Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

This dream tends to focus on normal offense within our life, for example drinking.

Traditionally this dream symbolizes that we need to focus on mundane tasks and domestic concerns.

This dream is a symbol of the psychic body and the human vehicle, based on this dream the spiritual meaning offers a sense of wisdom.

For a man, this dream is likely to relate to his feelings of domestic happiness. For a woman in this dream is likely to indicate her domestic concerns regarding matters to relatives.

Any cup highlighted in your dream means that love, goodness and prosperity is coming your way. The cup may also mean renewal and curing. On the other hand, it may mean a time that you need to move through into a territory of higher spiritual development. The other important aspect of this dream is to understand how the cup was used. Is it half full or empty? To see a cup that is broken means that you are worried about a situation in your life. Think about things before jumping in.

In your dream may be you may have

  • Seen yourself drinking from a hot coffee cup.
  • Smashed a cup in your dream.
  • Been serving drinks in your dream that involved cups.
  • Seen a mug.

To drink from a cup or mug symbolizes your journey through life or through a difficult time in your life. You must look closely at the other elements in the dream for a complete interpretation. To see a smashed mug / cup means as before that you must think about not jumping in but people are trying to help you move forward through life in terms of a work opportunity. To see a mug (or cup) means that you need to spot things before they happen to prevent any bad vibes.

By Flo Saul
Jun 14, 2012