Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Dreaming is a natural process that every person experiences during their life time.

We do not remember all of our dreams but for those that we do remember have several interpretations. Dreaming a magnifying glass suggests certain moments in life. The glass is a reflection of the future.

Possible dreams involving a magnifying glass are

  • Looking through a magnifying glass.
  • Someone else looking through a magnifying glass.
  • Being stared at through a magnifying glass.
  • Having a strange looking magnifying glass.
  • A broken magnifying glass.

Possible interpretations of these dreams:

To dream of looking through a magnifying glass indicates the need to take order in your life. You are an organized person and you like knowing everything is in its right place. This obsession is also reflected in your desire to have a perfect life. You have a critic eye and you always report yourself to the others. Comparisons are made all the time between you and the ones near you.

If you dream that someone else is looking through a magnifying glass than you must probably think people are too concerned with analyzing every step they take. You are a more impulsive person that does not give attention to all the details when it comes to solve a problem or to make a decision. Some will look at you as to a dim person but you are just living the moment and you do not care that much about the future.

Being stared at through a magnifying glass is definitely not the kind of dream I would like to have. The feeling of being stared at is not pleasant at all; imagine how it is when a magnifying glass is used. This usually is related to the person’s own fears of being judged by the ones near him. It does not necessarily mean that the person dreaming is inferior to the other, it is just that he needs to be more self confident. It might be related to childhood or early life trauma or to other unpleasant experiences, involving competition.

If you dream that you are trying to analyze something with the magnifying glass you bought and that it shows you the thing you are looking at in natural size than is might mean that someone will disappoint you. Or, you might just be afraid of someone letting you down. Either way, dreaming things that do not do what they were supposed to do are indicating lack of trust and disappointment. It might also mean that the one dreaming is about to disappoint someone.

Those that believe in superstitions know that a broken glass can not mean any good for the one that breaks it. Surprisingly enough, when dreaming about a broken magnifying glass it means that you are finally out of the tyranny of the guilt feeling for something wrong that you did in your past. You know that you are not being watched any more and you have now a clean conscience.

Having all kinds of dreams involving magnifying glasses may involve fear, perfectionism; need to change something in order for the others to like you, confidence and release.

By Florance Saul
Jun 5, 2013