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Childhood Home Dream

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Dreams about a house that you grew up in can indicate CHANGE, it can mean that you want to revisit a period of your life where things were not so complex. The dreams also occur when we are embarking a turning point in life. This could be a house move, a new relationship alternatively a new job position. What you see in the dream and the room you are in the house will also have a significance which I will move onto shortly.

In my general dream interpretation of a “house,” my definition of a childhood home indicates that you are embarking on a new horizon. That you are connecting your feelings rather like a bridge. This is a sign that things can be fulfilled in life. This dream can indicate that you are thinking about your own actions in life.

I've been researching dreams for almost 30 years, in that time, my own childhood home appeared countless times. What does it mean?

What does the childhood front door or hallway in a dream mean?

Living in the white cottage for me in the 1970s was amazing, the front door was caterpillar green. The garden gate and the flagstone path that led off the street forever in my memory. Indeed, I often dream about my childhood cottage. Furthermore, the front door with the autumnal sun leaning over the front door was a proud focal point of my happy childhood. But what does it mean when you dream about this?

The entrance of a “childhood house” in dreams can indicate a real sense of arrival. That something is going to happen and that you are engaging in “coming home” that a goal will be achieved. I do feel dreaming of your old childhood front door is about the birth of a new phase in life. The hallway, borderline public, and private space, is an important sign that you are stepping further into privacy. The “home” indicates that there will be separate links of communication if you dream of “coming home.”

Why did you have this dream?

Like you, last night had another dream of my childhood home, white cottage, which has led me into writing about what this means, but this dream often crops up in my sleep twice a year. But why? Visiting your old childhood home can often occur when you experience “ triggers” in your current life. This may invoke the dream of a childhood home. Events such as a reunion, social gathering also unexpectedly bumping into somebody from your childhood can often trigger these types of dreams. For me, I did not have these triggers so I was quite puzzled as to what my childhood home represented.

The dream means you need fun! In our childhood, we always pursue things that give this to delight. Sometimes when we get older we often forget the things that make us laugh. The dream itself could be an indication that you are displaying childlike qualities or need to. Perhaps it is time in life to have a bit of fun? Maybe you're embarking on some childhood activities and you feel you can overcome any of your obstacles. It could be that this dream symbolizes that you need to try to get back some of the fun and passion in life.

Dream psychological interpretation

The dream from a psychological point of view could also symbolize the relationship with your own children if you have them. It could be a symbol of being “undecided” about something important in your life. Perhaps you are feeling withdrawn all you are questioning the commitment of somebody? Maybe you want a new partner or that you need a fresh start. As I said before, it could mean that you just need to have some fun in life. Try to do things that make you happy!

Is this dream good or bad?

Many people wake up from these types of dreams with vivid visions. If you had a happy childhood then the dream is normally very positive, if the dream turned out a nightmare then it can simply mean that you need to focus on yourself. In dream lore, the house represents “you” as a person. I like to think that the house is a metaphor for what is going on in your life right now. Try to think about how many times throughout the day you use metaphors naturally. When looking at what this dream means try to begin thinking about the picture in the dream, in order to get your point across. I was working with a woman earlier today and she dreamt about her childhood house but this had many additional rooms, apparently the additional rooms were opportunities that she had at work.

Specific room dream interpretations: To dream of a childhood attic indicates your own higher self. The attic is connected to your own spiritual well-being. In many dream books, it denotes that an “attic” gives a clue to your state of mind. It means you are thinking about expanding your horizons.

If you dream of a childhood bathroom then this can suggest that cleansing is required. It can also suggest that you may need to move on with things in life. If you are taking a bath or shower that can represent that you need to purify your own mind.

To dream of a childhood kitchen can indicate our own nutrition. To some degree it can also represent the need for a balanced meal and that you should be seeking nourishment for not only your body but also your soul. If the dining room was featured in your childhood dream and this represents social gatherings and physical nourishment. It could possibly mean that you are looking to gather the family together in order to tell them important news.

To see a childhood living room symbolizes your interactions with the people in your life. It can suggest that you are going to have vast amounts of communication with people close to you. If you were watching television in the living room as a child, it represents your need to feel more entertained in life.

To dream of being upstairs in your childhood house symbolizes your own higher self spiritual awareness. To see the actual stairs in your dream indicates that positive times ahead. The stairs are representative of your own spiritual fulfillment. To see the downstairs of your childhood home indicates your own shadows and hidden desires. It can mean that you are feeling emotions towards somebody in that connection is so strong. The basement, if scary can also signify negative elements in your life.

Going back to childhood house in a dream

Revisiting your old childhood home, I believe, is connected to emotions and also reunions. If you see the front door of your childhood property this can mean that you are going to explore different options. The doors represent opportunities in life. To dream of a large hallway indicates that your journey will be taken. The porch in a childhood home symbolizes that you are sometimes feeling withdrawn about somebody else's commitment.

What do dreams of a childhood bedroom mean?

Many people have contacted me about dreaming of their childhood bedroom. Seeing your own bedroom indicates that it is time to retreat and rest from a difficult period in life. To some degree, the dream can also mean that you are feeling repressed in a relationship that is close to you. If the dream was “positive” in nature it can indicate that a “new relationship” is on the horizon. Additionally, it represents your own sexuality.

Dreaming of your own childhood bedroom is quite common to dream – especially as you are asleep! This dream generally takes YOU back to a period of time when we felt safe (this is of course if your childhood was a positive one.) Being back in your old bed can represent your own progress in life, and it is time to retreat. To hideaway. Learn about what you really want in life.

Dream about a childhood home that is better than real life? If you dream that your childhood home was magnificent and more superior than it was in reality then this could suggest that you are reflecting on your own childhood and how people are communicating with you. It could mean that we need to think about how you are feeling about the social relationships of those in your family. I often feel that if one dreams of a bigger house it can indicate that you wanted more from childhood.

What do dreams of a childhood garden mean?

Being in a garden or yard of a childhood home indicates that someone you know is feeling left out! Maybe you have stopped someone from achieving something or that someone “feels” something about you and is too worried to tell you. It can mean that you are “friends” with someone who wants more.

In my general dream interpretation of a “house,” my definition of a childhood home indicates that you are embarking on a new horizon. That you are connecting your feelings like a bridge. There can be fulfillment in life. This dream can indicate that you are thinking about your own actions in life.

By Flo Saul
Apr 30, 2019