Delay dream meanings

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Dreams about delay and dreams about waiting are closely related and can be interpreted similarly. A delay generally means that there is a particular path to follow which in reality is not the right path for you.

This dream can also indicate that there is a lack of organization in your life and you have been feeling frustrated about this. Delay in a dream generally means that there will be some suspense or mystery in the future.

In your dream you may have

  • Been delayed.
  • Received a postponing.
  • Delayed an important event.
  • Delayed a payment or had one delayed.
  • Been to a delayed meeting.
  • Encountered a delayed train or other vehicle.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You were delayed in doing something harmful.
  • You had an important event delayed and then returned.
  • You were able to look past a delay and find something fun to do while you waited.

What does it mean to dream of being delayed?

To dream that you are being delayed or postponed suggests that you will get over some difficulties that have been worrying you. This is usually good news if you understand what the dream refers to. If in your dream you are relieved to be delayed, you will be able to deal with the direct cause of your worry, and you will manage the situation with talent and mastery.

If you dream that you delay an important event, you will soon go on a business trip that will have positive outcomes. Delay usually signifies worry, and in this context it probably means that you should not worry about business at the moment. If you delay a payment in your dream, this is a sign of hidden displeasure's and worries without good reason. Dreaming of delaying a meeting means that you have great initiatives and you could be a good entrepreneur. A delayed train refers to your worries about the health of a relative.

Delay in general is a reference to the lack of order in your thinking, but also obstacles and a period of mishaps. In a dream, the feeling of being delayed is quite frequent and has strict references to similar situations in the waking life. It underlines the lack of trust in your own capabilities, a fear of heights, and the worry of not being successful and appreciated by people in your group of friends. What is actually delayed in your waking life could be your own personal progress.

When you miss a train, bus or any vehicle in a dream because you were being delayed, this refers to missing an opportunity. If you already missed the opportunity, this dream can be a good reminder to examine your faults. If you are not aware of missing any opportunity in the recent past, pay closer attention to whatever comes your way in the next few days. The dream can be a warning system and paying attention to this is important.

To be delayed in a dream could be a warning sign about the conspiracy of some people in your life to prevent your progress in your career, but also in your family life. If you know what these conspiracies are about and have a clue how to stay away from them, the dream is just a delicate reminder to not postpone in your waking life whatever you noticed to be delayed in your dream. The dream of delay can also refer to some suspenseful situations coming your way.

Delay can also be a symbol of some mess in your life, such as lack of organization. If this is what the dream is about, it means your disorganization worries you and you would like to change some things as soon as possible. This is a sign that you need to start action if you want to get results.

Many of the frustrating dreams has to be about trying to get something done and getting delayed but it is not clear why. It is usually in an important meeting or interview that he must attend. Maybe you are slowed down by small, trivial problems. Your car won't start. You discover that your pyjamas are still on. You discover that your primary feelings are irritation and lustration. You conclude that his dreams are connected to his feelings about maybe a delay in waking life. 

What does it mean to be delayed in a dream?

If a dream about being delayed is repeated over and over, it's likely that your unconscious is trying to get a message across to you. However, you aren't picking up the phone to receive it. Your unconscious is trying to relay the message in a different way, but it is still following the same basic theme. These themes often relate to deeper-seated anxieties and fears that can sometimes mirror your youth, Freud stated.

When we are young, we form beliefs and attitudes that carry us into adulthood. Sometimes, then our dreams can indicate that you need to take a look at these beliefs and discard those which don't serve us well. Perhaps you dream of sitting in an exam or failing badly at it because you were delayed. Exams may be very relevant to your current life. Perhaps you come from a family that believed it was important to succeed at school. Once you have a clear idea from your subconscious, it is possible to look at this belief more maturely and be more open to accepting yourself.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of delay

Disappointed. Worried. Confused. Alone. Decided. Upset.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012