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An artist is a name given to a person who produces drawings and paintings as a hobby or profession.

It could also refer to a person who practices any creative arts such as filmmaker, sculptor, poet, singer, or novelist. If you dream that you are an artist, it represents that part of you which is unique, creative and does things differently.

An artist seen in a dream is an indication of adventurous and outrageous events. Before you decide the meaning of your dream, you need to, first of all, try to understand all the details. The outcome of the analysis of the dream depends on how you can describe it precisely.

Dreaming of your favorite artist indicates that, you are going to receive some good news, fun event or surprises. If you shake the hand the hand of your favorite artist in your dream, you are going to receive a present from someone who has the same talent as your favorite artist. A famous artist signing your autograph is a sign that, you are going to win a gift; the prize you get can be useful.

A dream of an artist can also portray the craving for attention and recognition. You may have an idea, achievement or opinion that you want others to know. It can also denote that, there is an unspoken action which you want others to identify you with.

Seeing yourself performing on stage with a famous artist can mean that, there is a new business or undertaking which is in the offing. If you can remember all that happened on stage, you can predict the outcome of the new venture; but in most cases, it will come out fruitful.

Giving out a bouquet of flowers to an artist symbolizes that, your friends or relatives might be in need of your help. Seeing yourself with friends on a red carpet in your dream is a sign of honor and respect amongst people you know.

Negatively, when you dream about an artist, it could denote that, you have exhausted yourself creatively. Or it could indicate that you have an interest in drawing or any other form of art.

If you see yourself singing with a famous artist, it implies that the effort you have put up will soon start bearing fruits. You might be undertaking a venture which seems to be slow in picking up, do not worry, but continue working hard towards success because the hardships are just temporal and very soon you will be able to improve your life and gain the desired outcome.

In this dream

  • You were the artist.
  • You won an art competition.
  • You studied art.
  • You saw graffiti art.
  • The artwork was on the computer - such as website design.
  • Other people were carrying out art.
  • You were the artist whose work was in the gallery.

Detailed dream interpretation

If you dreamed that you were the artist and you enjoyed the way your fans were showering you with praise while you performed on stage, it can denote childbirth. If you are a woman, it could be an upcoming pregnancy, if you are a man, it could mean that you are about to become a father. If you are past the menopause, this dream could mean the birth of nephews, nieces, grandchildren.

If you won an art competition and the auditorium welcomed and applauded you, it means that whatever you are undertaking will be successful. You will be able to achieve maximum success after inputting little regarding investment.

If you dream that you studied art it means that you are concentrating on developing your creative self and shortly you will be rewarded because someone will realize your talent and make it their duty to nurture you. It will be the beginning of you climbing the ladder of success and using your talent.

If you happen to see graffiti art in your dream it can be a symbol of both a negative and positive omen. These dreams are related to self-worth and image. To see an artist in a gallery indicates that life is complex.

Dreaming of graffiti art can indicate feelings of being disrespected or humiliated by someone. It is a warning that you should be wary of situations around you. Try and consider the those around you and don’t allow anyone to put you down. You need to care for other people’s emotions and prevent domineering over others. It could also relate to how you express yourself. ;If you dream of a stranger painting graffiti in your property, it could denote that, you fear something; you have feelings of betrayal, emotionally disturbed and feeling violated.

Seeing art on a computer, such as a website design denotes the way you view the creative side of you. You are determined to make sure that, those around you get to notice what you are doing with yourself to the extent that someone around you is an attention seeker. You may meet someone who does strange things just to attract others attention.

A dream where you see other people conducting art denotes that, you respect other people’s creativity and hold them in high esteem. You should go a step further and make sure that you learn something from them, which will make it possible for your creative side to wake up and start bringing success to you in life.

If in your dream you were an artist whose work was being displayed in a gallery, it denotes that, success is yours! Your hard work is paying off, and people are praising you.

Feelings associated with the dream

Respect. Honor. Hard work. Success. Weak. Great. Dismayed. Happy. Awful. Dull.

By Florance Saul
Jul 2, 2017