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The swallow represents hard work.

It also indicates that you have already made a choice of some importance, and this simply indicates the question of whether the decision you have made is a good one. If this bird appears to be timid in any way, then this is a message to encourage you to think seriously about new opportunities and the events which are likely to present themselves in the near future.


Dreaming about a swallow foretells annoyance and troubles ahead, but the swallow can also be a happy sign portending that you will be successful in whatever you do in your life. A swallow’s nest in your dream means that you will have happiness in life. If you dream that a swallow enters your house, it indicates that you have good friends.

In your dream you may have…

  • You see a swallow.
  • Swallows on a wire.
  • Swallows chirping.
  • A swallow building its nest.
  • A swallow entering your home.
  • A swallow at your window.
  • Lots of swallows.
  • A dead swallow.
  • Swallows departing.
  • Swallows arriving.
  • A flock of swallows.
  • A swallow.
  • Swallows flying.
  • A nest of swallows.

Positive changes are afoot if...

  • You hear strange sounds that scare you.
  • Exercise caution with new people you meet.
  • The dream relates to negativity.
  • The swallow is hurt in someway.
  • The dream involved fear, or things beyond the obvious.

Detailed dream interpretation...

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However, a dream of a swallow can omen sadness for your family. If you dream of swallows on a wire, this foretells big happiness and joy ahead. Hearing swallows chirping means that you will hear pleasing words. If you see swallows building a nest in front of you, you might enjoy real happiness in your family. The nest of a swallow means happiness and blessings for the house where the nest is made.

Dreaming about a swallow entering your house indicates that you might receive good news, or some news from a friend of yours. If you see a swallow at your window, this means purity, peace, nostalgia and happiness. Lots of swallows in your dream foretell good news ahead.

If in your dream you see a dead swallow, this portends lost affection. If you kill a swallow in your dream, this means ingratitude. Dreaming about swallows departing indicates that you might be involved in a trip in the future, while dreaming about swallows arriving means that you might receive news from your lover.

Seeing a flock of swallows in your dream suggests that you might receive some unexpected and unpleasant news. Seeing swallows in your dream omen an honest woman will come into your life, but also some affectionate proposals ahead. If you dream of only one swallow, this means solitude, fecundity and annoyance. If the swallow flies away, this means your wish will soon come true.


Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of swallow.

Content. Amazed. Curious. Enjoying. Admiring. Happy. Surprised. Mellow. Soft. Relaxed. Loving. Kind.

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