Stealing a Purse

Stealing a Purse

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Stealing a purse is connected to how you feel in life.

A purse or a wallet carries your personal identifications, money, licenses, credit cards and other important documents that you require in your daily activities. When dreaming that your purse is being stolen or you steal someone else's purse this can represent your finances or personal worth in terms of monetary difficulties. Your identity in terms of how you value your self-worth. Your credibility in terms of trustworthiness and to steal a purse means a challenge to your personal beliefs and values. A purse can also represent your reproductive organ; penis in men and vagina for women, thus, losing a purse might just mean that you have lost your fertility or virginity. When you lose a purse in the dream, it symbolizes the loss of self-identity, and you might be going through difficult times in your life.

If married, you might be facing divorce. If employed you might fear to lose your job. Whatever it is that you are going through, it is making you feel restricted, thus unable to perform your normal duty the way you would love to. You might be feeling worthless as a person due to something that has happened in your personal life. This might cause you low self-esteem. A consciousness that is guilty is making you think that you are no longer trusted by those around you thus you feel that, you are no longer trustworthy or you no longer trust others. When you dream that you have lost a purse, it might mean that you are feeling insecure in your waking life and you need assurance from those around you that. Is all well? To recover your stolen purse suggests there is nothing to worry about.

Your dream

  • Have stolen a purse.
  • Seen a purse stolen.
  • Left a purse someone which was subsequently stolen.
  • Unable to find a purse due to this being stolen.
  • Being the thief that stole a purse in the dream.
  • Wanting to steal a purse.

Detailed dream interpretation of a stolen purse

When you happen to be in possession of a stolen purse in the dream state, it means that you are taking advantage of someone in your waking life. You are making others feel inferior. You have to think about who is taking advantage of you and move on. You might have caused someone to lose their fertility or virginity, and you are feeling guilty about it.

If you see a purse being stolen, it means that you are in a situation where you are torn between obeying your consciousness and doing what is right and pleasing your selfish ego by hurting the feelings of those around you. In your waking life, you will have to choose what you deem right and that which your inner feeling is telling you that, it is correct and the best thing to do in your present situation.

Seeing a purse that has been stolen from someone and not touching it means that, you are struggling with guilt feelings for something you did for them that was not right. When you are unable to find your purse in the dream because it has been stolen symbolizes that there are people taking advantage of you and making life unbearable. You might also be fear being a victim of theft. It could be a warning in advance for you to take precautions so that, people don't take advantage of you. If you are the one who has stolen a purse in your dream it symbolizes that, you are taking advantage of others. These people are complaining and are not happy. You need to change for the better. If in your dream, you have the “urge” to steal a purse, it means that you are struggling with your consciousness to copy or emulate someone else.

Feelings that you may have encountered during the dream

Struggling, unbearable, fear, worried about stealing and terror.

By Flo Saul
May 8, 2017