Broken Bag

Broken Bag

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

A broken bag in a dream suggests that you need to look for a different way to approach a problem in life.

A bag can break because of overload or due to the weak material that it is made from. Once it is broken, it is rendered useless unless a repair is carried out. A dream where you hold a broken bag denotes that you are trying to keep something secret. You have been suppressing inner feelings for a while. There is a lot of pressure on your inner self due to the responsibilities which are being given you. Your emotional strength can no longer keep going and you must prevent anything adverse happening in life to avoid an emotional breakdown. Decide to delegate and others can help you in life. Your health is more important than a forced reputation of hard working which will end you up in the hospital, and you use more than what you are trying to make.

The road to success is not about overworking; try to handle what you can at the right place and time, and in due course, you will be on your highway to success and abundance.

In the dream, you may

  • A bag that completely breaks in a dream.
  • Seen more than one bag broken.
  • A bag that is completely broken and not recoverable.
  • Not able to mend a broken bag.
  • Seen a handbag breaking.
  • The bag is not functioning very well.
  • Seen the zip broken on the bag.

Detailed dream interpretation

When a bag completely breaks in your dream, it can suggest that you are at your lowest emotionally. You don’t have the strength to hold onto the responsibilities which are being levied upon you. The best thing to do is to make sure that, you are delegating work to friends and relatives to help you. This will only be possible if you too have once helped them with their responsibilities. If not, there is no way they are going to help you and you will have to continue working hard don your own.

If you see more than one bag broken in your dream, it is a sign that, the responsibilities you are handling are meant for more than one person and it is impossible for you to tackle them to the end on your own. You will end up not finishing work. When you see a bag that is completely broken and unrecoverable, it implies that, at the moment, you are not in a position to handle anything due to ill health or a depressed state of mind. This could have been caused by overworking in the past; the best thing to do is to allow your body total rest for some time before you resume your daily duties.

If you are unable to mend a broken bag in your dream, it is symbolic that, you are being allocated tasks which are not in your line of duty and it will be hard for you to tackle them; try and handle something that you are knowledgeable about and that is what will make it possible for you to progress in your life. Handling things not meant for you will make you stagnate in your search for success.

A dream where you see a handbag breaking can indicate that you are now laying open personal things; emotions which are secrets and which need to be known by you alone; which is not meant to be known by the public. Even if you are emotionally down, you don't need to lay your life out to strangers. retain some privacy for yourself. Learn to handle your personal emotions by consulting your inner self and you might be able to sort out some of the small emotional turmoils you find yourself in.

A bag that is not functioning well in your dream, denotes that, you are so weak and worn out that, it is becoming impossible for you to handle your responsibilities. Take a rest to re-energize yourself before continuing. If you continue working when you are tired, it might lead you to approach tasks negatively thus causing damage. Plastic broken bags suggest that something is going to turn out negatively in life. When you see a zip broken from the bag in your dream, it means that you are unable to handle your responsibility and instead of contemplating on what to do next, you are busy telling people about your problems but try to ask for help.

To see a broken purse indicates possible financial difficulties in life. Remember that if the bag is broken and the contents spill over the floor then not everyone has the heart of helping out. This is a symbolic tree meaning that the items in the bag signify your approach to problems.

Feelings Associated with the Dream of a broken bag

Emotional. Responsible. Busy. Hurt. Hard working. Understanding.

By Florance Saul
Jun 28, 2017