Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

Are you seeing the image of the thigh of some person in your dream?

The symbolism means that you are in a state of heightened emotions and want to be released from it.

In the dream you may see

  • A smooth thigh.
  • A slim thigh.
  • A muscular thigh.
  • A white thigh.
  • An injured thigh.

Positive changes are afoot if

  • You enjoy the sight of a strong and smooth thigh.
  • The sight of the thigh reminds you of your stamina.
  • The thigh makes you realize your true potential.
  • The thigh makes feel your power to perform.
  • The sight of the thigh helps to exert control over yourself.

Detailed dream interpretations

The thigh bone or the femur was considered very sacred in ancient times because it stood for strength of performance, power of regeneration and support for the whole body when it is being used to do some work.

The thigh in your dreams stands for honor, solemnity and unfailing love where you are being asked to promise by putting your hand under the thigh, that you will honor the memory of someone and promise to love him even in death. The symbolism tells you to do the same with the person with whom you have a relationship in real life.

The sight of a thigh in your dreams symbolizes that your state of mind is at its peak and you want to emotional release at the earliest. If the thigh in your dream looks smooth, white and supple, then it signifies that your luck may be good in real life with unexpected pleasure and fortune on the cards.

The sight of a thigh in your dream signifies that you are going too fast with you work or with some relationship in your real life and you have to lessen your rate of progress so that you are able to do the job better.

When you see a thigh in your dreams it says that you are aroused sexually because of some blossoming relationship in your real life and you are expecting some great pleasure as a result of the relationship.

If an injured thigh appears in your dreams, then it means that you have been trying very hard to do some work, or you are trying to build up a relationship in your real life but failing miserably to achieve what you want.

An image of a wounded thigh in your dreams also foretells an illness which you may have in the coming future. The wound received on the thigh also serves as a warning about treachery and betrayal that may be perpetrated against you by the people surrounding you in real life.

If you see a thigh in your dream then it signifies that you have great stamina and endurance power to overcome difficult situations in real life. The dream tells you to use your ability and power to perform by taking up hard work in your real life situations.

Admiration for the thigh in your dreams signifies that you feel satisfied and pleased with your performance and the stamina you have shown while doing the work in a real life situation.

The image of a thigh also tells you that there may be someone in your real life whose behavior may seem irrational to you and warns you to keep yourself away from malicious gossip.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a thigh dream may be

Powerful, supportive, honorable, solemn, loving, emotional, fast, pleased, fortunate, aroused, irrational.

By Florance Saul
Mar 19, 2013