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A duffel bag

A duffel bag.

A duffel bag indicates that you have a strong desire to be the best at what you can in life.


The duffel bag represents a hidden emotion. Perhaps you’ve been critical of others and this is why the duffel bag has presented itself in the dream? If the duffel bag is open then try not to set such high standards. Even though you’re trying to bring out the best in people - others will struggle with meeting your high standards.



To pack a duffel bag indicates that you need to release your stress. It can also signify a possible journey or travel. To see a black duffel bag suggests a new start. Do you often think with your heart rather than your head?


In your dream you may have…


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  • Seen a duffel bag.
  • Open to different bag.
  • Duffel bag contained a bomb.
  • Packed a duffel bag.
  • Carried a duffel bag.
  • Seen others carrying a duffel bag.


Detailed meaning of a duffel bag…


As we’ve already concluded above the duffel bag represents our emotions. When you see a duffel bag in a dream it can be associated with the need for logical action. It is important you seek knowledge and always learn what is important in life. Sometimes our emotions can hold us back in life. The duffel bag dream indicates that you shouldn’t overthink things in life.



To open a duffel bag indicates that emotions are gonna running high. We all have very competitive traits and ambition and drive.  The open different bags indicates that you are feeling valuable but also challenging life.


If the duffel bag contained a bomb this indicates that people can be abrasive. So if you have a friend disclosed to you comments that seem harsh and critical the duffel bag dream is normally apparent.  


If you packed the duffel bag in the dream it indicates that you can often overthink things.  As we have already concluded the duffel bag represents our emotions so packing these away inside the bag indicates that you could be overthinking situations.  The fast thinkers are normally loaded with different  thoughts.  If you understand other people’s needs in life and the duffel bag dream is a positive omen.


If you carried the duffel bag in your dream this could indicate that you are living on the positive side of life. To see others carrying a duffel bag suggests big holidays but these will be unexpected. To see somebody carrying a duffel bag in an airport indicates that travel and possible new residence in the future.


Feelings that may come about when dreaming about a duffel bag...


A satisfying relationship, a new start, nurturing, controlling your temper, mediation, and new possibilities.

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