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Trumpet is a musical instrument made of brass.

To play some sound on it, it has to be blown. These captivating sounds sometimes make us feel the music inside it and it’s so much deep and effective that it successfully makes a place in the framework of our mind. This is one of the reasons that we often see a trumpet in our dreams.

If you are dreaming a trumpet then it could be a sign of warning as well as blessings. The point that makes a difference is that scenario in which it is seen. Now the question arises is, How to know that which situation represents what? Does it have to do anything with your real life? What is good and what is bad when dreaming about a trumpet? Many other questions like these occur in our curious mind, luckily, there are answers to such itching questions.

Different situations concerning a trumpet in a dream

  • Watching a trumpet in a dream.
  • Hearing the sound or horn of a trumpet.
  • Blowing into a trumpet horn.
  • Playing a trumpet.
  • Seeing someone playing a trumpet.
  • More than one trumpets blowing at a time.
  • Hearing many sounds of trumpet in one time.

Interpretations of experiences of Trumpet in a dream

  • Warning of a war for the listeners.
  • Act accordingly as you are directed to do after hearing a horn.
  • Happy person or persons meeting on the playing of trumpet.
  • Cultural harmony and joy by a bunch of trumpets playing.
  • Good news about the war success and business.
  • Inner satisfaction on listening to a trumpet.

Detailed dream interpretation of trumpet

Dreaming about trumpet can be interpreted in different scenarios but in general, when you see a trumpet in a dream foretells you of some kind of warning. Moreover, a hearing of trumpet horn indicates you of a war and propels you to act and play your role in that. It has to be made clear that blowing a trumpet and playing a trumpet are two different things with two opposite representations. Like it has already been described that hearing the horn, or blow of a trumpet, indicates the sign of a war. But it is not always a warning sign, rather, it varies from condition to condition and different interpretations are conceived with different situations of dreaming a trumpet in a dream. In short, it all depends on the situation on which trumpet was dreamt.

To dream a trumpet horn indicates the start of a war, to act on time and to do thing in a quick manner. It shows that you will get to know different news while hearing the horn of a trumpet, unlike the only representation of a war that is generally related to the horn of trumpet.

To see yourself blowing a trumpet is a sign of good news that is coming in your life. It also foretells that you will meet a happy person. On the other hand, seeing yourself hearing multiple trumpets indicates you are going to get profit. Also, you will meet a person from whom you could expect some profit in business.

Feelings that you could experience during a dream about trumpet

Happiness, serenity, profit, success, calmness, peace, joy and good news.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013