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The basic interpretation of being bitten is associated with violence. This dream implies that it is important to put any negative feeling in the past.

The key message of this dream is that sometimes you are unable to and accept other people actions in regard to work situations - the message is that you need to relax more. If you are bitten in your dream by another human, although violent, denotes a positive or good friendship around you. To suffer a bite is also positive omen. However, be cautious if you are bitten by a snake or a bat. To be bitten by a snake means someone is going to ask for your assistance, it may be wise to be a good Samaritan. A bat indicates times are going to be worrying.

In your dream you may have

  • Suffered a bite.
  • Been bitten by a bat, snake, cat, dog or monster.
  • Suffered with bite marks.
  • Bitten by mosquitoes.
  • Bitten by another human.
  • Bitten someone else.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • In your dream you were happy and content.
  • You were biting others.

Detailed dream interpretation

To have a dream of biting is usually not a positive dream. This dream can normally be divided into two forms. If you are biting someone else or you are being bitten yourself. This dream is associated with addiction or trying to express yourself to others. This dream can also mean that you have a fear or aggression inside that is waiting to arise.

To bite something in your dream such as an apple indicates anger and the inability to try to come to a compromise with other people. This dream also indicates the lack of an ability to express yourself with others. In dreams where you are being bitten by mosquitoes or you see these biting children indicates an expression of aggression towards others. This dream is also connected to power and your power to go through difficult situations in daily life.

If your dream involves being bitten by an animal then this is associated with protection, someone needs to protect you now. Animal bites occur when a creature feels endangered and attacks out of fear for its life. Thus, biting in a dream may be a symbol of scared feelings. To be bitten by an alligator or a large reptilian species, such as a large frog means that someone cold blooded is going to ask for your advice in life.

Defence or territoriality is something else that is articulated when biting another. Do you feel any attack from others in your life? Does someone in your waking life need protection?

Think about what you actually bitten in your dream. Was it food? Is it a boyfriend / girlfriend or partner? A family member? A co-worker? To understand who you have bitten is the first step in trying to solve this dream.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of bagpipes

Hurt, worry, pain, bitten by others, trying to escape the bite.

By Flo Saul
Jun 14, 2012