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In the horoscope, scales represent the sign of Libra, which indicates the need for stability.

With respect to the dream, scales can easily signify who is really a Liberian or how the dreamer must obtain more self-control or come to a decision. Scales also represent justice or fairness regarding transactions. You might be considering the benefits and drawbacks during planning to make a fair or balanced decision.

In your dream you may have

  • Seen unbalanced scales.
  • Used scales.
  • Your on scales.
  • Seen broken scales.
  • Been weighing something on scales.
  • Seen a scales pan.
  • Used a well-balanced scale.

Advice from your dream

  • You are more tolerant.
  • You learn to weigh all possibilities in life.
  • You are more organized and balanced.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreaming of a set of scales represents not only your need to remain balanced and self-controlled, but also the need for rules and order. One tends to dream of scales in a situation in which they feel someone is weighing their qualities. Dreaming of unbalancing scales indicates your need to find the cause of the lack of balance somewhere in waking life. Scales can also represent rules and laws taken too far; therefore, this dream suggests that you should probably going to be more tolerant.

Dreaming of scales means that you should weigh all aspects of a given situation in your life before making an important decision. Scales symbolize harmony, justice, and good judgment. Seeing yourself step on a pair of scales means you should reconsider and re-analyze your entire life. If you are being measured by a doctor, this warns you about a possible health problems.

If you dream of scales, this indicates that you will soon have to take a decision based on weighing some opportunities and unveiling their advantages and disadvantages. Weighing something on scales suggests that you should really check whatever you feel you have doubts. This dream tells you that soon you will reach a relaxing balance and equanimity in your life, and you will be done with justice against others.

Seeing a scales pan bending foretells that you will gain some significant insights and knowledge, which will allow you to take the best decisions in an important matter, decisions that will forever change your life. If you see yourself standing on scales and being weighed, this means you have recently made a mistake. The scales are a simple reminder to feature equanimity to everyone.

A well-balanced scale portends a time of balance and calamity in your life, a period that will make you content. Placing something on scales indicates that your prosperity and abundance will grow. Weighing something carefully on scales means one has made a good decision that you will soon take. If the scales cannot be balanced or the weight displayed is wrong, this means your choice or decision will be the wrong one.

If you are weighing a young woman, maybe even your lover on scales this foretells mutual loyalty in your romantic relationship. This dream portends happiness ahead, good life, and relationships. To dream that you weigh yourself on scales means that you will have a number of minor concerns ahead. To dream that you put food on scales means that you will be prosperous. To see scales also portend's good luck in trade. If you are into a trade in your waking life and you dream of scales, this is a sign that your business will go well, and those who do business with you will be successful.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of scales

Surprised. Happy. Content. In love. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Insecure. Busy. Worried. Dirty. Anxious. Too distracted. Having fun. Exhausted. Strong. Discontent. Joyful. Cheerful.

By Flo Saul
Nov 18, 2012