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In real life one plays tenpin bowling to have fun.

Moreover, we remove all the stresses in life and this is our way to catch up with people in life, especially families and friends. Sometimes dreams of playing or watching such games (such as tenpin bowling) can seep into ones dream state. When they do, we often wonder why especially if we haven’t played a game for a while.

Dreaming of tenpins is slightly different than other dreams about games. It’s meaning depends on the specifics about the game.

In your dream you may have

  • Been playing at tenpin bowling.
  • Seen other playing the game.
  • Successfully played tenpin bowling.
  • Been playing tenpin bowling and had a bad game.
  • Got a strike at tenpin bowling.
  • Met someone while tenpin bowling.
  • Scoring points at tenpin bowling.
  • Seen bowling balls.
  • A problem with the ball release.
  • Cannot knock scoring points own balls.
  • Got the maximum score in tenpin bowling (300)
  • Kept winning or loosing games.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • There appears to be feelings of playfulness, cheerfulness and fun.
  • You were winning in the game.
  • You were bowling with a friendly, gracious and approachable person.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreams about tenpin bowling can signify our relationships with people. To gain the maximum score available means that it is important to ensure that people are on your side in waking life. This dream is extremely positive. If you have a problem with the ball release in the dream it means of possible disappointments in life. It can also suggest possible problems.

To see yourself playing tenpin bowling with a partner or lover in one’s dream suggests a possible new relationship in the future. It might be a happy relationship but it may not last. You may also lose money by engaging in this affair. So for now, you have been warned. The warning is to be careful in your romantic relationships.

If you dreamed of watching others play, this suggests that you will find fun-loving friends. They will color your world as you will see the friendlier side of you. It will be a series of funny moments with them. Just make sure that you don’t lose other important things due to being too engaged. To dream of playing tenpin bowling against people whom you do not know suggests that you are about to engage in a wonderful relationship. This can be temporary as depressing moments may follow.

If you have been playing tenpin bowling in your dreams and had a bad score this denotes possible trouble to come. In waking life, if you play tenpin bowling then this dream could be the result of playing too much of the game. Why not take a break and relax for a while? If not, then ponder deeply on the meaning stated above.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of tenpin bowling

Happiness, feelings of being proud, joy, satisfaction, cheerlessness and competiveness.

By Florance Saul
Mar 21, 2013