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Packing .

Seeing yourself packing in a dream is the omen of big changes ahead.

It can also refer to the fact that you decided to leave the past in the past, and focus more on your present. Packing and unpacking in a dream suggests that you need to deal with the chaos in your life. Something definitely overwhelms you at the moment, mainly because you are juggling too many things and situations, and you are carrying too many burdens. The dream about packing is a warning to relax and let go.

In your dream you may have…

  • You are packing.
  • A package.
  • Packing materials.
  • You pack in a hurry.
  • Packing clothes.
  • You pack for a trip.
  • Packing a fragile object.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • Relax a bit.
  • Let go of some of your burdens.
  • Make order in your chaotic life.
  • Spend more time on relaxing activities.
  • Become more organized.

Detailed dream interpretation...

Generally all packing dreams show that it is time to revaluate your life. How you actually pack the items in your dream is important. If you packed things in hurry, and too quickly, then you have too much happening in your life at the moment, and you are not spending enough time on relaxing activities. Therefore, you are starting to feel that you are taking on too much, which indicates it is time for rest. If you are packing clothes, then it demonstrates a need to become more organized.

If the packing is specifically focused on traveling, then a situation in your life has become stale, and the next stage should be personal growth. This is only likely to become frustration if you accept and move on in your life. Packing in your dream also signifies a feeling of interference from a family member. You may experience year a family rift over the next, or something similar. Personal growth will only come about if you are willing to change, and this dream clearly signifies that need in some form.

Dreaming about packing old stuff, such as clothes or books, it means that you probably need to prepare the next stage of your life very carefully, in order to succeed. The old stuff can also refer to your hidden wish to go away for some time, and to travel places. Packing a fragile object very carefully indicates that someone might become very dear to you. Packing your suitcase in a dream most of the time portends a new stage in life, a big change, which could be a separation, a new job, or a trip abroad.

If you dream about packing, this means you should probably make some order in your life. The dream refers to the process you must go through to overcome a big change, while you decide what is important to you. You can discover if the change will be good or bad from the objects you were packing in the dream. On a spiritual level, the packing dream indicates that you should make a selection in order to emphasize the information that matters, and which one you want to keep for yourself.

Packing something in a dream can suggest a new trend of affairs in your love life. If you are packing clothes, you might display a closed mind in front of your friends, but this dream can also mean that you are planning an urgent trip. If you pack your own things, you probably have many worries and inner struggles at the moment, but you are going to overcome them, and find a good solution to your issues.

To dream that you wrap packages indicates that you will be successful at work. Carrying a packet is a sign that you have to take care of some family responsibilities. To dream of any package or packing is a sign that you can get out of a series of difficult situations.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of packing...

Busy. Concerned. Surprised. Discontent. Content. Upset. Amazed. Stressed. Curious. Enjoying. Having fun.

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