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Dreams of thunder-birds hold different interpretations.

A Thunderbird is a mythical creature, and also puppets from the 1960s. Birds are generally the representation of good luck. Birds’ flying out of cage represents the freedom of your life. A puppet, such as the thunder-birds denote that the dreamer is being controlled by others. Based on different circumstances, different interpretation are made, most of which follow optimism.

The questions from this dream are: what is the exact meaning of a thunder bird symbol? Does it really make any difference with your real life? According to the Native Americans’ clan, interpretations about seeing a thunder bird in a dream are justified as a mar of luck rather than loss. Below written are some of the major interpretations that you can see while you are in a dream.

In your dreams you may have seen the thunder bird

  • The thunder bird is featured in your dream. (the mythical creature)
  • Seeing a thunder bird statue in your dream.
  • A thunder bird appeared as a celestial entity in your dream.
  • There are peals of thunder when you see a thunder bird.
  • Thunder birds TV series: the marionette puppetry from the 1960s: Tracy Island.
  • Seen lady Penelope or Parker.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • Thunderbird statue in the far distance.
  • Thunderbird was tall.

Interpretations of seeing a thunder bird in a dream

  • Guidance given by the thunder bird.
  • Good luck in business and one’s personal life.
  • Feelings of power and spiritual strength because of the thunder bird.
  • Bad news of disaster that is coming.
  • Dispatching barriers in the way of your progress.
  • Dissatisfaction and anxiety of mind.
  • Grabbing mental peace and serenity.
  • Defending against calamity.
  • Enlightened future ahead.
  • Consequence of exploring new ways.

Detailed dream interpretation of hearing thunder in a dream

A thunder bird can either be a mystical bird totem or a plastic puppet. Seeing a thunder bird in a dream suggests spiritual stability, power and happiness. It helps to regain the powers that are hidden inside us but we are somewhat unable to figure it out. Seeing a thunder bird in a dream foretells that you will regain powers that, up till now, you were not familiar with and eventually, these feelings will equal happiness in life.

A thunder bird is a positive symbol. In ancient times, Native Americans were the first to see thunder bird’s. After that, it was marked as a celestial entity and was symbolized as a statue. To see the thunder bird (puppet) in a dream foretells positive times and the beginning of success in life. To see a dream where thunder and flashing of light appears, warns of preparation. It means we must prepare ourselves for troubles, before they knock on the door.

Feelings that you could experience during a dreaming about telephone

Happiness, power, spiritual energy, success, elevation, loss, satisfaction, enlightened, serenity and good luck.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013