Plane Crash

Plane crash dream meaning

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To dream of a plane crash indicates your own emotional relationship with others.

Your unconscious mind may be recommending that you need a new path or possible transformation in life. Any sense of danger seen in the dream indicates a conflict between your unconscious and conscious mind. I feel that being involved in a plane crash during your sleep can ultimately reflect conflict that needs to be resolved. If the plane crashes into the water during a dream this can suggest your emotions are gonna run high. If the plane crashes due to a bomb it is a symbolism of an unconscious emotional force. For example possible aggression or your attention on matters. 

The key message is that if you saw a plane crash due to a bomb or terror attack then you should not wait for an explosion in your daily life but try to plan for something. The bomb represents a sign of your own worries in life. An airplane in many dream dictionaries is associated with a sex symbol and has also been associated with the penis from a dream psychology perspective namely Freud who seems to write that most dreams are connected to sex. Therefore, to see a plane crashing in a dream illustrates that you may have problems with a lover in the future. This dream is common if you have a “dead bedrooms”or a relationship that suffers from a lack of intimacy - the plane crash dream is quite common. It is important to understand what causes the plane crash during a dream, usually, it will be something that is uncontrollable. 

Accidents themselves are associated with the human psyche.  If the dream strikes you as being rather powerful or perhaps even a predicted event then please get in touch by using the form below I have recently implemented Facebook comments because I love to hear about all your dreams please leave me a message. I have not yet introduced myself, my name is Flo and I’m here to help you find hidden clues to your plane crash dream. I believe that understanding your dreams can lead you to greater self-awareness and self-healing.  I have specifically broken down the plane crash dream into certain sections so just scroll down to find your dream and associated meaning.

What does it mean to have recurring dreams of a plane crash?

To dream repeatedly of a plane crash is considered an anxiety dream - can be frightening or if this is worrying you it can be considered a nightmare. So, you're here because could have possibly dreamed of a plane crash over and over again - and you are wondering why. Here is the answer! The recurring dream of a plane crash can imply your hidden anxieties. You need to think about your internal hope, joy, and inspirations in life. I know that you may feel that this dream is too much and playing on your mind even now, but understanding the reasons for this dream will allow you to sculpture your experiences and respond to your worries and anxieties in life. The dream could have a profound effect on your subconscious mind in waking life and if this turns out to be a nightmare night after night then you need to address the reasons. Nonetheless, we sometimes need to do something about these nightmares, so people who have had plane crash dreams and have contacted me because they are too afraid to sleep. By observing relating patterns you can subsequently learn about this dream and use steps to actualize your own life’s purpose. All the dreams that you have encountered in the plane crash can make up a series of dreams. And, you may relieve these again and again in a different dream. The key questions you need to ask yourself is what patterns are formed in the dream? What is repeating over and over, then scroll down to understand what the dream actually means?

What does dying in a plane crash signify?

To die in a plane crash signifies that this dream can symbolize that you are expressing your anxiety. What is being expressed in your dream may just be your own worries about dying. Dying in a dream can be one's omission and signify our eventful focus on ourselves at this time - and it can mean in dreams your older values or past omissions are being considered. Seeing others who died in a plane crash can indicate a new start in life.

By Florance Saul
Jan 10, 2018