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Interpretation of A Fog Dream

A dream where you see yourself wading through thick fog symbolizes troubles, confusion, scandals, worries, and uncertainty. Fog represents going over a problem or issue in life that will help you see things in a new way. This is due to the fact that, you may have lost a sense of direction in life. It could alternatively represent part of your life that is focused on: protection, mystery, and secrecy. Fog in dreams symbolizes practical work and energy. Perhaps in your dream you could see yourself walking on a hilltop finding yourself among a huge array of fog, or you were looking down on a foggy landscape. Greyish clouds hugging the ground, tall buildings protruding through the fog denotes changes are coming. Okay, I have gone off on a tangent here but I am sure that you get the drift! I will now decode all your dreams of fog so just scroll down to find your dream.

What is the general meaning of fog seen in dreams?

Freud investigated many dreams in his famous book he stated that fog dreams are associated with the dreamers psychological mindset. Freud had other forms of associations in connection to this dream and believed fog connects with our decisiveness. In order to understand your dream of fog I will give you a higher power understanding and teach you what I know when this dream appears. Fog generally occurs when the air is very moist and consequently moves across a cold surface. Fog can appear in many different elements within a dream.

If we look at a more spiritual meaning. You need to make the effort to achieve the best you can. This dream suggests that things in life may not be what they seem. If you are traveling in thick fog, this indicates possible business problems in the future. If you come out of the fog, it means problems in the future are likely to be resolved. In most dreams seeing fog represents blindness, and in some instances danger of one's true character. In essence, spiritually, if you have this dream then you must try to work hard.

Dreaming of mist is a direct association with the “mind fog” we sometimes have in our life. Our brains are unique and complex but to dream of mist (according to dream psychologies) indicates that you have been less energetic and enthusiastic about life. Normally, mist is seen in dreams when we are feeling frustrated in life and have become somewhat proactive. There will be a focus on trying to fit the pieces of a puzzle so that you can focus on gaining more clarity and ensure that you energy returns!

The fog it is very closely connected to the weather dream interpretation and meaning so check that out too by clicking here. In this instance, the environments in which you find yourself in a dream almost definitely indicates the moods and emotions you maybe feeling in your waking life.

If you are driving and you see fog, it suggests you are likely to lose your way in a project. If you are trying to find somebody and it is foggy around you, it suggests that you are not able to communicate with others well. Do you find yourself having difficulty forming relationships? It is important to understand how this can have an effect on you. Generally a deeper interpretation of this dream is that there are obstacles you need to overcome.

If you see fog at sea, this represents domestic affairs. It is likely that you are going to have arguments with the family. If you see fog on land, this indicates business or financial confusion, which is associated with the need for patience. If you watch a TV weather report in the dream, showing that the weather forecast is foggy, it means there is a situation that requires your urgent help. Another meaning of this dream is that judgments have been clouded. The fog is a symbolic sign that you are unable to recognize the big picture. Somebody is trying to deceive you, and there is an important message that you need to overcome. It may require freedom in a work situation.

If the sky is extremely blue or unclouded, but there is still mist, this dream represents that you have the ability to control situations in the future. The fog symbolizes the need to think clearly and not be swayed by others. If you have been feeling confused and unable to recognize real issues that affect you, it is best to delay any important decisions at this time. Make sure that any feelings of doubt are lifted before a decision is made. If you are traveling on a mode of transport through fog, it shows that you are likely to encounter problems in your work life.

If you are a woman and you are surrounded by fog, it means that you finding it hard to find your way in life, for a man a new phase of life is predicted. If you are able to escape the fog, you will have a positive social reputation in the future. If you are on a foggy, strange island, your family is likely to face a dilemma, and a decision needs to be made. The gypsy folklore meaning of fog is that of uncertainty. It is important for you to understand this dream to seek ways to think clearer. Focus on looking forward to the future. If in your dream the fog suddenly disburses, this is a positive omen.

Fog above mountains in a dream is a sign of obstacles in business, grief, doubt, loss, or astounding passion. If it is thicker, than it could imply troubles will be thicker too. I am sorry this is does not sound that positive! I have just listed this meaning from older dream dictionaries. Do these dreams still have the same meaning in our modern world? We often search for meaning and connect with own hidden dreams.

You may have seen fog covering the sea or water. Fog above a water body is a sign of happy moods and great meetings. Alternatively may have driven in fog during the dream which represents your visibility in a situation is clouded Sometimes swirling fog in dreams can indicate a difficult time according to dream psychologists. Perhaps you have recently experienced thinking about your own intuition. If you are curious about what the dream means then read on.

What is the spiritual meaning of a fog dream?

A fog dream is symbolic of hidden truth and deception. If you see fog from afar it indicates that you are emotionally worried and confused in real life. It could be that you are faced with a situation which is making it impossible for you to decide on a matter. A decision seems unfavorable for you. It is not a good sign to see fog in your apartment or home in your dream as it denotes that you may suffer from family conflicts and quarrels.

Fog can represent the practicality of your life like your work ethics. The passion and ethics that you put in everything you want in order to succeed in your life. It could also be a warning that you need to take a closer look at your life and those around you for not everything is not what you think it is. Alternatively, fog can represent a lack of oversight which could be spiritual, emotional, or physical. You don’t need a dream psychologist, you are the one who should determines what your fog dream denotes depending on the circumstances in life. When you dream about fog, don’t ignore your dream as it is very important and should be taken seriously. It is a warning from your inner spirit that there is something which you do not see properly and you need to work on it to make it right before it is too late for you to make amends. After such a dream, you will need to slow down and avoid making any big decisions; get to know what it is that is making you not to see clearly before moving forward. It is a dream which signals that you need to take a break from any major decisions in your life.

What does it mean to drive in the fog?

A dream where you drive in the fog can indicate a project which you are undertaking at the moment. The likely reason for the failure is due to your not paying close attention to the project. What does it mean to see fog far away from you in your dream? If you dream that fog in your dream is far away, it denotes that, there are looming difficulties. It could be that, at the moment, you are unable to see them, but very soon, they are going to come out and turn into minor trouble for you. If there is work that you need to do now, make sure you do it and finish it.

What does it mean to dream of a weather forecast warning of fog?

A dream where the weather forecast or warning of fog appears is a warning sign that there is something in your life which you need to give great attention to.

What does white mist in a dream mean?

A dream where you see white mist rising can suggest confusion concerning a problem in your life. After such a dream, you should avoid being pushed into making decisions which you have not thought through. If the mist appears on a sunny, bright day, it implies that you will need to take control of your future. You should not allow others to influence your way of feeling and thinking. If you think you need to delay a matter - follow your gut feelings!

What does it mean to dream of a long and damaged bridge in the fog?

A bridge in a dream indicates that you are going to find a way to enable you to focus on your own “self”for a while. Bridges in dreams indicate that you need to connect with two situations in life. If fog is in the way spiritually this means you are unable to see your way!

What does Fog at Sea or on land in your dream?

To dream of being at sea in your dream, can suggest a tough period of time - depending on the sea and the turbulence of the water. In many of the dream books I reviewed it can indicate that you are experiencing family disputes, but the good news is that you are going to get a solution to a hidden problem.

What does it mean to dream of fog on land?

Fog on land is known to form in various densities. It is commonly associated with our own viability of problems in waking life. A dream with fog on land is a sign that, you have to be patient while tackling challenging business matters that may affect your finances negatively. To see a mist of fog on land indicates that you may face a challenging time in the future.

What does it mean to not be able to see through fog and feel lost?

Images of fog surrounding your body - is a representation of uncertainty of a relationship. I know this might sound worrying and it can just mean that you are feeling uncertain inside. It could also imply that you are currently experiencing difficulties in life. To be”lost” in a dream is associated with a suspended state of emotions which is being aggravated by a decision which you have made. Now, in some dream books losing your visibility due to the fog can suggest attempts by someone to block success. There might be a repercussion which you are feeling in your mind that is stopping you from making a decision.

What does it mean to see Fog in winter during your dream?

A dream where you see fog in the winter is a sign that there is a problem worrying you. If the fog comes out of the ground and rises to the sky, it denotes that, you are likely to find a way to overcome problems!

What does seeing yourself surrounded by fog mean in a dream?

A dream where you are surrounded by thick fog indicates business or work challenges. If you walk through the fog, it is a sign that you are going to be successful as you will go have the visibility to see anything that is forthcoming. A thick fog that covers you completely from all sides foretells theft. This is a very old fashioned meaning and I feel that we need to focus on the more “psychological” side. So, if you see it in your dream, it means that you are not going to catch the thief, but if you manage to escape from the fog, it indicates that you are going to escape the theft.

What does Fog over your head mean?

A dream where you see fog over your head is a sign that you are encountering accumulative problems. Remember, a dream is an expression of your subconscious mind pushing yourself to undertake actions in life.

What does Fog mean in a dream which descends to the ground?

A dream where you notice that the fog you are observing is descending to the ground denotes bad luck, especially if you are starting a new project or planning to travel. It denotes that, you are going to encounter obstacles along the way which will make it impossible for you to conclude your journey or project.

What does it mean to dream of calling someone while in the fog? When you see yourself calling someone on your mobile phone while in the fog is a warning that, your agent’s attention will be needed. Alternatively, it could mean that your judgment is seriously compromised and thus, cannot be trusted. It could be that you didn’t look at the bigger picture before judging, and thus, it is a biased judgment. On the other hand, it could be that; there is someone around you who is trying to manipulate you to make their agenda at work. To get a good judgment, you will need to take a break from your day to day activity and come back when you have a clear conscious.

What does it mean to murder people in fog in dreams?

A dream where you dream of seeing yourself on a killing spree denotes that, you have an aggression which is causing you to be suppressed in your real life. In the dream, you are helping people who are turning against you indicative of similar things happening in your real life. You are now tired of helping people who in return become ungrateful. In the dream, you seem to be happy murdering people, which is a sign that, you are happy to give people a test of what they are doing to you. After such a dream, it would be best if you took your focus to concentrate on the positive things in your life instead of letting yourself to be carried with the negative feelings. The best you can do is to carry out a meaningful talk with those around you and express your unhappiness with their behavior.

What does dissipating fog signify in your dream? A dream where you see fog dissipating could denote that, though at the moment you are facing problems and difficulties, you will sail through and success will be on your side. It foretells of the discovery of something which you weren’t aware of and which is going to turn your life upside down and make it a success.

Common dreams

Dreaming of wondering in a thick fog. You may feel worried if you are unable to see. You are lost in a fog. Efforts to get out of the fog. Walking in thick fog or mist.

In your dream you may have

Seen a sudden fog or mist appearing in your dream. Encountered weather changes in your dream. Had the inability to see what is before you. Been in a strange place such as a graveyard, and a fog surrounds the landscape.

Positive changes are afoot if

The fog suddenly cleared in your dream. You are able to see clearly at the end of your dream. There was no feeling of confusion in your dream. You created the smoke or fog yourself. This dream was not connected to negative situations. The fog was from a situation or person.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life: Other people have been clouded by your personal judgment in a situation related to work. Your belief system has been questioned. You have been using your energy for a project that is likely to fail. You have encountered a number of situations which have been worrying you in your waking life. You are unsure what is in store for you in the future. You have been questioning some business commitments. Your judgment is clouded.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of fog

Judged. Unclear. Blind. Lost. Creepy. Strangeness. Unexplained. Mysterious. Uncertainty. Difficulty. Wandering. Trouble. Ghosts. Psychic. Connected.

By Florance Saul
Oct 12, 2012