Black Women Dream Meaning

black women dream meaning

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Carl Jung in his book “Man and His Symbols” believed that we all dream of impressions of others.

He thought that it did not matter if we could see a women color it suggests that we need to enforce our presence if we are scared in a dream or something. So what does it mean to dream of a black woman? We are all the same on the inside but sometimes one has a dramatic dream about a woman who is brown or black. This normally occurs when the dreamer has white skin. If you also have colored skin, seeing women of the same race means this is a dream which is forcing you to take appropriate action in life. If the person was exotic looking or had skin colors such as: green, red, orange or even blue, it can suggest that even though you feel worried in waking life you will overcome any obstacles.

Seeing a black woman during our sleep can often result in us wondering what it actually means. I’m Flo and I will try to explore what this dream means to you. If we look at the ancient history into black slavery it can provide some clue to this dream. Seeing a black woman in a dream can signify a feeling of violation - if you are not of the same race. The details of the dreamer equally important. We often on the news listen to various racist problems or issues in daily life. This is important because according to Sigmund Freud these pictures that we see in waking life effect our dream state.

Detailed dream meaning of a black woman

So what does it mean if you dream of a person with brown or black skin? It is really about culture. We should not segment in the world based on our skin tone - we are all the same on the inside. The fact that in your dream a person is either white or black makes no difference, it is just a reflection of your inner self. To gain an overview of what the dream of color means we need to look at it from not only a spiritual context but also form ancient dream books.

A black woman in a dream indicates that you must apply your own view in a situation close to your heart. A sexy black woman in a dream indicates that you need to care for yourself and others. The gift you have is quite strong and you may find yourself under pressure but you will perform. If the black women are your mother featured in a dream it indicates that you need to listen to others.

A black woman giving you advice suggests that you need to give into your desires. To see a black superhero such as wonder women indicates that you need to provide advice to others. In ancient dream dictionaries which after reading come across somewhat racist the dream is supposed to foretell possible dishonesty in the dreamers life, if they dream of another race (rather than their own) To see yourself as a black person (but to be white) suggests that you need to work on your inner self better. There is a situation that needs your attention. Are you enjoying yourself in life?

If you are a black woman and to dream of a black person is not associated with any meanings. It really is focused on a reflection of yourself or personality. Also, try to look at the facial features: clothes, jewelry of the person in your dream. There may be issues with getting over obstacles if the black women in the dream is a relative. To dream of a black women stealing from you is just your inner fears and you need to overcome a difficult situation in life. To see others be racist or give negative comments about color in a dream denotes the inner feelings of trouble, maybe you will see trouble in the future and this dream is a symbolic warning. It is really you and your fears.

Your dream

The black woman is your mother in the dream. You dream the black women gave advice in the dream. A black woman was featured in the dream. You could see a sexy black woman in the dream.


Worry. Hardship Not understanding what the woman says.

By Florance Saul
Aug 19, 2017