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The army seen in dreams is associated with either inner or outer conflict.

It can also suggest that you cannot find a solution to a problem that things in life just seemed to be spiraling out of control. The dream, however, is positive if you actually enlist yourself in the army. It can indicate that you will feel not only disciplined but able to achieve your goals. It can also suggest that in a work context you will be the best at your job. If you sign up to the army in your dream then this can also suggest a new job.

The army is associated with not only war and aggression but also the need for courage and understanding of others. To see an army in a dream can be connected to life and the way that we handle our troubles and people and to some degree the traumas that we face. Sometimes one has a dream of the army when there is an issue in waking life of feeling left out. It could be that you feel ostracized by friends or family or simply loneliness.

The army in a dream is associated with your inner conflicts. To serve in an army is a suggestion that he may have difficulties in a close relationship. To see other people serving in the army is a suggestion that you may have an argument with somebody close to you. In ancient dream dictionaries, the army symbolizes gaining a letter which will bring good news. The actual details of the dream are equally important. If you dream of being led by another in the army indicates moving away in life. Are you thinking of moving away?

Detailed Army dream meaning:

To see the army in a world war is a suggestion that you go to face conflict with another person in the future. To see early wars or wars that are ancient in a dream such as the Second World War is a suggestion that you need to be more organized in life. The fact that you have looked back at a war in the dream state indicates that everything in your life in the past seems disorganized. It is your subconscious mind not able to understand what you need to do next. To be bullied by someone in the army in the dream state can indicate that you need to stand up to someone in waking life.

To be punished in the army, for example, cleaning the floor with a toothbrush, or to see any type of army drill in the dream suggests that you need more control over your life. To see an army officer in your dream means that good family relationships are predicted. To notice combat or fighting in the dream is a suggestion that you’re going to be fighting your emotions in the future. To see a lieutenant of the captain in your dream can indicate that you need direction from another. To see military vehicles and the army in the dream can predict that you need to be overprotective as another.

To see an army fighting in a dream is a suggestion that conflict may soon be yours. If you lose a battle in your dream then this can suggest that you may have difficulties at work, especially with a specific project or task. An army shooting range in a dream is a suggestion that you’re going to seek outside help. If you see the army with guns or holding weapons then this dream indicates that other people are going to hurt you in the future. There is a focus on worry and trauma if you see the army approaching you in order to fight. The advice here is that you must think about all the actions you take over the next couple of months. Try not to make any major decisions if you can help it - this is a key message from ancient dream dictionaries.

To see a dead person and army troops suggests your rigid attitude of strong belief system. It could also mean that you are good at handling problems and enduring hard times. The army and dead bodies in a dream mean that you need to take a break and relax for a minute. It is fine to break the rules sometimes.

A dream that includes a foreign army has negative significance. For example, the person who dreams of an army can have a stubborn stance and should practice compassion. If a girl dreams of an army that comes towards her suggests conflicts with friends because of a stubborn attitude. Sometimes, dreaming of an army can also indicate a future conflict with other people or an inner conflict in the mind of the person who’s having the dream. It could also indicate future aggression, anger, anxiety or even trauma. A person who dreams that they are part of an army suggests that they yearn for a more organized life, however, changing lifestyle seems like a massive scary step to make.

You shot someone when in the army:

You are ready to take the control over your life. Although you love your life, your dream is trying to tell you that it’s okay to love yourself.

You saw troops:

Although you know that you may face social rejection for doing something you wanted to do for a long time, you are ready to face everyone and everything in order to be happy and live your life the way you want it. Your dream is telling you to go for it.

You wanted to leave the army:

If you dream of leaving an army, it could mean that you are about to quit the job you hate or put someone you’ve been tolerating for a long time where he belongs – in your past. Your dream is encouraging you to do it.

Feelings that occurred during a dream of Army:

Fear. Scared. Power. Excited. Submissive. Frustrated. Ready.

By Florance Saul
Aug 12, 2017