopted a child, then it is time you took on a new project. If you're adopted in the dream, it indicates that you must prevent some type of fear inside of you. If you are a woman, then it shows you need to have emotional support at the moment. I have detailed all dreams that cover adoption below. To make it easy just scroll down and find your dream and don't forget to leave me a comment at the bottom. Enjoy.

Detailed dream interpretation:

This dream can also signify that part of your life needs to change. If you are a man, then this dream means you fear emotional closeness, while if you are a woman, this indicates that your own personal situation will provide more clarification soon. Adopting a child suggests good health and a good life. You will probably receive an inheritance soon. If you adopt a child that is a stranger, you will have triumph in everything you do. If you adopt a child in your dream, you will make a good investment. If you are adopted in your dream, this suggests troubles, obstacles, and difficulties in life. To adopt an animal in your dream shows that your way of life is going to change and you must do the things that you want to.

What does it mean to foster a child in a dream?

Both adoption and fostering could appear in your dream it is important to compare them both to determine the interpretation of the dream. Adopting children is often carried out when they are young, most generally before the age of three. So most notably, adoption is normally reserved for very young children. Therefore, if you dream of fostering you are thinking about the care you need to show, or that others need to show you.

What does it mean to dream that somebody gave you a baby?

A baby in dreams is a symbol of immaturity and development. It represents new beginnings, a new way of thinking and vulnerability. However, to dream that someone gave you a baby signifies that someone in real life could give you some advice shortly. This dream predicts an inner transformation that will be experienced shortly. To be given a newborn baby indicates you will meet someone you never expected. To dream of giving the baby to someone else to look after and essentially passing this on in a dream indicates that you realize that you’re unhappy and you are looking for that next task to become happy again. To be given a baby boy in the dream indicates that your desires will be released. In simpler words, you will finally live the life you always wanted to live. A baby girl given to you during the dream can indicate your desire for children. If you are already a parent in waking lie to dream of someone giving you a baby also reveals your secret wish of becoming a mother or if you already are – to have more children. Normally, we have this dream when we feel like there’s something missing in life. Like a puzzle you are building and it’s perfect, but one piece is missing and it’s driving you crazy. If you have children you will know what I mean. However, are you sure that the puzzle is a child? Are you certain? To be given a baby in a dream can mean something will be “born” so reconsider your true wishes.

What does it mean to dream of adopting a baby boy?

To adopt a baby boy in your dream reveals a weak attitude of others. Often, this dream occurs when a male around you needs to be stronger. This person may wish to be stronger, more certain and boost their self-confidence. This dream indicates that you need to search for the right path in life and the dream reflects the desire to endure the obstacles in the future. To dream of adopting a baby boy might also signify your wish to learn new skills and become more spiritual. To dream that you are a baby boy being adopted indicates Feeling left out in real life. The baby boy represented in your dream is associated with your masculine, energetic and fun characteristics. To adopt multiple boys reflects your masculine confidence. The baby boy’s, in this case, signify not only wisdom but also guidance - particularly from a divine source. To foster a baby boy in a dream is connected to you wanting to be liked by someone - normally male.

What is the dream interpretation of adopting a dog?

Dogs are a symbol of loyalty, friendship, and unconditional love. To dream that you’ve adopted a dog implies you could be suffering a lack of love and attention in waking life. Do you deep inside feel lonely? Do you wish you had someone who would just be there for you. I believe we normally have this dream when we are going through trauma or are questioning our intentions in life. If the dog you adopt is large or a breed you would not normally adopt represents that you need a fresh outlook in life. You may be bequeath something valuable if the dog that you adopted was wanted. To be attacked by a dog that you adopted in a dream means you may want to find a person who’s worth fighting for, no matter if you’re in a relationship or not. To dream of adopting a dog might also be a sign that in reality if you’re an animal lover. To adopt a dog from an animal shelter indicates our ability to control or develop a relationship in relation to the inner animal part of ourselves. If the dog that you adopt is tame then indicates that need to have control in your life. If you have a dog in waking life and you dream of adopting your own dog then this type of dream is common. It could just be the reflections of your desires and needs for the dog. To dream of adopting a dog and then the dog installing is a metaphor for something that you feel you are losing your current life.

What does it mean to be adopted in a dream?

To dream of being adopted implies that you’re feeling unloved, misunderstood and feeling much like an outsider. Maybe you feel like you don’t belong somewhere and you’re still desperately trying to fit in. The advice for such a dream is to stop and take a deep breath. Ask yourself – “What do I really want and why so I want it?” Once you answer this question, a knowledge light will appear. I kept having these dreams when I was going through a family conflict and it is common to dream of being unwanted and adopted when we have lost touch with our parents. You will realize that you will fit in later down the line. To dream of being adopted has in my experience more than one meaning and it’s related to our insecurity. Do you always feel like you’re not good enough for others? Well, guess what? You are good enough and being adopted can just mean you are feeling that you have missed out on something in life. Life is short but by the same token, our own life can carry with it happiness and contentment if we let others in!

What does it mean to adopt a child in a dream?

If you adopted a child in your dream it denotes that you are ready to take a big responsibility in life. Maybe you have grown and you are ready to enter a more serious phase in life. Of course, it doesn’t have to mean you should do something just because other people are doing it. Do what you feel is right. Your dream also symbolizes a sudden lack of companionship. Sometimes we feel like being a lone wolf just because we want to. This dream means you need someone to break that ice around your heart. Although your heart feels frozen, it doesn’t mean someone won’t come and melt your heart again. Allow yourself to be happy again and express your emotions.

What does it mean to dream of giving a baby up for adoption?

To give a baby up for adoption represents a part of your personality you are struggling with. This dream can imply that you want to transform yourself and become a better person. Some people may not be totally on your side - hence this dream. Giving up a baby for adoption in real life can be traumatic and emotional, this dream also symbolizes a possible problem that you’re running away from. You tend to do things in an easier way and you always care how others feel. Your dream is a reflection of your attitude at the moment. To give away your own baby in a dream can indicate that you wish to escape problems.

What does it mean to dream of adopting a baby girl?

If you dreamed of adopting a baby girl it implies that you will over time become a more compassionate person. This dream is associated with how we connect with others - It’s time for a major change. The message of the dream is to express your emotions before you lose direction. Your dream also represents inner immaturity and the need to be strong in waking life both mentally and spiritually.

What do dreams about giving away baby mean?

To give your baby away in your dream state means you want to retreat. You want to erase something such as a bad habit and become a new person. However, in order to be truly happy, you will have to do it the right way and think about small changes first. Always make the right decision and listen to your gut instinct. Your dream also denotes a sense of loss. You feel like you must lose what you already have to get something better. Maybe you’re right, however, is it the right thing to do? You’re about to enter a new, complicated phase in life. You will have little trouble achieving your future goals. In life, we need to sometimes look on the positive side instead of blaming ourselves for past mistakes. However, in time you will become stronger than ever.

What do dreams about adopting twins signify?

To dream of adopting twins represents your competitive nature, your strong attitude, and high self-confidence. Obviously, you’re not a quitter - as this dream means you’re a born winner and leader. However, even the best occasionally loose. If the twins were girls it can suggest that you know how to handle a loss. Maybe you’re an ambitious person and deep down you understand what you want but things sometimes don’t go as planned. Take a break and reconsider your future goals. Learn how to accept failure by changing your perception. Failures are bricks for building even greater victories - I kind of like this saying and it is relevant if you dream of adopting twins.

In your dream you may have:

Adopted a child. You adopt a pet. Somebody else adopts a child. Adopting a child from within your family. You are adopted.

Positive changes are afoot if:

You enjoyed the dream. The dream was positive in nature.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of adopting:

Jolly. Happy. Grateful. Surprised. Happy. Enjoying. Worried. Content.

By Florance Saul
Oct 4, 2012