Eagle dream meanings

Eagle dream meanings

An Eagle which is flying is a symbol of power and domination. The Eagle is said to be a true reflection of our spiritual energy.

Eagles are connected spiritually in dreams. For a quick meaning of this dream scroll down to find your dream meaning but briefly, eagles denote power, communication, objectives and accomplishment in dreams. Eagles are wonderful birds that are dominant predators. To dream of an eagle portrays your nobility and pride. Yet, if you saw the eagle flying in your dream, it denotes you’re a free, open-minded person who believes that everyone has the right to live freely. In this dream interpretation, I will explore why the eagle entered your dreams and what it can signify.

Is the eagle dream good or bad?

As we know an eagle is a strong bird, maybe you could see its wonderful strong talons sweeping past you in a dream, some eagles have white or gold feathers on their heads. They hunt for prey and have amazing eyesight. Your dream is important to me, I’m Flo and since the 1900s I have been researching dreams to give you the very best interpretations. I have strived to provide a profile of this dream meaning and combine my spiritual and scientific knowledge of dreams. They are what I can describe as visually stunning, magnificent birds. In order to identify what eagles mean in your dream, we need to turn to the spiritual meaning including the biological aspects of an eagle. For this dream interpretation, I have referred to the “eagle” as covering both the bald eagle and the golden eagle but you can find the difference at the end of my article.

What is the spiritual interpretation of an eagle in a dream?

Eagles are capable of the most dramatic flight and spiritually they connect with the element of air. In occult terms air is associated with our own vibrations in life. Air is connected to our faith and also indicates we need to grow in life. Air is known as masculine and as the eagle is a symbol of truth and power it can indicate that we have the presence of spirit in our dream, so it is important to take real notice. Why is air important to this dream meaning? This is because Eagles spent around one-third of the time in the air. Eagles are great hunters and they can fly hundreds of miles in a single day in order to search for food. Eagles are traditionally associated with spiritual development, therefore this can mean that you need to have more perceptiveness to others. If you are happy and content to watch an Eagle in a dream then this shows that you will be able to make good judgments in the foreseeable future. If in your dream the Eagle has difficulty in flying then this shows somebody close to you who is dominant and soon will lose power in a situation. Consequently, the eagle is regularly connected with being a holy symbol. In Hebrew as well as Ancient Greek books, the eagle is associated with vitality. Given the fantastic dimensions and power, eagles can mean that things in life are going to be positive. To see the bald eagle in a dream is associated with majesty, power, as well as concern. To see the eagle flying in your dream means that things are going to be positive on an emotional level.

The Eagle seen perched on a tree in a dream indicates that your own opinions that can’t be easily changed. In some dream texts, the eagle denotes that someone is being stubborn in your social circle. To shoot or kill an eagle in the dream indicates that everyone loves your company and gets intrigued by your critical thinking. You tend to question everything before accept each information or opinion. The Indian tribes known as “Pueblo” believed that the eagle was from six different guardians. The eagle themselves was associated with balance, direction and also protection. Native Indians also believed that the eagle was powerful due to the fact that they hunted prey. And the meat was forbidden to be eaten and considered sacred. There are a number of different spiritual legends whereby the Indians believed that eating an eagle would result in transforming into a monster. Therefore, some Indian tribes would pluck the feathers from the eagle but would not actually kill them.

In southern Indian tribes, men would only kill an eagle if they were “medicine men.” The Eagles in Indian spiritual mythology would also indicate the strength and power from within. Shamans believed that the eagle is born to fly and soar over mountains and while he flies he gains the power. They believed that the eagle was a spiritual companion and messengers of heaven. From an animal totem perspective and Eagle normally occurs when we are having a difficult time. If we turn to Egypt in terms of the eagle symbol it represented power, strength and also immortality. In Egypt, the eagle was formed as an emblem called a serekh and was connected to conquer in wars and the eagle was connected to the wisdom of the sun god Amun-Ra, known as Horus. This was a double-headed eagle and has also been used as a symbol for Freemasons in Scotland. It is associated with day and night.

What does it mean to dream of a bald eagle?

It is sometimes hard to define which eagle you actually dreamt of. A bald eagle has a large rounded yellow sharp beak which is used to catch fish. They have brown bodies and white feathers cover their heads. The bald eagle is a symbol of the United States it is connected to our freedom in life and the strength of society. The bald eagle appears everywhere, every day, such as dollars, statues, and other things. This is interesting from a Freudian dream perspective. Maybe the eagle appeared due to images in your waking life? There are only 5,000 bald eagles living in the United States and it is a sad fact they are on their way to distinction. There are two kinds of bald eagles, northern and southern. Obviously, this is because some live in the north and others south. Northern bald eagles regularly migrate to a warm climate each year.

The Bald Eagle is normally about 30 inches tall and the female bald eagle is much larger and she grows to around about 40 inches. If you could see a massive bald eagle in your dream it can indicate the need to focus on your female aspects of life. As the bald eagle migrates it can suggest that you have been feeling like you want to escape in life. As this eagle lives by water in order to catch its prey which is fish it can suggest that your emotions are focused on trying to achieve in life. Bald eagles live around 30 years in the wild and up to 50 years in captivity so spiritually this means there is going to be a long road in order to achieve your goals in life. The bald eagle can see both in its left and right eyes concurrently. In spiritual terms the Eagle can see many different things at once in this indicates that you will be able to see things that perhaps you couldn’t in life. As the Eagle uses its own tail to stay balanced indicates that harmony it is likely to be yours if you see this bird in your dream. It can also signify that you are persistent your goals.

Eagle have occurred in our dreams for many years and they can signify that you're feeling somewhat inspired and do want you to want. It is time to continue living the way have been in the past but approaches things slightly differently. The symbolism indicates you need to give yourself enough time to focus on life. Spiritually this bird can bring many possibilities that are open to you. Sometimes it is hard to see the wood through the trees and the Eagle suggests that despite everything you will achieve.

The eagle has a dual nature in that it can represent prosperity and wellness of our biggest social issues. Sometimes this dream occurs when we need to do something bold and daring. Seeing an eagle sign in the dream foretells your free spirit. You enjoy your inner peace but you’re also intrigued by dominance. You yearn to be in the center of attention most of the time, but your drama-free life and peace are more important. To see multiple eagles in spiritual books denote that you have been open to gossiping but today you wish to keep your opinions to yourself. To see dead eagles in a dream signifies stubbornness. You’re headed in the right direction in life. Keep up the good work and never change to meet other people’s expectations. Look at the picture below of a bald eagle - notice the wonderful the yellow bill.

What does it mean to dream of a golden eagle?

The golden eagle is simply stunning they are rather golden in color, but a uniform kind of brown and the feathers are paler than the bald eagle. Golden eagles are heavier than males and around 5kg, compared to 3.5kg of male eagles. The Golden eagles in a dream are associated with reaching goals, independence and happiness. The golden eagles have been seen in symbolic terms throughout our history. The Golden eagle is associated with strength and power. The golden eagle does not have a nostril like the bald eagle. Symbolically, this means that if the golden eagle is seen it is connected to difficult times in life. Now, the older the bird the eye color actually changes and to dream of a golden eagle indicates that you are spiritually connected. The golden eagle is incredibly graceful and can reach heights of 200 miles - this means spiritually you can reach great heights in life. The golden eagle likes to live in mountain areas and its scientific name is known as Aquila Chrysaetos. These birds are focused on hunting therefore if you dream about the golden eagle it can indicate that there are certain objectives that you need to reach in life. And swoops down this is how you’re going to respond to goals and objectives in life! Notice the picture below of the golden eagle and its wonderful colors.

What is the dream interpretation of an eagle?

Dreaming of eagles generally signifies positive times. Birds are considered positive omens, and eagles can be included in this category. Eagles are unique, they are associated with power in life. If the eagles in your dream appeared to be in trouble or were caged, your finances may be at risk. If you were thinking of investigating your time and money into something risky, you may want to rethink it. Caged Eagles can also represent social anxieties. You are afraid to step outside your social circle that is feeling pressured to do so. If people can see well in life many people describe those with an Eagle eye. This is because eagles can see up to 8 miles. Interestingly, eagles can see more than five times better than we can. Eagles themselves can spend hours and hours in the air every day, it relies on the air currents moving air. When we look up to the sky and see the eagle sometimes it looks like it’s just floating, which it is in order to save energy. The Eagle can reach an extremely high speed of 50 to 75 miles an hour when it is in the air. We can turn this on its head and say that the fact that it can reach such heights means that you can fulfill your goals life!

What do the dream psychologists think about dreaming of an Eagle?

It is important to analyze what the dream psychologists believed in relation to dreaming of an eagle. The dream might be obscure in nature, and also extremely vivid. Sometimes in dreams it difficult for us to differentiate between the reality and fantasy. As we forget almost 90% of our dreams, the fact that you have remembered seeing an eagle and actually researching the meaning is quite significant. There is an interesting concept that both dream psychologists Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud agreed on. This was that you only dream of something if you’ve seen it in your waking life. The brain itself is an amazing tool, we can remember things that we are not even aware of waking life. For example, perhaps a flash of an eagle appeared on the television and you did not really notice it but that image entered your mind. Freud carried out many different types of research into dreams specifically psychoanalytical. This is when he would understand patient dreams - and try to differentiate what they mean. As I’ve already outlined Freud believed the dream world was in response to our external environment. Freud, in his writings, believed that our mind was responding to the superego when we dreamt of an eagle. It is connected to how we act during the day and also the symbolism is sexual in nature as the Eagle representing the female womb. Most of the theory of Freud is sex-related - maybe he was just obsessed with sex! From a jungian dream theory, the Eagle seen in dreams is connected to our own expression of imagination. An Eagle is an archetypal symbol and according to Carl Jung can provide us with a deep communication from within. As Carl Jung believed in telepathy it is clear that the dream could be evidence of our own collective unconscious mind.

What does it mean to dream of killing an Eagle?

Killing an eagle in a dream is often connected to an anxiety dream. The easiest way to recognize whether your dream represents social anxiety is if you felt any fear during the dream state. Freud's belief that anxiety dreams are associated with difficult feelings we express during our waking world. Therefore, according to Freudian theory, the stream could just reveal that you are unconsciously worried about aspects of your life. If you yourself were turned into an eagle in your dream then died, this represents you holding back or hiding from something important in your life. Look back on what has been happening recently. Are you feeling fear or anxiety about a new development, transition, or upcoming event in your life? Your subconscious has turned you into an eagle to show you the effects of your fears.

What does it mean if you saw a dead eagle in the dream?

If you saw a dead eagle in your dream, it symbolizes feelings of entrapment or failure. Are you feeling defeated or disappointed? Maybe imprisoned by someone? Are you perhaps a prisoner of your own mind? If you’re feeling trapped in the presence of someone, then think about how you will respond in life. Yet, if you’re feeling trapped in your own chains, break free and remove your mental barriers. A dead eagle in your dream also indicates a danger to your freedom. Someone will want you to do something they don’t agree with. Fight back and never surrender. I believe the key message here is that it is your life, and no one else’s. If you turned into an eagle in the dream it can indicate that you will fight and achieve what you wish to in life. To be surrounded by eagles indicates a new start or a different approach to life.

What does it mean to be attacked by an eagle in a dream?

To be attacked by an eagle in a dream represents that your strength and courage is going to be challenged forward. It does not necessarily make any difference as to what Eagle actually attacked you. As Eagle represents our own power it can often indicate that somebody is challenging you in waking life. Eagles soar around hunting prey, it may mean that you feel like you are being hunted in life, maybe this means problems at work or in a relationship?

What does it mean if you shot an eagle in your dream?

If you shot an eagle in your dream state, it denotes that you wish to succeed in something. This dream could be opening up feelings that question what is most important in life. Reconsider your actions, reconnect with your soul and do what’s right. To shoot an eagle and miss in a dream suggests that you are a good person who is just lost it in this busy, material world. Find yourself again.

What does it mean if an eagle flying above your head in a dream?

If you could see an eagle flying above you in your dream, it implies to your intuition. The eagle is trying to tell you to listen to your intuition more. You should stop acting like a recluse and don’t try to hide from everything that scares you. Face your fears because that’s the only way you can win fear. Your dream also foretells a challenge you will have to overcome. Don’t do things to prove others you can do it, but to prove yourself instead. You have no obligation to convince others of your abilities.

What does it mean if you saw an eagle holding a prey in your dream?

If you saw an eagle holding a prey in the dream such as a mouse it predicts your next move regarding your career. You will defeat your enemy who wanted to steal your success and take credit for your hard work. You already know that the only way you can defeat anyone who’s trying to hurt you is to keep on achieving. Real winners achieve victory with a positive mindset. To see any or hunting prey during the dream illustrates that you are trying to achieve a goal in life.

What does a caged or chained eagle signify in a dream?

It implies to your current mind state. You believe deep down that you can achieve. This dream often occurs when we doubt our own abilities. As chained Eagles are associated with captivity this dream can suggest that you are not feeling “free” enough to pursue your desires. The only person that’s against you is yourself. Sometimes you are your own best friend and your worst enemy. At the end of the day, your life is your choice. Remember that many people have made it from zero to hero, without anyone’s help. Don’t expect things to fall into your lap just. You will have to work pretty hard to get what you want, but with it will come success!

What does it mean to see nesting eaglets in your dream?

Eaglets normally nest for around 12 weeks, this dream is quite interesting because it basically indicates that there is going to be a time where you are going step away from life in order to review your goals. Interestingly, the Eaglet can be rather aggressive towards siblings in the nest. This can indicate that there is going to be sibling rivalry if you do have brothers or sisters in waking life baby eagles can also signify the hatching of a new idea. In dreams see baby eagles symbolizes your determination to succeed no matter what. You’re confident you can achieve anything you want and rebuild your life from zero. You can do it by setting up a positive mindset. Seeing an Eaglet in a nest during the dream is a message to use your wisdom and be patient. Great things don’t happen overnight. Your dream is also a symbol of rebirth. You will go through a complete transformation and become a better person. You will also meet someone special who will bring back your faith in love.

What does it mean to see an eagle fail to catch its prey in a dream?

It predicts a wrong move you’re about to make. It may be related to your personal life or your career. You will either hurt someone you love due to your carelessness and reckless actions or you make an interesting move to get a higher position at work. To see the eagle landing on the ground in a dream, trying to catch prey is connected to a dirty deed. Those who play in the dirt, always end up falling in the dirt, over and over again. As for your carelessness and recklessness, think twice before you do or say something. Not everyone sees things from your perspective.

What is the biblical meaning of an Eagle?

In the Bible, there are many references that a prophet is very similar to an eagle because it knows how to go high up in the air due to its excellent eyesight can see everything in life. Interestingly as the Eagle has two areas of focus, this allows the Eagle to see forward and backward concurrently! In the Bible, this is been referred to how a prophet sees life. An eagle’s eyesight is extremely powerful, it can see for almost 8 miles ahead. In spiritual terms, this is related to having eight new beginnings in your life. The eagle itself has two eyelids and spiritually this means that you are not closed to future goals and opportunities.

In Christianity, the eagle is a symbolism of power, control and the wings of the eagle indicate our own belief in god. In Christianity, the eagle is also Known to be great fishermen. In fact, job one Jesus life was to save many people. If we turn to Psalm 103:5 the eagle is associated with youth” it says “who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s” In slam 91:1-4 god actually indicates that he is an eagle and protector and that the eagle can escape the storms by flying in the sky above. The eagle is a majestic bird and God believes that the eagle will help us (Psalm 17:8) is behind us (Psalm 36:7) and will help us (Psalm 91:1-4)

What is the difference between a bald eagle, golden eagle, and an eagle?

In your dream, you could have seen either the golden or bald eagle. Normally, it is difficult to actually notice the difference. There is notably a few differences between these birds. Firstly, an “eagle” covers both a golden and bald eagle. So what is the difference between a golden eagle and a bald eagle? In terms of the size of the bird and also the weight, both the bald eagle and golden eagle are the same. Golden Eagle’s generally eats mammals, such as mice and the Bald Eagles are fish eaters - this is why they have larger bills. Bald eagles normally fly near water to catch the fish.

What does it mean to dream of a white eagle?

A white eagle is a very interesting dream. White itself signifies innocence and happiness. If you see a white eagle during the dream swooping down in the sky alternatively eating prey can indicate that other people are going to turn to you for some sound advice. It can also signify in your life things and content. To turn into a white eagle during a dream suggests a new beginning.

​​​​​​Feelings that occurred during a dream of Eagle: Powerful. Invincible. Focused. Determination. Free and easy. Scared. Anticipation. Strong. In your dream you may have: Seen an eagle. Been surrounded by eagles. Become an eagle. Seen a coat of arms of an eagle. Taken on eagle-like characteristics. Seen a picture or a symbol of an eagle.

Positive changes are afoot if:

  • The eagle was happy and healthy in his environment in the sky.
  • You could see an eagle in a coat of arms.

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By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012