Dreams of an ex-husband

Dreams of an ex-husband

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Surprisingly sometimes in our dreams, we are connected to a different dimension. In this world we have various dimensions, in the dream world, there are other dimensions, therefore, this dream could simply mean that you moved between two different dimensions - when you are married and divorced.

On the spiritual dimension, you may have stayed with your ex-husband and this is a dream that is simply just symbolic of what would have happened if you did stay together. Let's now look at the more detailed view of what a dream with your ex-husband actually means so I can give you the guidance you need.

This dream is connected to how we feel about our emotions in waking life. Do you feel fulfilled purposeful and creative? The dream of the ex-husband indicates our emotional balance. It can also signify a lack of intimacy, do you have sex? This dream can also be connected to how we feel about our current partner. Do you want answers to why the separation has occurred and ended in such a way? Divorce and separation is not easy to go through, especially if there is high conflict. The nuances of our own experiences are often embedded into our own subconscious minds. It is often common when going through a separation which let's face it can last for years leaves us feeling overwhelmed.

Advice after this dream of an ex husband

  • Be prepared for rollacoaster feelings when you have this dream
  • Don't be scared to hide your emotions, or the anger and mourning
  • Don't blame your self there is nothing about being a perfect wife and two people have to make a relationship work.
  • Don't feel like you have to explain yourself to everyone or protect your reputation - who cares
  • Focus on facts about the marriage you had in your mind after this dream

There is a focus that you became suddenly alone at some point which was traumatic. Think about how you need to change into another person like a caterpillar changes into a butterfly. When we grow up we are naturally looked after by our parents and we then rely on other people to share our daily experiences. The ex husband in your dream is about finding a companion, helper, and someone to share our life with. Chances are even if the divorce happened years ago separation can be painful, emotional, and lonely. Dreaming of an ex husband often happens when you are feeling unwanted, unloved or not highly regarded by others. Is this how you are feeling? Often it can also be a spiritual connection that you had with your ex husband that you are feeling while you sleep.

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex husband? 

When we marry someone we have an immediate bond with that person. An ex-husband is an important person in our life. Whether you like it or not they were part of your life and you gave your spiritual self to them. Therefore a dream involving an ex-husband can be quite common. Normally, these dreams surface when we get to the point where we are looking at our inner emotions.

To keep having dreams of your ex husband 

Nothing in separation and divorce is easy, maybe you want to defend yourself and you revisit the times when you were with him in the dream. If you keep having dreams about your ex husband then it could indicate that you need support in some aspect of your life. Speaking to an ex husband in a dream is about boundaries which you may need in your current life. Being alone can be a horrible experience and separating from someone you love that was there for you (which you thought was for life) can be a hard thing to accept and cope with. This is normally known as a trauma dream if you keep dreaming of your ex husband over and over. The vivid dream of your ex husband can be quite traumatic. When we think of dreams they are normally connected to how we are feeling in daily life. There are ups and downs that we experience in relationships, but the reoccurring dream of an ex husband often foretells we are moving forward in our relationships. Dreaming of being back with your ex husband often foretells you reliving the past. There is also a focus on fresh beginnings.

Separation completely destroys our own sense of self worth. Suddenly we become alone and we feel like a lost child. The breakdown of any relationship no matter how long ago it was can suggest that we are worrying about problems of the future. 

Dreams about your ex husband are about your anger

There is one feeling that we all have when we go through a separation: it's anger. Anger itself can feel quite harsh, and as we grow older we understand what things make us angry as we are able to see certain patterns. Divorce naturally triggers a tremendous amount of conflict and anger between people. This is due to the fact that we were once together and the people close to us can hurt us the most.  We are often angry about the words that have been said and also the actions taken. I also must say that there is also focus on anger if you have spent a long time with a human being and this is now over. 

If children are involved in the divorce they also feel anger and this can subconsciously affect you. As a Mother raising your children it is natural to feel anger towards the dream of a happy family finally gone and the dream about an ex husband is a way for your brain to process this information. Also, it’s scary on your own with all the responsibility that you have as a Mother.
The reason that you are having a dream about your ex-husband (when you have recently separated) could indicate that you are feeling that anger and reliving it in your subconscious mind. 

Dreams about your ex husband indicates a new start

It is time for you to have a new start. Even if you divorced years ago. Often divorce (no matter how long ago) leads to a loss of enthusiasm and energy. It's very important for us to recognise that if we fall into a depressive state of mind we are only hurting ourselves. The disappointment, sadness, anger and anguish that comes with the divorce is often accompanied by dreams of the recent ex-husband. This is especially true if he is being somewhat abusive or conflicting in the final separation.  Spiritually speaking,  divorce is all about death from a symbolic point of view.  It’s about clearing the way for a new more vibrant lifestyle.  

Additionally, the dream of an ex husband is about making changes and seeing what’s good for yourself.  Being in a negative relationship can really rock our subconscious mind, not only that it can also affect our mental anguish and lead to depressive thoughts.  I want to guide you and tell you that dreaming of your ex husband is a way for you to transform your life.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming of an ex-husband

After separation, we need to go through a period of calm - even if you have divorced many years ago. Spiritually speaking to suddenly dream of your ex-husband is a reminder of the sense of loss, and the need to overcome your pain. A painful separation is not easy to handle and cope with, the spiritual message of this dream is to keep hope alive and have faith in the future. If you are still filled with brokenness, loss, conflict and pain then dreaming of an ex-husband is common. 

If you have taken some steps to rebuild your life then a dream of your ex-husband could simply imply that you are working and overcoming anxieties in waking life - these could be completely unrelated to the ex husband. Healing powers of prayer work when we face difficulties in life. Such a dream could be associated with a relationship and the difficult situations that arise. A broken relationship can also lead to anxiety, especially if somebody walked out of your life. The dream could be a symbolic way of your spirit guides to help you move forward with a new situation. If you experience sadness in your dream because of your broken marriage then this can indicate that something needs to end in your life.

Possible dreams

  • You are having sex with your ex-husband.
  • Your ex-husband met somebody else in your dream.
  • You were with your ex-husband in your dream.
  • You had an emotional connection with your ex-husband in your dream.
  • Your ex-husband cheated on you in your dream.
  • Your ex-husband was murdered in your dream.
  • Your ex-husband may love to you in your dream.
  • You and your ex-husband had a mind blowing sex in your dream.
  • You and your husband had terrible sexy.

If you have children with your ex husband and you dream of him

If you dream about an ex husband and you have children with him in waking life. Often, we have children with our husbands. This is a huge mental hurdle to get over the divorce. We naturally feel abandoned by our husbands even if we don't want them or love them. This dream is considered quite negative in nature, however, to dream of an ex-husband that you currently have children with can often occur when we feel angry about the situation with the separation or his behavior. When we give birth to children we want them to have a Father, we want that father to do everything for the children and love them unconditionally. Unfortunately, when divorce happens the father can lose interest in the children and there are so many emotions around the father seeing the children and contact arrangements. The Father will always be in your life for some capacity. The takeaway from this dream is that you need to identify what is making you feel angry. If you had a dream about reuniting with your ex-husband and children then this could be the desirable need for security and sustainability. We all want that out of our relationships and life and it is only natural. The advice is how are you going to feel more secure moving forward?

Dreams about an ex-husband who died

There are two types of dreams that relate to ex husbands and death, ex husbands who have passed over in real life or you have dreamed of an ex husband who is still living. I will cover both in this dream's meaning. If you have an ex-husband who was passed over in the real world and you dream of him it can suggest that you are absorbing areas of your past relationship. Think of our brains like sponges, during our sleep we absorb all the emotions that we've experienced in the past. It is rather common to dream that our ex-husband is dead or killed during our dream. It is simply symbolic in the fact that these kinds of dreams are associated with the fact that this part of our life is over. Naturally, the world we live in connects with different people, however we can also be lonely. It is sometimes hard if you are single in waking life, and to dream of an ex-husband who dies while you are single can suggest that you are missing the connection with another human being. It is very hard to sometimes manage our own emotions and they can take up all our own internal energy.

Being single is never easy and the dream of an ex husband dying in the dream can be a reminder that no matter how heartbroken we were in the past we can still control our own emotions and be strong. When something happens in our daily love lives it is not uncommon to dream of an ex-husband. 

Dream of killing your ex husband

If you dream of killing your ex husband in a dream this can suggest the divorce and that you can finally move on. This is actually quite a positive dream. Definite dreams signify transformation and new beginnings. The death of your ex husband in the dream could be a way for you to move on in life.

Dreams about having sex with your ex husband

To have sex or make love with your ex husband in a dream is common, it can be a connection that you have had with him subconsciously. Sex with an ex-husband in a dream creates feelings that arise of the past. In the life of being married things naturally move up and down. The man leaves his family home and finally gets his freedom. For some time there may be celebration on his part but it's leaving you feeling scared, lonely and worried about all the responsibilities that you properly have - children, money, job to name a few. 

Often dreams about having intimate relationships with your ex partners is all about the period of calm before the storm. It could be that you may have connection with him in the future. I’m going to quickly talk about triggers. Maybe you've seen your ex-partner social media this could be the trigger for your dream. Often, in real life we sometimes go back to our ex-partner because they already know our intimacies and this liaison will avoid any awkwardness of sharing your body with a new partner. To dream that you are in a rendezvous in old territory that you are familiar with indicates that you may be slipping into unknown territory in waking life - a new start, job,home or beginning. The dream is all about your own pleasures and pitfalls but isn't necessarily directly related to your love life. 

If you have a sense of hope that you may get back with your ex-husband then this dream can occur multiple times. The other aspect of this dream is it could be a result of suffering with some kind of body image issues, let's face it we all do. It can indicate that you feel comfortable removing your clothes in front of your new partner which could be triggered by the fact that perhaps you are worrying about either meeting or being with a new partner. If you currently have a new partner in waking life you dream of your ex-husband it could suggest you have insecurities about your current love life. 

Obviously, we don't know what's going to happen in the future and the dream of having sex with an ex-partner could be a bolt of lightning into your daily waking life. If the hookup was particularly spontaneous when not planned in the dream then this can indicate that a new situation which is likely to arise that will suddenly come from out of the blue. 

Dreams about not liking or loving your ex husband

To dream that you were in conflict or had any problems with your ex-husband during the dream state is connected to your own emotions. Chances are, that you never really did like your ex husband. The reason I say this is because sometimes in life we end up in a bond and attachment with somebody we don't really see the true person until we go through the breakup. I am still totally amazed at some of the dreams that people have about their ex-husbands. 

If you dream that you have forgiven your ex-husband for bad behaviour this is a positive dream that you are going to move forward in life. Often, in marriages we have shared values. If you have met a new partner and things are not going well the ex husband dream this could be a signifier that you are missing that inner connection. It is also good to consider that a dream of loving your husband is connected to a change in moving house, pregnancy, marriage or a whole new start. Spiritually speaking, the dream of an ex-husband that is positive in nature can indicate happiness and contentment in your daily life. More importantly it can define that you are finally getting over the breakup.

Dreams about divorcing an ex husband

To dream that you are divorcing your ex-husband at the end of the relationship normally suggests that you need to think about getting as much out of something that you put in. If we look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs model,  this illustrates the most basic things that we need to survive as humans. Obviously right at the bottom we have shouted, sleep, water, air and clothing. When we review divorce we are putting at risk those basic needs of human survival. This is often why we feel so complicated when we are going through a breakup or divorce. These are the times that it is most common to dream of an ex-husband.

Dreams about an ex husband and his girlfriend

It is hurtful when an ex husband gets a new girlfriend. This is really common, our dreams are also unresolved feelings about the relationship. We also see ourselves against this new partner. To dream of your ex husband and a girlfriend can indicate that you are feeling threatened in waking life. 

As the ex has started a new relationship with someone else you naturally compare yourself with his girlfriend. In real life, if you are embarking on a new relationship with someone then it is not uncommon to dream of your ex husband in any capacity - including girlfriends. If you are not aware of your ex husband having a new girlfriend or wife then this dream could just be your inner self helping you move forward and that you have worries about meeting someone new. 

Often, we sometimes have dreams about feeling inadequate against our ex husbands new partner. If the ex husband has a new girlfriend or wife then dreaming of that particular person is rather common. This is only natural given the complexity of the situation and the feeling of the breakup. In our dreams we can often feel jealousy and it gives us a mixed up feeling of insecurity, disappointment and also fear. 

Let's break this dream completely down. To dream that your ex-husband is marrying a woman indicates that you are moving past the pain and you can handle things in life. If you dream of your ex partner remarrying this could be a dream about your insecurities. In real life if you are meeting a new partner then this is a way of you handling the transaction that you feel inside. It can also mean that it is important to share your feelings with others so negative emotions cannot creep in.

Dreams about an ex husband and still with him

To dream that you are still living or having a normal relationship with your ex husband can indicate that you may be afraid to ask too much in waking life. It is common to go back to your past. This dream is about managing our own emotions which can take up our internal energy. When things happen in life, we react to it. The good news is that if the dream is reliving a happy time with your ex husband it can indicate positive change is coming. Most people have opinions when separations occur, there are two sides to every story. Most people want to tell us their own perspectives on the situation and it is often hard to listen. If the dream involves a nightmare, or emotional turmoil about the relationships with your ex husband then this can indicate that you are finding things hard in life. When we dream of an ex husband in conflict this could suggest that we are missing something important in a relationship and it might not be related to him.

Dreaming of falling in love with your ex husband

The ex husband in the dream embodies your own internal feelings of the need to feel loved, passion, comfort and attachment. Being with someone and falling in love is a wonderful feeling. It makes us feel special, happy dancing on air with happiness. It is simply a wonderful feeling. Therefore, if you are together in your dream then this is associated with your inner psyche. This is a reminder from your spirit guides that there is something nudging you to focus on yourself going forward. Waking up with such thoughts or feelings about falling madly in love with your ex husband means that you are missing that human connection. Spiritually it could also mean that you need to feel loved in a current relationship or that you will soon embark on a new romance. 

Dreaming of a recent ex husband

When we dream of an ex husband in conflict this could suggest that we are missing something in waking life. To dream of someone that you recently split up from is common. Of course, our minds are racing about how this massive change is impacting us. If you are going through the hell of a divorce and it is particularly problematic then this could just be your subconscious mind reliving the challenges you face in waking life.

Is this dream about an ex husband good or bad?

Once a marriage is over and gone it is all about rebuilding your life again. Dreams about an ex-husband whatever the context is an indication that your life needs to move forward perhaps have a change and a new start. It's very hard for us to accept rejection, even if you left the relationship it will still leave you brokenhearted. Often, anxiety and depression take over our minds and we have wounds that we must heal. The takeaway message of this dream is to try to take back your joy in life.

Biblical meaning of dreaming of an ex-husband

I believe in God but I am not overly religious. I like to turn to the bible to understand scriptures in order to understand the biblical meaning of dreams. Dreaming of an ex husband biblically can indicate a change is coming. If we turn to scripture, we all know that God has a special plan for all of us. In the middle of our trials and challenges God prepares a new path for away if we look at related Scripture to divorce and in particular Psalm 107:6 it states "then they cried unto the lord in their trouble, and he delivered them out of their distresses" this is all about God tearing down what we believe in order relieve us from our distresses. Spiritual healing power works when we go through divorce in life. The biblical meaning of the dream is that we need to deal with this loss, broken marriage, grief and difficulties. Biblically speaking the dream (however difficult) is making a stronger. As a woman your ex-husband is somebody relied upon, perhaps to raise children with. God is there to help us cope through these difficult experiences in life and give us a spiritual support that we need. Luke 16:18 states "Everyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and he who marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery."  

This is quite an unforgivable statement in the bible. Notice, the fact that the onus is on the man "divorcing the wife" this is important because it appears the blame is on the man for the marriage breakdown. 

In real life if you believe your divorce was due to your husband's behaviour then it could be a dream which is reminding you that you have done no wrong. In the scripture Genesis 1:27 it states "God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.'' What is this trying to say in relation to your dream? The bible says alot about the union of two people, it means that the relationship between husband and wife is about love and kindness. When this is broken down a divorice storm brews. Interestingly, the scripture of Corinthians 7:10-16 states ``To the married I give this command.”

A wife must not separate from her husband. But if she does.." therefore, god recognises that married couples may try to stay together but sometimes due to conflict it is not possible. Notice as well the fact that it is the man that divorces the wife. It can indicate biblically speaking that you are not to blame for whatever happened in the past, so, dreaming of an ex husband should not make you feel any guilt about the transformation that you have had to endure in life. 

Dreaming about an ex husband years later

You may feel intrigued at having a dream about your ex husband years later. Bedtime itself should be a relaxing and comfortable experience but unfortunately we experience our most traumatic experiences while we sleep. This could suggest that the most crazy and strangest dreams happen. 

Even if you broke up amicably with your ex you can still dream of him years later. Surprisingly, dreaming about an ex-husband that you haven't seen in many years is often associated with the symbolism that you are trying to process the trauma of the separation. It could be that something important is happening in your life and dreaming of your ex-husband symbolises thoughts inside yourself as opposed to actually getting back with your ex-husband. The people in your dream are often the interpretation for your own inner emotions. 

Think of your dream as a jigsaw puzzle - trying to find the slots in order to make the picture. The dream about your ex husband years later could be associated with your emotional attachment to him, something that you had to let go of. If your ex husband was abusive and controlling in any way then it is quite common to dream of him. Especially when you're experiencing difficult emotions in daily life. If you've met a new partner and you've had a conflict in real life then it is common to dream of past conflict experiences.

Dream of a fight with your ex husband

Dreaming about having a fight with your current partner in waking life then dreaming of your ex husband indicates our own anger. Anger does all sorts of things to us. In the midst of the trials and tribulations of arguing with your current partner in waking life there may be a subconscious part of your mind where you are trying to heal and repair the broken pieces while you sleep. This is a time when we recall painful life experiences such as rejection and conflict. 

Don't forget to always have good self-esteem and confidence in yourself, don't let your ex-husband or anybody else in your life tear you down and affect your own emotional well-being. If in your dream your ex-husband is verbally abusive or looks down on you then this is a message to make sure that you do not take any negativity to heart. Think of yourself as the most beautiful and confident woman, it took a lot to leave a bad marriage even if your ex husband walked out on you and it was not your decision. In fact this is even harder to bear. Remember, real love is true and should never have so much pain. If somebody loved you enough then they would make sure that you're happy and content every single day. Rejection and abandonment happen in our dream state when we feel left out or just lonely.

Dreams about being in a toxic relationship with your ex-husband

If you dream that you are in an abusive or violent toxic relationship or even that there is adultery in your dream then this is typically around the fact that you are worried about future abusive relationships. If your husband was toxic in real life then it is not uncommon to dream of the behaviour in the dreamworld. Think about your brain being a sponge it's taking all that abusive and controlling behaviour and processing it. Finally, the dream could be a trigger to prevent any sort of physical or psychological abuse towards you by another person that you trust in daily life.

Dreams about your ex husband's annoying habits

Often, when we divorce from our husbands we remember certain annoying characteristics. To dream that you see an annoying habit, for example your ex-husband was an alcoholic and you dreamt of him drinking this could just be a warning of something difficult that you will face in regards to habits. It could be telling you that it is important to look after yourself and not get yourself involved in any bad habits.

Dreams about somebody else's ex-husband

This dream is a very good sign that you are moving forward in your life. let's say you've been struggling with accepting the marriage of somebody else when perhaps you might still be single. Or alternatively you have rampant insecurities about meeting someone new. Dreaming about a friend or relative's ex-husband can indicate that a new love will enter your life. Every cream that we have enters our interior unconscious mind. The goal of understanding our dreams is all about the messages that we receive. The different aspects of the person's ex-husband need to be taken into consideration as the dreams are associated with your inner core of confidence. It's all about how to trust yourself and move forward in life.

Dreams of ex husband and your existing relationships

Dreams of an ex-husband who is now an ex-partner can symbolize that you are not completely happy in your current emotional relationships - what do you need to do to become happier? As I have already concluded these dreams can be rather common but it is important to understand that each dream about an ex-husband may involve different details.  The most important thing but we need to look at when analyzing the dream is how your relationship breakup in waking life. Did you have a difficult breakup? Was your dream amicable in nature? Most times the breakup is difficult. If the breakup was complex then the dream can suggest that you are reliving past traumatic experiences.

If however the breakup is amicable and you're still on speaking terms with your ex-partner, a dream of him can suggest that you are missing out on some of the aspects that you enjoyed in the relationship with him. If you dream of your ex-husband it can mean that you are looking for other aspects that are important in a relationship and your current partner does not fulfill those. To dream that your ex-husband gets you pregnant suggests that you are yearning for more intimacy in your relationship if you do however feel fulfilled in the real world with intimacy then it can indicate subconsciously you feel that the collection is missing.

Maybe you need to review your current relationships. Also sexual relationships but also relationships with friends and family. Every dream that involves an ex-husband who is your current lover in the dream world suggests that you need to have a look at your emotions waking life. If your husband was missing in the dream this again is a symbolic sign to say that is just connected to how you feel inside. To dream your ex-husband hurt you or murdered you foretells that someone will challenge you in waking life.

Conclusion for a dream of an ex husband

If you're still carrying feelings or burning desires for your ex husband in waking life then it is not uncommon to dream of him, this could just be a dream of desire. Any contact from your ex husband - from text messages to social media can also provoke such a dream. Let's say you are totally over your ex husband and you dream of him. This indicates that there is possible a newfound love and that you are open to finding someone of your own. If you did not declare the breakup and he left you it could be a way for you to transmit the loss that you are experiencing. It can be rather complex and sticky to have dreams of the ex husband especially if you have a moment of passion. If you are in a new relationship then this can suggest compatible goals in your daily life. 

If you have a new lover and things are going well - it is not uncommon to dream of an ex-husband. The dream itself could simply be a reflection of the relationship that you are having at the moment. It is really essential to look at the specific scenarios of your dream in order to uncover the psychological meaning. Try to understand and not assume that this is a dream about reconnecting with your ex-husband, we all have spiritual links as human beings and these are known as cosmic linking. They are energy fields that when we have intimate relations with somebody the cord of that desire still remains years later. As I've detailed earlier on in my meaning the cord could be the reason why you're having a dream of the ex-husband. He could for example be thinking of you while he sleeps.

The main take away of this dream meaning is that you need to be cautious in your relationships. The fact that you are dreaming of somebody that has left your life could simply be because you're on a new path for instance could be a trigger of old habits especially as the ex-husband appears while you sleep. 

Perhaps you need to reconsider the way you approach relationships in daily life and make sure that you are not being abused by anybody. If you are taking a breather from somebody then this dream can often appear because you're worried about the loss of that relationship. This is not necessarily focused on your love life but also platonic.

By Florance Saul
May 21, 2017