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The concept of being a hero in a dream relies solely on an archetype.

This is the “way” and perception of seeing yourself in the dream state. Many people often dream at one time or another of carrying out a heroic action. It is with these dream understandings that the mysterious human comprehension of sacrifice and goodness can be determined. The understanding of this type of archetype and being a “hero” is what is deemed an archetype experience in the dream state. There are lots of different archetypes in existence. The philosopher Carl Jung devised these archetypes from the studies of individual beings and mythologies around the world. In most cultural and religious backgrounds, there are myths which embody the greatest variant of varied archetype experiences. A good illustration of a hero fantasy could is having a dream of Hercules or Sinbad. We're more likely to see ourselves as archetypal characters - that could be epic, tragic, romantic, mythical and so forth - in transition points in our own lives.

Why do you keep having dreams of a hero?

A hero in a dream is an emotional symbol that signifies your deepest wishes and feelings. To dream or a hero, or to see yourself as a “hero” in your dream denotes your wish to improve certain aspects of yourself. Do you want to use your full potential to create something for yourself and the world to see? This could also mean that you have a secret wish of saving the world. Dreams such as these denote that you can’t stand injustice. You’re a positive person and you’re always pushing yourself to the max. Someone close will give your “heart and soul” to achieve what you need in life. To dream constantly of heroes or to transform into a hero character may signify your own ego. It can suggest that you wish to see some changes in the world if you “rescued” anyone in the dream.

What does it mean to dream of saving someone?

To dream of saving someone or becoming the hero who saves other people foretells a message your subconscious is trying to send to you. This type of dream often occurs when we worry too much about everything, including the people around us. Do you feel the obligation to help and save everyone? In dream lore, the advice is to help, but sometimes you must let go and let people save themselves. Are you trying to be a hero of your own life without feeling the obligation to save the world? This dream denotes massive challenges in ancient dream books, the good news is that you will face these “changes” soon. You will also overcome your fears and help people around you feel more secure by taking responsibility for your own life. Here is a message from this dream: take a daily break to relax, calm down and recharge your batteries.

What does it mean to see a hero in the movie during a dream?

A movie is a made up unrealistic view of the world. To dream you are a hero in a movie indicates that someone in life may appear false. To be a hero in a movie in your dream signifies your wish to prove your bravery and strong attitude to the world. However, there’s something concerning you. Maybe a problem with a certain person in life. Do you pretend to be brave? To make your character transformation - you must learn what you fear, and face the fear. To dream of seeing yourself as a hero in a movie also denotes that you currently dislike something in life. The “movie” in the dream as a symbol that is represented by your own strengths and weaknesses. People can act somewhat reckless, and you want to become their example of how to live life and not be ashamed of who they really are. To do that, you shouldn’t give advice, but be a walking inspiration.

What does it mean to dream of being saved from drowning?

To dream of being saved from drowning signifies your cry for help in waking life. To see yourself struggling in treacherous waters can indicate that you are harboring hidden fears about opening up to others. At times this type of dream occurs when we are feeling internally helpless and depressed. You feel like you need someone you can actually talk to without judgments or shame. Instead of looking to others to resolve your inner issues it is important to review important changes in life. In this dream, you may feel like you can’t keep your head above water, and you feel like drowning in reality. When we sleep we normally have feelings that are brought to the surface in our dreams. The sooner you find inner peace, the better for you.

What does it mean to protect someone in a dream?

To dream of protecting someone, you care for in waking life, denotes exaggerated care. People who love you, know that you’re always there. However, do you always feel the need to prove your loyalty and care for others? Take a break and review how you feel in life. Do you need help? Do you need someone to ensure you that he or she is always there for you? There is something I would like to share with you outside this dream meaning. No one’s fearless. Or invincible. It’s okay to feel down and insecure sometimes. Those times come just to prove our inner strength and endurance. However, if the person you were protecting in a dream was unknown, it means a special someone will soon walk into your life. You will fall for the someone’s sweet character. This is a symbol of love that is unconditionally given, and pure like the first time you’ve fallen in love with someone in your life.

What does it mean to dream of saving someone from death?

To save someone from a death in your dream denotes your loyalty and care for the people you love, and in general, for the world. This dream basically means that you are one people call when they need help. Everyone sees you as a reliable, trustworthy and a loyal person. Death in any dream can imply a transformational period in life. This brings back people’s faith. To save someone from dying in your dream implies someone’s impulsive character and a short temper but things will work out in the end.

What does it mean to see a female hero in a dream?

If you noticed a female hero in your dream it represents your perception of females that surround you in waking life. Do you secretly believe women are heroes? The work of the mother in the family is quite strong. They take care of their loved ones, the house, children, being loyal, I know this is kind of stereotypical but you get what I am saying. Not every woman follow this and are more career orientated. But, whatever, you must admire females. This dream can mean you admire females or even that you’re a feminist who always stands for women’s rights. To see yourself as a women hero in a dream highlights the feminine side of your character. To see a family relative as a hero indicates that their personality is kind, caring, and sweet, however, in life this person will offer you support. I will conclude that everyone admires brave people. If you are facing some conflict try to keep up the good work, and keep your head high.

What does it mean to dream of a male hero?

To dream of a male hero or to be one yourself reveals your inner strength and courage. You admire your physical strength and you know how to use it well in practice. Your dream is also a representation of your mental, masculine qualities and emotional strength. To see a famous superhero (such as spiderman) indicates that you tend to hide your feelings, but you shouldn’t because the strongest are the ones who know their weaknesses.

In your dream

  • You were a hero.
  • You dreamed of action heros.
  • There were many heros in the dream.

By Flo Saul
Sep 14, 2017