Running With A Full Bag

Running With A Full Bag

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Life is a long journey and a bag represents what we carry along the journey of life.

When you see yourself running with a full bag in your dream, it implies that you should be wary of the several hurdles you are to encounter on the journey of life. Hurdles and obstacles which will make you feel like giving up but you will have no other option but to soldier on.

When you run, at times you will have to stop to regain some strength before you continue. That is exactly what will happen when you encounter the hurdles. Though they will slow you down, but you will have to look for ways and can suggest to go over them and conquer so that you can finish your race successfully.

In the dream, you

  • Ran with a bag that is heavy.
  • Have felt that in your dream you had to carry the bag.
  • Felt that somebody was chasing you with the bag.
  • Other people could not run with the bag.
  • Running fast with the bag.
  • Unable to run with the bag.

Detailed dream interpretation

Running with a bag that is heavy denotes that, you are presented with tough hurdles which are making you find it hard to proceed on with your goals in life. The challenges are becoming too much for you and this is causing problems in your life. You feel miserable and desperate, not knowing what to do in order to overcome the challenges. All you need is resilient and soldier on.

If you have a feeling in the dream that you had to carry the bag, it could denote that, you are trying to blame yourself for the problems you are encountering in your life. You think it is because of a problem that you did or didn’t do that is making life unbearable for you.

In a situation where you felt that someone was chasing you with the bag, it can suggest that, despite the hurdles that you are encountering, life is becoming so competitive and you have no option but to try and race along and overcome the challenges. There is no time to relax because if you do, you will be left behind by your competitors and that will cause you added desperation in your life.

When you see other people in your dream who are unable to run with the bag, it implies that you are trying to blame other people for the challenges you are facing in your life instead of working towards eliminating them. Blame game won’t help and it will only make life more complex than it is at the moment.

If you are able to run fast with the bag, it denotes that, you have been able to overcome most of the hurdles that you have encountered in life and now you are on your way to success and abundance. You shouldn’t relax on your journey; this is the time to work even harder so that you prevent any other obstacles ever coming your way. You need to be a blessing to those who are around you.

If we look at the future if you happen to get stuck, other people will assist you and make your way smooth. As you enjoy your success, continue to be humble.

If it happens that, you are unable to run with the bag, it implies that you have given up on life due to the many obstacles that you have encountered. Life is full of obstacles and try not to give up on reaching your goals. Try and look for solutions to your obstacles instead of dying in self-pity.

Feelings associated with your dream

Abstracted, successful, fulfilled, blessed and unable to define yourself.

By Florance Saul
May 14, 2017