Vomiting snakes

Vomiting snakes

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You may think that a dream vomiting snakes is strange and terrifying.

In order to understand the interpretation of this dream it is important to look at not only the snake itself but also the interpretation of vomiting. To vomit live snakes in your dream indicates that you may be at odds with yourself. You made a life choice not because you want to choose a certain path but because you wanted to progress. The snake itself is connected to our “life force” especially when found in the stomach. This could be an omen that you must overcome obstacles.

In your dream

  • You vomited snakes in the dream.
  • You were sick and snakes came out your mouth.
  • Other people vomited snakes in your dream.
  • Pulling and pulling snakes out of your mouth.
  • A child vomited snakes.
  • You vomited snakes and other animals in your dream.

Detailed meaning of vomiting snakes in a dream

Other people may demand compliance and submission in your life going forward if you vomited snakes and another animal in your dream. In addition you may be submissive in a given situation connected to work. It is important that you are not disrespectful of others.

If the snakes you vomit are dead then this can indicate a health issue that you could perhaps be unaware of. If you are upset during the dream then you can feel some uncontrollable desire to solve problems in your life. If the snake retains a life force after being sick or vomiting the snake - it can indicate that you will survive in the face of adversity. It can also suggest that you are being oversensitive in a matter close to your heart. It may be that you will totally stop seeing somebody close to you because they are unpleasant and angry towards you. The snake can also be a symbolism of rebirth, therefore if you vomit the snake in the dream you may encounter new opportunities in life.

Snakes are often are connected to an enemy life. The bigger the snake the larger the enemy. Vomiting itself is associated with an act which will harm others. There is a great deal to dislike about having a dream vomiting snakes. It is important to hold onto enough memories of the good times in life when dealing with enemies. As the snake is often connected to difficult and challenging people there is an element of psychological survival required. People often profoundly damage ourselves without actually knowing. You may find that somebody responds to you in a negative way after having this dream. Vomiting snakes can also be associated with being over-sensitive about matters in life. Most people can tolerate a dissolution from an enemy, but to have this dream suggests that a critical or evil act is predicted.

If you find yourself trying to pull a snake out of your mouth then this can suggest that you will be feelings of envy towards another. There is somebody that constantly tries to outdo your efforts in either work or socially. Perhaps you dislike a friend or relative's judgement, lifestyle or self-expression.

Vomiting snakes is also connected to somebody you have a long history of. Perhaps it is time to let bygones be bygones after having such a dream. Consequently, it is important to understand that this is a warning.

Let's for now consider the meaning of vomiting in your dream.

Vomiting is connected to how you are feeling inside. It is often connected to a negative dream interpretation. It indicates feeling embarrassment in a situation or the need to change your values and beliefs. It can also signify a difficult situation. Vomiting is also associated with transformation, this is coupled with the interpretation of the snake which also denotes transformation.

Both the symbols within a dream suggests the inability to tolerate the feelings of envy. You may experience feelings that are unbearable for you in the near future. It can also signify mixed feelings towards a family member or friends. If you try to stop yourself from vomiting snakes and the dream then this suggests that you may encounter an embarrassing situation in the future. Perhaps you will not be invited to an event or party will not be included in a work situation. To see others’ vomiting snakes in the dream suggest that that person will experience challenges socially. If you see a child vomiting snakes then this is a reflection of your inner child.

According to a psychologist, E Shones, the child presented in a dream state indicates that you need to take care of yourself. The child vomiting snakes is a suggestion that you will encounter problems with your family in the future. Somebody will feel that they didn’t do anything wrong but they have in real life.

Feelings encountered in a dream of vomiting snakes

Worry. Despair. Terrified. Disgusted at the snakes. Slime. Disturbed by the dream.

By Florance Saul
Jul 3, 2017