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An ambush that is related to war in dreams may indicate an unresolved internal battle, and the need to follow people's advice. Fighting in a dream is a natural resistance against an area of your life that you need to recognize.

To dream that you have been a victim of an ambush denotes you are suffering physical or emotional loss, or perhaps the stage of going through an identity crisis. It may also mean someone else has taken advantage of you in someway.

If you dream of a quick direct force, such as an abduction occurring outside your control, it demonstrates that you are going to experience difficulty situations. To dream that you are abducted or taken by a force against your will or to abduct others means that things are starting to become quite negative in your life, and you must remain positive.

The dictionary meaning related to troops is that an "ambush" suggests the act of waiting in a concealed position in order to launch a surprise attack.

The meaning of dreams about wars and the military usually suggest that you have built up some form of anger and doubt towards others. If things in your life are stale, it may be a clue that a transformation is required, or that you want to change your approach to things, especially work.

In your dream you may have

  • Waited to ambush someone or a building by surprise.
  • Not able to escape a person that has taken you away.
  • Been kidnapped by another.
  • Kidnapped by others.
  • Witnessed abduction in your dream.
  • Controlled another human being.
  • Being ambushed by hooded men, or as part of another crime– in or out of choice.
  • Any type of weapon was used, or the threat of a weapon.
  • That your children or pet has been ambushed by another person.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • The dream resulted in a positive outcome.
  • You were able to escape this situation in your dream.
  • You become the controlling party.
  • The battle was won.
  • Any trouble in your life was overcome.
  • You have understood and gained insight into the situation within your dream.
  • You express emotion within your dream which is positive in nature.
  • You notice in the dream that everybody is peaceful, even though you or someone else is abducted.

Areas of you life the ambush may be associated with

  • You have been in very stressful situations, and this dream indicates that you need to work towards inner peace.
  • The fact that you keep on going forward in a situation where you are obviously exhausted and it is time for you to relax.
  • Your financial situation stays the same, no matter how much money you try to earn through your career or business endeavor.
  • If you dream of an ambush, it shows that situations will take shape and will surprise you in some way.
  • This dream also shows you have some documents that could result in harming yourself or someone else.

New beginnings regarding your life are needed if your dream involved

  • Expressing any negativity.
  • The situation was not making you feel comfortable.
  • You experienced any terror or were frightened.

Detailed dream interpretation

An ambush is normally a military tactic, but it can take many forms. You may have experienced any of the following:

1. Someone is lying and wait to attack others by surprise.

2. A sudden attack carried from a hidden position.

3. Hiding in order to attack another by surprise.

4. A hidden peril or trap.

5. Troops of concealed people or lying in wait for their prey.

Military - a surprise attack from a position.

Military - the concealed position from which an attack is launched.

Military - the person or persons waiting to launch an attack.

If you are ambushed in a war by strangers, it represents an internal struggle. If you have had a fight with familiar people in the waking life, this dream may be an extension of your daily life and a reflection on your relationship with them.

The old meanings of this dream (pre 1900s) may be a reflection of the lack of patience and conflict that you have experienced in daily life. If in your dream there is a need to defend or protect yourself, especially when competing with others, then times need to change.

The feeling of being ambushed may show a strange, quick surprise or unexpected turnaround for the worse in your life. If your dream involved traveling in a mode of transport at the time of the event, such as a car, it may mean that you are blocked from a spiritual perspective. Sudden complications or emotional upheaval may be on the way. Have you been waiting for someone to actually make a mistake? If so, it will happen, and you can move forward with your life.

A surprise ambush in a dream is symbolic for "out of normal" process. This can be literal, in terms of someone will shock you in the waking life, or it can be a lesson to try to work towards a creative idea or a creative venture that you have been putting off.

An example would be a new business idea that you might have thought about, but been worried about the upheaval this may cause. This dream can forecast future ideas that may come in your life - positively and negatively.

Are you actually worried about something in waking life? Please do not take alarm from this meaning; it could be very limited, so just make sure that you can find ways to overcome the problems you are facing. Also note that if you have watched a movie or TV on this subject, then this dream will not mean any of the above, as it is just an external influence dream that has no meaning.

To make you feel better, research has shown that most dreams are not positive. If you have had a violent dream, then this is common.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of ambush

Scared. Terrified. Worried. Concerned. Anxious. Crying. Upset. Afraid.

By Florance Saul
Oct 3, 2012