Clothes line

Clothes line

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Are clothes lines becoming the centre of your dreams? Do you find yourself always hanging out clothes in your dream? Then you are under immense pressure to prove some point to the others. You may be under the impression that people around you do not have the correct perception about you.

Or you may think that there are some particular personal traits or characteristics which other people do not know about. Then you have the clothes line dream where you are hanging up these characteristics in the open for other people to see.

Your dream may have the following

  • You are hanging up only your outer clothes on the clothes line.
  • You are hanging up only your underwear on the clothes line.
  • You are hanging up both your outer clothing and your underwear.
  • The number of clothes you need to hang up are too many.
  • You do not have enough clothes line to hang up all your clothes.
  • The clothes line is too long or you do not have enough clothes to hang up.

Some aspects of the dream may look positive like

  • You have hung up the clothes you wanted.
  • You are satisfied that the clothes are enough to describe yourself to others.

The interpretation of the dream can be as follows

When you find others doubting your words, you feel anxiety that others should get a better idea of who you actually are. You then have a clothes line dream where you hang up your clothes. The clothes signify the characteristics of your inner self.

To show what you want the others see on the outside, you may dream of hanging up the outer clothing on the clothes line. If you are anxious enough to open up your inner self only, then you dream of hanging up only your underwear. When you are in distress and want others to completely believe in you, you dream of hanging up both your outer clothing and your underwear too.

If you are undecided about how much of yourself you want to expose to others, then you may have a dream where you are unable to decide what clothes to be hung up. Under these conditions, you may find in your dream that you have too many clothes to hang up or there are lots of empty clothes line where you could hang a few more clothes but there are no more are left for hanging up.

You may have a clothes line dream where you find that some of the items in the laundry which you had hung up on a clothes line in your backyard a few moments back, are suddenly missing or are in the act of disappearing right in front of you. This is caused by sadness which you have felt when people around you do not put their faith in you. You have been trying to reveal your actual feelings to match their expectations, but you are not able to improve their perceptions about you and whatever is left is not mentionable.

Sometimes the fear of snakes and other slippery reptiles can cause to have a clothes line dream. Because of this revulsion, clothes lines become snakes in your dream. You see the clothes line turning into a snake and falling on you when you go to hang up your clothes to dry.

Dreams like these may cause you quite a bit of discomfort in your sleep and cause restlessness.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013