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Dreaming of your skull is a sign of repentance, in old dusty dream dictionaries.

The skull seen in dreams represents life and death. The skull can indicate that one needs to build areas of life and grow. If your dream you spoke to a skull, you may have to get in touch with family members that you have not met up with for a while. If a skull talks to you in the dream this can symbolize that a part of yourself that you have “killed off” or overlooked is now returning. This could be a new profession followed after a long period of study. Dreaming of a pirate skull is the sign of danger. Since the skull stands for a head, it also represents intellectual abilities. Dreaming of seeing your own skull indicates that you are quite aware of the way your life is organized and whatever is going on for you at the moment.

In your dream

  • You see a skull.
  • Lots of skulls.
  • You own skull.
  • Someone’s skull.
  • A skull scares you.
  • A pirate skull.

Advice from your dream

  • You were not scared of the skull.
  • Nobody died in your dream.
  • The dream had a happy ending.
  • You had a good spiritual experience.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of a pirate skull is the sign of danger. Since the skull stands for our hidden intelligence as it is a head. To see a human skull represents intellectual abilities and the option to study and progress in life. Dreaming of your own skull indicates great organization skills - and whatever is going on for you at the moment is positive.

If you see a skull being carried by a person in the dream, this means that an aspect of yourself has died. To see a crystal skull in your dream suggests that you experience the need of talking to people, even if they are far away - in terms of a geographical distance. If a skull talks to you, this implies you have rejected an aspect of your character that you did not like, but your personality will eventually be who you really are. Why change?

A skull in a dream is of course the embodiment of death, but despite this omen, a skull dream portends a happy event or endeavor. If you see a skull eating something in a dream, this portends joy and pleasure. A human skull is the sign of luck and good profit, but it can also refer to the fact that an enemy of yours will hurt you.

If you find a skull on the street, this foretells happiness and accomplishments. Seeing the skull of a friend could imply that a friend in your waking life will get upset. Seeing your own skull indicates that you may be overwhelmed by feelings of guilt.

A skull is often associated with spiritual development and can demonstrate that you have excessive energy in your life. Skulls are connected to the need of becoming aware of basic material. This dream denotes that you need to think about what you have and what you want, and then focus on stripping back to basics and celebrate living life. Don't worry about the material side of life. If you see a skull in a dream, this shows a deep understanding of the future. If the skull is broken or incomplete in a dream, this indicates that you need to consider other people’s feelings. If you dream of a skull, it implies your life needs to become structured better than it has been until now. Dreaming of random skulls signifies that the opinions of others are important. Think about what others say!

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of skull

Scared. Upset. Afraid. Worried. Anxious. Surprised. Confused. Having fun. Curious.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012