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A baloney is a type of a sausage which in Europe, is known by the name Lyoner.

It originated from the Italian city of Bologna. It is typically made from leftover scraps of meat.  So in simpler terms, a baloney is not an original sausage due to the fact that, it is made from meat which is has been used for other purposes. So if you happen to see yourself or someone else eating a baloney in your dream it suggests that there is deception in the making which is affecting the natural way things are supposed to happen.

In the dream, you may

  • Have seen people eating a baloney.
  • Been eating a baloney.
  • Worried about eating a baloney.
  • Been sick after eating a baloney.
  • Been the one eating a baloney
  • Seen someone else eating a baloney.
  • Seen strangers eating a baloney.

Detailed Dream Interpretation

Eating a baloney in your dream means that you are feeling insecure or living a lie. Your financial life is proving difficult yet you want people to believe that everything is going well. This is causing a strain in your life which is costing you trustworthy friends. You promise to do things for your friends but you cannot fulfil them due to your need to hide away from the world. It is high time that you tell those around you about your woes and let them help you. This will enable you to live a peaceful life within your limits.

If a relative or a friend is the one you see in your dream eating a baloney, then it suggests that someone is living a lie. They are in a financial crisis and will be asking for your help in some way. It means that you are the one who can help them. Approach them and try to understand that the situation. Speak and communicate and help someone close work towards achieving a breakthrough. However, if they continue living in denial, they will continue being unhappy for quite a long time.

Seeing a stranger eating a baloney in your dream, denotes that you and those close to you live trustworthy lives.

Don’t coat lies to make them look like actual facts. You say things as they are and this has enabled you to move several steps up the career ladder. You like being yourself and when you have problems, you approach your trusted friends so that they help you to sort out any problems. When your friends have problems, you make sure that you help them. You are surrounded with positive energy, a great aura too - which enables you to have the strength to work harder in order to achieve your goals in life. Keep it up, encourage someone close to you and within no time, you will be a force to reckon with in your community because your hard work will pay off.

Feelings that you may have encountered during this dream

Peaceful, doomed, unhappy, insecure, unhappy, hard work and trustworthy.

By Florance Saul
May 4, 2017