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Packing and Moving In Dreams

Seeing yourself packing in a dream is the omen of big changes ahead.

I have had this dream many times. I always seem to be packing my bags but I am not sure where I am going. Here I am going to answer all the possible dreams of packing and what they mean. Dreams about packing are common, especially if you are one person who likes cleaning or sorting things in life. I must say, I am not one of those people! There is a relationship between cleaning and tidying up which has a direct association with this dream. Remember dreams tell us a lot about our day to day lives. In my view, dreams is a way for our angels talk to us and pass on “hidden” messages which could help us to manage our lives better and avoid problems. We learn a lot of lessons about dreams and thus, a dream about packing should not be ignored, but instead, you should embrace it. It means your packing something for the future. It can also refer to the fact that you decided to leave the past in the past, and focus more on your present. Packing and unpacking in a dream suggest that you need to deal with the chaos in your life. Something definitely overwhelms you at the moment, mainly because you are juggling too many things and situations, and you are carrying too many burdens. The dream about packing is a warning to relax and let go.

What is the detailed dream interpretation of packing?

Generally, all packing dreams show that it is time to reevaluate your life. How you actually pack the items in your dream is important. If you packed things in a hurry, and too quickly, then you have too much happened in your life at the moment, and you are not spending enough time on relaxing activities. Therefore, you are starting to feel that you are taking on too much, which indicates it is time for rest. If you are packing clothes, then it demonstrates a need to become more organized.

If the packing is specifically focused on traveling, then a situation in your life has become stale, and the next stage should be personal growth. This is only likely to become frustrated if you accept and move on in your life. Packing in your dream also signifies a feeling of interference from a family member. You may experience year a family rift over the next, or something similar. Personal growth will only come about if you are willing to change, and this dream clearly signifies that need in some form.

Dreaming about packing old stuff, such as clothes or books, it means that you probably need to prepare the next stage of your life very carefully, in order to succeed. The old stuff can also refer to your hidden wish to go away for some time and to travel places. Packing a fragile object very carefully indicates that someone might become very dear to you. Packing your suitcase in a dream most of the time portends a new stage in life, a big change, which could be a separation, a new job, or a trip abroad.

If you dream about packing, this means you should probably make some order in your life. The dream refers to the process you must go through to overcome a big change, while you decide what is important to you. You can discover if the change will be good or bad for the objects you were packing in the dream. On a spiritual level, the packing dream indicates that you should make a selection in order to emphasize the information that matters, and which one you want to keep for yourself.

Packing something in a dream can suggest a new trend of affairs in your love life. If you are packing clothes, you might display a closed mind in front of your friends, but this dream can also mean that you are planning an urgent trip. If you pack your own things, you probably have many worries and inner struggles at the moment, but you are going to overcome them and find a good solution to your issues. To dream that you wrap packages indicates that you will be successful at work. Carrying a packet is a sign that you have to take care of some family responsibilities. To dream of any package or packing is a sign that you can get out of a series of difficult situations.

What does it mean to dream about forgetting to pack?

I know myself it is easy to always forget something when we pack to go away. This could be your passport through to items of clothes. Forgetting to pack indicates anxiety, especially if you forget to pack your whole suitcase. This dream means that you need to focus on your life moving forward. What are you forgetting? Even though packing dreams often involve many items the focus on this dream is remembering what you need, at times it’s hard for us to think when we are stressed. Some people enjoy packing weeks before they go on holiday as a people, some people like me usually pack the night before. Forgetting to pack in a dream is quite popular this in dream lore indicates that you are forgetting something in life.

What does it mean to dream of packing personal things?

This is a great dream! Packing your personal belonging can indicate that changes are going to happen in your life. If you have a dream where you see yourself packing personal things such as lipstick, toiletries or clothes indicates moving forward. This dream can imply that you have decided to move forward and that you will leave your past behind you. You will need to make some important decisions at this time plus it is a sign that you are going to carry out something important that will shape your future. Alternatively, to dream of filling suitcases could denote that you need to move on from all the negative problems which have happened in your life.

What does it mean to dream of endless packing?

Endlessly packing in your dream implies that you are taking on responsibilities in real life. You feel pressurized because a lot of people expect so much from you. To keep packing things over and over can indicate a new start.

What does dreaming of packing for a holiday or vacation mean?

A dream where you are packing for a holiday or vacation means that you might be overwhelmed with many things in your life. If your feeling pressure due to the many responsibilities in your life this is a common dream. After such a dream, you will need to focus on things which add value to your life and will make a difference to your future goals.

What does it mean to dream about not having time to pack?

This is an anxiety dream. Often follows dreams of trying to get somewhere, such as catching a train, plane or that you are soon to go on a journey. Dreams of not having enough time to pack can illustrate the stress you feel. Often these types of dreams occur we simply do not have time and we have so much to do. It can mean feeling stressed in life.

What does it mean to dream of packing and moving?

Moving home in a dream and packing up your belongings can often indicate changes that are about to happen. It could be a change of residence or alternatively that others will work with you on a new goal.

What does it mean to dream of packing a suitcase?

If you see yourself packing luggage, it can be connected to a situation - and you want to escape. This dream can imply that you will escape problems. you will start dreaming of packing a suitcase. It is a sign that things will be great going forward.

What does it mean to dream of packing boxes?

Dreaming of packing boxes is symbolic of the changes that are going to happen in your life. You are ready to let all your problems disappear, let you memories to go away and forget the past, and seeing brown cardboard boxes indicate finally moving forward.

What does it mean to dream of a packing job?

Seeing yourself packing items in your dream, can imply changes happening in your life. Alternatively, the dream could denote that, people around you find it hard to understand you and this has made you hide your emotions from them.

What does it mean to dream about packing a bag?

When you have a dream where you are packing a bag for a vacation or business trip, it could be indicative of big changes coming into your life very soon. You will take time to get used to them but with time, you are going to discover its usefulness because they will impact positively when it comes to your future success. Packing a handbag can mean that you want to move all your personal items in one place, this could simply be the fact that you need to de-clutter your house and focus on yourself going forward.

What does it mean to dream about packing old things?

A dream of packing old things is a sign that, you have a desire to travel to somewhere and get away from it all! This dream signifies there is something in the past you must review if you see yourself backing antiques or old items. If you are packing up a house that you do not know - in order to move then this simply means a desire to feel comfortable.

What does it mean to dream about giving someone a package?

If you see yourself giving someone a package in your dream, it could be indicative of a secret. To see a drug package in a dream implies that you might be caught out in the future. If you are wrapping package in order to post an “item” it can indicate that messages and communications will rapidly be received. Take note of the item in your dream.

What does it mean to dream about wrapping up your package?

Success at work will be depicted in your dream if you see yourself wrapping a package. Using brown paper to wrap the package indicates a new start in older dream lore.

What does it mean to dream of repeatedly packing or unpacking?

This is a weird dream. Repeatedly packing and unpacking in your dream is a sign that, great changes are happening in your life at the moment. Some people say that by packing confusion and chaos in your life at the moment. You have a desire to sort out all the difficulties in your life but you don’t know how to go about it.

What does it mean to dream of packing for a road trip?

Packing for a trip in your dream is a sign of chaos in your real life, sorry it's not more positive. These dreams occur when we encounter many problems and difficulties. This dream can imply that you are feeling anxious and nervous and the dream is just a warning that you need to be optimistic and relax from all the worries. Every problem has a solution and thus, you need to embrace a positive attitude towards life.

What does it mean to dream of packing a luggage?

When you have a dream where you see yourself packing luggage, it is a sign that you have a desire to change something in your life. You want to make a change, but you are afraid of what will happen after you make the decision. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you are having a reflection of your anxiety that is, in case you are about to travel in the coming days.;

What does it mean to dream of packing clothes/shoes?

This is a positive dream meaning that you are ready to face the future, leaving the past behind you, if you see yourself packing shoes and clothes in boxes this can indicate a change. It is time to start a new phase in your life if you have such a dream and all you need is to get over your past and focus in the future.

What does it mean to dream of packing your house?

It is a good sign to dream that you are packing your house. You are likely to move in the right direction and thus, you have no need to worry about the future. This dream implies that your worries and problems are behind you and thus, it is time to relax and enjoy all the good things that you are going to experience in the future. The future is full of great things. Seeing a removal van in a house move can suggest that you're moving onto a new adventure or better times.

What does it mean to dream about unpacking boxes?

Large boxes are a positive omen according to older dream lore. This dream can imply that you are ready to deal with denied or repressed issues. Moving boxes in dream symbolism can show themselves as unpacking boxes. Seeing bubble wrap and other “packing” essentials indicate a time to pack up your feelings and be honest with yourself.

What does it mean to dream about receiving a package?

Receiving a package from someone in your dream means that you are acquiring new resources in your life. Alternatively, it implies that you are going to express your feelings towards someone or something shortly.

What does it mean to dream about packing a very fragile object?

Packing a very fragile object (a vase, glass or crystal) in your dream could mean that, it is a representation of a person for whom you have great feelings about. It can signify a “fragile” relationship.

What does it mean to dream about carrying a packet?

A dream where you see yourself carrying a packet is an indicator that, you are having some family issues which you need to take care of before they escalate into something serious.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of packing:

Busy. Concerned. Surprised. Discontent. Content. Upset. Amazed. Stressed. Curious. Enjoying. Having fun.

In your dream you may have:

You are packing. A package. Packing materials. You pack in a hurry. Packing clothes. You pack for a trip. Packing a fragile object.

Positive changes are afoot if:

Relax a bit. Let go of some of your burdens. Make order in your chaotic life. Spend more time on relaxing activities. Become more organized.

By Florance Saul
Jun 14, 2012