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Over the last few weeks a few lovely people have messaged me about dreaming of a dirty house or cleaning a house.

If you are the type of person that cannot sleep with dirty dishes in the sink then dreaming of a dirty house indicates that you are feeling stability in life. However, if you are a bit messy (like me) then dreaming of a dirty house is about the fact you need to clean and organize your life better.

I'm going to launch into a lengthy explanation of why you had a dream of a dirty house, and more importantly what you can “learn” from the dirty house dream. Often the dream of a messy home is contacted to our own inner “struggles” and “personal goals.” As a stay-at-home mom, I have lived in a dirty house for many years and obsessed about getting the house clean. Equally, the dream of a dirty house was just a fear and reflection of what was going on daily!

What is the spiritual meaning of a dirty house?

In order to answer this question I need to go deeper into the spiritual meaning. A house in ones dream represents life. It suggests ones talents, personality, and soul.

If we look at our own biology, we usually take our physical world (such as the state of our house) as a general reflection of how we are feeling. A dirty house can ultimately mean that we are aware of a “difficulty” keeping up with our goals and aspirations of the future.

The advantage of your dream is that you can adapt physical things in life in order to provide you with a blueprint of how you're feeling! This can mean that you need to move forward towards a vision. I like to think that the dream is pulling you, rather like a magnet, in order to understand that you need to sort out elements of your life.

In the psychological dream world there is a sense of vulnerability and also emotional distress. When you start to add the traits of a dirty house to your own self-identity then this can create problems. The dream can imply, you are your job, house, or car. What I'm trying to say, is that the dirty house could be a representation of yourself – or your life. It could indicate that you need to take care of yourself better. Eat more healthy food and go to the gym (don’t we all!). It's important that we try to create a life where we let go of difficulties, errors, setbacks and also traumas. Having this dream can mean that you need to re-evaluate your life. This is because your psychological universe coexists with your physical environment. If you are cleaning the dirty house in a dream then this can mean that you are going to experience putting time and effort into changing. For example, you are going to change how you feel, that you are trying to change areas of the physical world. If you actually clean the dirty house it can be a celebration signifying the beginning of an untroubled period in your life. It can show that you have a complex personality but you can overcome any difficulties thrown your way!

What does the “house” mean in a dream?

Dreaming about “houses” in general means that you could be obsessed with something in life, that you wish to clean and sort out. However, in order to interpret your dream correctly, you have to pay attention to every detail in your dream or remember how you feel in your dream. For example, if you were dreaming about living in a dirty house, it means that you do feel life is a mess at the moment – it could be related to “stuff” or a situation where you are trying to find an answer.

As I mentioned before, a house in your dream symbolizes your soul and life. This indicates that, dreaming of a dirty house reveals the condition of your soul and your whole being. Many dream psychologists (Sigmund Freud) wrote about the house, in respect of “cleaning” dreams these types of dreams occur when our brain is cleaning itself during sleep.

Emotions and images are drawn by that process. Short and long-term memories are unravelled, electrical synapses recharged and emotional chemicals rebalanced. Dream psychologists say that there is no specific story or background to our dreams. It’s just your brain cleaning itself, trying to help you deal with issues you have in your waking life. Meaning, you should pay attention to your waking life when you’re having intense dreams in order to interpret them properly.

Cleaning or seeing different parts of your house represent different aspects of your life.

  • Dream of a dirty bedroom symbolizes your intimate life.
  • Dream of a dirty attic represents that your intellect is blocked.
  • Dreaming of the kitchen dirty can mean you need to eat more healthy
  • A dirty living room in a dream can indicate you need to work on spiritual connection.
  • To dream of a dirty toilet in your home implies something is being blocked emotionally.

If you notice a person in your dirty house, your dream reveals a relationship or connection.

What does dreaming of a dirty hotel room mean?

A dirty hotel room reflects a messy life. Dreaming about a dirty hotel can also mean that you’re being overwhelmed. Perhaps, it’s time to take a break, explore your life and make a list of priorities in order to realize what feeds on your energy.

If you dream about cleaning a dirty or messy hotel room, it means that you’re keeping negative emotions inside. Or it could also mean that you’re neglecting yourself. Maybe you’re disorganized. Or you’re not thinking clearly and need some time off.

Advice from the dream: Remember that you have the power of cleaning your “house” which in this case is your life or soul. If you want to change things in the physical world you need the following: energy, time and tools. Often we don’t have the “time” which is why we often live in messy environments. No matter what happens in life you can always change your psychical world.

Maybe you’re hiding from your fears and that’s what makes you dream of dirty houses. If you were dreaming about a cluttered house, it represents your life again, but it represents a life that you don’t want to have. Cleaning a dirty or messy building in your dream (such as your work-place) may represent a process of clearing out the negative energy in your waking life. Dreaming about scrubbing a dirty floor might represent guilty subconsciousness as well. Maybe you have done something you’re not so proud of. To dream of seeing cleaners in your dream indicates you need to forgive yourself and find a way to let it go. Alternatively, a dirty house in a dream could represent your suppressed feelings.

What is the symbol in this dream?

It’s the symbol of fear. Meaning, if you dream about a dirty house, and house symbolizes your life, it means that you should finally face your fears. They’ve got your true potential trapped inside. So, in order to develop the power you have, you need to stand up against your fears. Did you know that once you face a fear, it disappears on its own? Fear isn’t real. It’s a creation of your mind and imagination.

What do houses represent in dreams?

As I just mentioned a house represents your life, however, dreaming about someone else’s dirty house, means that you’re supposed to help a person in need. Dreaming about your childhood house (being dirty) suggests that you’re obsessed with some issue from your past. Or you’re just feeling a bit nostalgic about the good old times. If you dream about your current house, it foretells how you feel about yourself, your job, your relationships, and life, in general.

How do you feel?

If you feel comfortable, content and pleasant in your dream, it means that you’re feeling happy in your life. If you are worried about the mess in the dream this can indicate that you might be involved in a quest for freedom.

What does an abandoned house mean in a dream?

Dreaming about an abandoned dirty house means that you feel abandoned in waking life. Maybe you have put an end to a beautiful relationship and are feeling somewhat empty. Abandonment in waking life would explain your dream. No matter if you abandoned someone you loved, or you were the one who’s been abandoned, your dream reveals that you could be hurting. Alternatively, an abandoned dirty house represents old family issues you still haven’t resolved. Maybe your parents or friends abandoned you when you were little or you felt abandoned or not being taken care of when you were a child.

What does a dirty flat mean in a dream?

A flat represents past relationships. It could be a message to find a way to overcome a breakup, lost connection or broken relationship. Positively, a tidy flat signifies a fresh start, an opportunity to start from scratch.

What does it mean when you dream of cleaning a house?

To clean a house in a dream means clearing away the bad and negative vibration. Such a dream is associated with your soul and you will be FREE from negative emotions. However, it could also mean that you’re cleaning your life from toxic people or “fake friends” who have failed your trust.

On the other hand, dreaming about cleaning a house can also mean that you’re focusing on “helping” other people. Negatively, cleaning a house in your dream could represent guilt and suppressed emotions. The only way to stop feeling guilty about something is if you apologize and try to fix things. However, if that’s not possible, at least, forgive yourself.

Why do I keep dreaming about dirty houses?

So what if this dream is reoccurring? I often say that a dream that happens over and over means we need to take heed of the interpretation. The interpretation of your dream depends on how you feel during your dream. Also, try to remember as many details as you can. For example, was the house big? Small? Did you feel sad or happy when you saw the house in your dream state? Did you feel alone or happy in the house? As I mentioned earlier on, a house in your dream symbolizes yourself and your life.

Size of house: If the house in the dream was large and grand and you felt worried about how clean it was indicates that you may lack social interaction or miss someone (old friend, ex-partner or sibling) badly. However, if you found yourself in a dirty small house, it can suggest your priorities and values will change shortly.

In terms of advice, I would say that you need to do a little self-evaluation and self-exploration. You need to find out what needs to be changed or improved in your life.

Once you do this and you realize what’s really bothering you the dream of a dirty house will probably stop.

Why do you dream about your old house?

The dirty house maybe an old house you remember. Dreaming about your old house being dirty means that you have historic problems to deal with. The dream can mean that you need to stop running away from problems - and face them. Alternatively, your dream might just reflect your current emotional state. Perhaps you’re feeling nostalgic or sad about times that have passed?

What does it mean to dream of an old house or unknown dirty house?

Dreaming of an old house (that is not yours) or an unknown dirty house symbolizes your old beliefs and issues you have to deal with. The dream can mean you wish to develop the best version of yourself. In order to become better than you were before, you have to open your mind to a new perspective, opinion, and question everything you once believed in. Alternatively, your dream state represents an aspect of your personality that you haven’t accepted yet.

What do houses symbolize?

I have touched on this earlier. It is important to gain a deeper meaning of the “house” dream. Houses in dreams represent certain aspects of your life.

However, it all depends on the context of your dream. For example, if the house in your dream was clean, you’re probably feeling comfortable, and life is good right now. However, if the house was dirty, untidy and neglected, it means that you’re feeling that you can improve aspects of life. Chaos could be all around you (in disguise) and you need to handle life better. But you’re powerful enough to put your life in order and feel comfortable again. A neglected house denotes a neglected life and soul. Have you neglected yourself for the sake of your loved ones? A house that’s about to fall apart symbolizes a romantic relationship that’s not working out as you expected it would. Perhaps, it’s time you put an end to it and spend some time alone.

In ancient dream lore it states you could be dreaming about a dirty or a messy house if you’re having difficulties with a family member. Or a friend you consider as a family. Once you resolve your issues, your dreams will stop. Dreaming about a dirty house might also mean that you’re having a bad opinion about yourself. Learn how to love yourself.

If you don’t forgive your own mistakes, who will? Also, find a way to let go of your past, no matter how much it means to you. It might be the reason why you’re having these dreams.

Lessons from this dream:

In order to interpret your dirty house dream better, there are some important questions you should ask yourself. For instance, what does this dirty house represent to you? Why do you dream about this house being dirty? How does it make you feel? How do you feel about staying in a house that’s dirty? What’s the first thing you think of doing in the dirty house? Does any of these questions somehow relate to any part or aspect of your life? Is any of the questions reflecting anything in your waking life on any level? What’s your first feeling when you think about this dream? Don’t overthink, just let the answer come to you.

In conclusion, a dirty house can mean you’re feeling hurt by someone close to you. Maybe someone you trusted so much broke your heart. Alternatively, a dirty house might also represent an affair. People who’re cheating on their partners, especially those who live together with their partners, dream about having a dirty house because of their actions. In order for these types of dreams to not reoccur, you need to put an end to your problems and try to sort out your life and material possessions. I hope this dream meaning has given you some comfort.

By Flo Saul
Jul 16, 2019