Broken Down Car

broken down car dream dictionary meaning

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A car in a dream symbolizes dignity, advancement, honor, and attainments that one may have in his life for a given period of time. So when it is broken down it suggests that work is required.

For those who have had this dream, the implication is the fact that some a part of your existence feels unfulfilling, and you'll possess a sense that something precious is lost or misplaced.

The broken down car is much like possible anticipation meaning and satisfaction which is inexplicably missing from your life at this time

When a sense of confusion arises in the dream, demonstrates how important and valuable missing elements actually are.

In your dream you may have seen

A car racing at a high speed before it breaks down suggests that one will be traveling in life but will have a lack of a plan or purpose. It can also mean financial gain. If one meets a hitchhiker and the vehicle then breaks down, it indicates that someone requires guidance.

A car which is carrying goods that has broken down in one’s dream suggests prosperity. To dream of carrying products or items in a vehicle, and it breaks down indicates a sudden change due to misfortunes in life. It can also indicate that you will have many relationships, but each one must be appreciated. To see cars breaking down in succession suggests a prosperous life.

A car carrying people that breaks down, suggests that someone will need to be the breadwinner in life. To break down on a highway, or at a crossroads means that you may encounter calamities that will hinder life. It is important to try to achieve goals. Certain people may hinder you or stop you from taking responsibilities and from helping those who depended on your support.

A car broken down badly that is in pieces that cannot be repaired may be a rather concerning dream. It means that one will end up in a position where it is difficult to coordinate activities or to achieve goals. You may not be able to work towards your goals as you used to do. You may also be rather disoriented in waking life.

People looking at the broken down car can mean a lack of disorganization. It also means that one must achieve goals to work well. Some may come to offer their help to others, while others may just come to witness your downfall.

Detailed dream interpretation

When one dreams of a broken down car, it also means that the help that he or she has been offering to others needs to cease. The dreamer needs to focus on themselves more. If the car belongs to the dreamer it means this person needs to think more positively. The driver in the dream has been providing useful help to others in waking life.

A car in a dream also means the method of accomplishing ones goals and objectives. It means the strategies and plans that one uses to achieve his goals and dreams in life. When the car is broken down, it means that the person’s actions, plans and strategies have failed and they therefore the dreamer will have to choose a new method or new ‘vehicle.’ To see a mechanic in the dream fixing the car indicates that one needs to get away. Perhaps to fix their emotions.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of broken down car

Fear of loss and hardships, unhappiness, anxiety, stress and worry about the car.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013